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Gotta Go Flamingo 2024 - Little Live Pets Flamingo That Poops Toy 2024

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Uh oh, gotta go!  It’s the song your children will be singing when their new favorite toy, “Gotta Go Flamingo” suddenly has to poop (yes really) and then actually starts to go in the toilet.  We’re at a loss for words, but we’ll give it our best shot to explain all of this so you know what to expect.

What Is It:  Sherbet the Gotta Go Flamingo is the newest interactive toy from the folks over at Little Live Pets that actually poops after you feed him.  Now we’ve all seen “toy poop” before but, well, this one looks kinda real and it’s freaking us out a bit.  However, your kids re going to absolutely love it.

There are basically a few really fun/funny things Sherbet does that’ll keep your kids laughing and learning responsibility all at the same time.  With Gotta Go Flamingo you can expect:

  • A totally interactive flamingo toy with a funny sense of humor.
  • He can sing, dance, repeat phrases back to you, eat and, of course, poop.
  • Feed Sherbet his magic food and he’ll wiggle his neck and eat his food.
  • He’ll sing the song “Uh Oh Gotta Go” when it’s time for him to poop.
  • Yes, he will then poop right into the toilet.

Does Sherbet Actually PoopThe short answer is, yes, he actually does poop.  After you feed him his food he’ll poop into the water-filled toilet bowl.  So basically it comes out wet into the toilet.  We can’t believe we’re writing any of this.  You then take the scoop that comes with this magical toy and scoop out the flamingo poop and it’ll dry back into his flamingo food so you can feed him and watch him poop over and over again.

How Much Is It:  $29.99

Release Date:  September 1st

Pre-Order AvailabilityNot yet, but check pre order here!

Where to Buy: Gotta Go Flamingo Toy – Buy It Here

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