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And his little mouse friend is the cutest little thing we think we’ve ever seen.  Like, ever.  Introducing Juno My Baby Elephant!

2024 Where to Buy Juno My Baby Elephant Interactive Toy - Pre-Order & Release Date

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You heard it here first!  Juno My Baby Elephant is about to totally take over your Christmas list this holiday season.  And we can now see why.  From the toy mastermind of Spin Master, Juno is the first interactive elephant of its kind and as soon as we’ve seen him at the recent Toy Fair in New York we knew he’d be a holiday hit.

What Is It:  Juno My Baby Elephant is a newborn elephant that’s just learning about all the good things in life. Everything is totally new to him so you your kids will have the make sure to take care of him and show him all the love they have.  He makes over 100 sounds and motions and half the fun is just trying to get him to make them!

Your kids will have to gently rub his head, rub under his chin to show him love.  He’ll eventually start to learn how to use his trunk and when he does, watch out, because he’ll use it as a trumpet.  It’s like your own little magical orchestra member right there in your living room!

Juno does a bunch of other cool things too like lifting and moving his head, flapping his cute ears (they’re not so little!), and spin his trunk all around.  But, perhaps our favorite thing that Juno will do is actually take and ‘eat’ the toy peanut that comes with him.  You’ll feed him his peanut and, like a vacuum, he’ll hold onto it at the end of his trunk.  If he’s hungry he’ll ‘eat it’ and if he’s not in the mood to eat, he’ll toss it onto the ground.  So cute.

Finally, his BFF for life is the cute little mouse friend that comes with Juno.  He’ll take such good care of the tiny little mouse, sing to it, and even safely carry it around with his trunk.  Everyone needs a friend like Juno My Baby Elephant!

How Much Is It:  $99.99

Release Date:  September 1st

Pre-Order Availability: Yes, today! Pre order right here!

Where to Buy:  The Interactive Juno My Baby Elephant – Buy It Here


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