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After Christmas, Halloween really is the most wonderful time of the year for your kids and these costumes are some of the best (and newest) of the season.

Best Halloween Costumes For Kids 2024 - Girl & Boy Costume Ideas Popular

Does anyone else totally stress out from about mid-summer until the week before Halloween when either trying to figure out what your little ones will dress up as or having to listen to your kids change their mind thousands of times up until the main trick-or-treating event?  Sigh.  There are so many great options out there, but it can really be overwhelming and pretty stressful!

Quite honestly we don’t love spending a ton of money and, as time goes on, it seems like more options are getting a bit more risque, especially when it comes to options for girls.  Well, times are changing so we wanted to recommend some really cool options for both girls and boys that are totally age-appropriate, fun and, in some cases, a teachable moment. We totally understand that many people are looking for girl or boy specific costumes, but in the spirit of total inclusion all of these costumes are for any kid.  Be you.

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Shop some of the coolest Halloween picks (so far) in 2024!  We’ll update this article as more and more options are released!

The Best Kids Costume of 2024

The Inflatable Prancing Unicorn Costume – Buy It Here

Kids Halloween Costume 2024: Inflatable Unicorn

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Size/Age:  One Size Fits Most

Who doesn’t love anything that’s inflatable?  Plus, unicorns?  Sign us up!  This super cute prancing colorful unicorn will actually help you social distance (just add a mask) and you’ll be ready to hug your friends and family before you know it.  Learn more here.

The Disney Pick

Tiana From The Princess and the Frog – Buy It Here

Kids Halloween Costume 2024: Princess & Frog Tiana

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Size/Age:  3T to 8 Yrs Old

It’s the Disney costume so many girls (and boys) are still totally obsessed over and for good reason.  Fun Fact:  Did you know they’re renaming the Splash Mountain ride and theme at Disney World to be The Princess & the Frog themed? It’s about time Tiana gets her time to shine.  Learn more here.

The Movie Pick

The Kids Beetlejuice Costume – Buy It Here

Kids Halloween Costume 2024: Beetlejuice

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Size/Age:  Small – Extra Large

Bettlejuice may have been one of your favorite movies of all time, but now your kids can get in on the fun too.  This is one of the first Beetlejuice costumes that’s actually made for kids.  And, just for fun, mess with them on Halloween by daring them to say “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice” three times in a row.  Good luck!  Learn more here.

The Trendy Pick

The Trolls World Tour Poppy – Buy It Here

Kids Halloween Costume 2024: Troll World Tour

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Size/Age:  3T to 8 Yrs Old

A total fan favorite of the newly released Trolls World Tour movie (did you watch that 1,045 times during the quarantine?!) Poppy is officially here!  She’s super cute and, quite honestly, this is a pretty comfy costume.  Plus, feel free to reuse the wig when it’s Crazy Hair Day at school, which your kids always forget to tell you about until the morning of.  Learn more here.

The Fortnite Pick

Fortnite Ride-On Loot Llama  – Buy It Here

Kids Halloween Costume 2024: Loot Llama Fortnite

Shop Now

Size/Age:  One Size Fits Most

Yes, Fortnite is still totally a thing.  If they’re obsessed with all things Loot Llama, and we know they are, they’ll love this Halloween pick!  And who doesn’t love that it’s inflatable?  Keeping people at a distance sounds good to us!  Learn more here.

The Historical Pick

The Susan B. Anthony Costume – Buy It Here

Kids Halloween Costume 2024: Susan B Anthony

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Size/Age:  Small – Extra Large

While we’re open to almost any costume, we love one that shows positivity and strength for girls.  Now they can dress up as the iconic Susan B. Anthony.  And it doesn’t hurt they’ll have to brush up a little bit on her history.  Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The Prickly Cactus – Buy It Here

Kids Halloween Costume 2024: Cactus

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Size/Age:  Small – Large

Perfect for the kid who’s known to be a bit prickly from time to time.  This cool cactus is basically an oversized body suit where their cute little face will peep right out.  Don’t worry, it’s not too prickly!  Learn more here.

The Musical Pick

The Billie Eilish Costume For Kids – Buy It Here

Kids Halloween Costume 2024: Girl Billie Eilish

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Size/Age:  4 – 12 Yrs Old

You may not fully understand her, but your children sure do!  They’re loving Billie Eilish and now they can dress like her classic style.  Duh!  Learn more here.

The Kid Fave Pick

The Trash Panda – Buy It Here

Kids Halloween Costume 2024: Trash Panda

Shop Now

Size/Age:  One Size Fits Most

Ok, so this is pretty much our favorite costume of all time!  Is it just us that thinks this Trash Panda is kinda cute?  Plus, it’s a great way to easily socially distance and keep yourself safe.  Learn more here.

The Positive Pick

The Florence Nightingale Costume – Buy It Here

Kids Halloween Costume 2024: Florence Nightingale Girl

Size/Age:  Small – Extra Large

Another great positive option for girls this season.  She saved tons of soldiers by teaching them best hygiene practices (including washing their hands…sound familiar?) and increased the survival rate of soldiers under her watchful eye.  It’s really a great history lesson and costume all in one!  Learn more here.

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