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Spin Master is releasing a flying owl into our lives and we’re here for it!  Introducing Owleez!

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If you’ve ever had dreams of your toys coming to life in the middle of the night and flying around your room, your nightmares are about to come true.  Well, sort of.  One of the most hyped up and anticipated toys this year is Owleez the flying owl.

What Is It:  Owleez is the latest invention from Spin Master and the interactive toy that most kids will be asking Santa for this upcoming Christmas.  Heck, even us adults may be asking for him (or her?).

Owleez is the kind of toy owl that you have to take care of.  Go figure.  It’ll come with a little nest, toy berries, and more.  So make sure you’re loving on him, feeding him those berries, petting him, cradling him, and all the other things your kids are used to doing with their other interactive toys.  But that’s where the similarities end.

How to Teach Owleez to Fly 2024

It’ll be your job to help teach Owleez how to fly.  No, for real.  You will.  After some time passes of you caring for this cute little owl, it’ll be time to ask him if he’s ready to fly.  If he’s not, you’ll know it.  He’ll make all sorts of sounds that make him sound, well, totally nervous.

Teaching him to fly isn’t too hard, but it can take some time.  You’ll teach him to fly by picking him up, holding him in your hand, and moving your arm back and forth in a fly-like motion (whatever that really is) for a while.  TBH, if your kids hated waiting for their Hatchimal to actually hatch, they may not have total patience waiting for Owleez to learn to fly but, alas, here we are.

White & Pink Owleez Flying Owl 2024

Once he’s learned to fly he actually will.  It’s pretty insane.  You’ll know  he’s ready to fly on his own because his neck will grow (like, a lot) its helicopter-like blades will appear (don’t worry, they’re not sharp or dangerous), and then suddenly Owleez will take flight.  He’ll start by going up in the air towards your ceiling and then all around the room.  Watch out for that fireplace!  He’ll then recharge back in his nest so he’ll be ready for his next flying adventure.

How Much Is It:  $49.99

Release Date:  October 4th

Pre-Order Availability: Yes, pre order it here now!

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