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While buying a bathroom scale may not be the most fun thing to do, saving a bit when you checkout online is actually pretty fun.  We’ve uncovered some of the best sales on a wide variety of bathroom scales this 4th of July!

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We get it, buying a scale can be super depressing.  But the good news is that the low prices on a wide variety of scales can totally lift your spirits.  Whether you’re looking for a classic analog scale, totally digital, or one of the newer smart scales that can also give you some pretty accurate BMI readings there’s something for just about everyone at just about every budget going into the Fourth of July online sale promotion.  We’re even seeing the best selling Renpho for more than 45% off right now too!
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We’ve owned a handful of scales over the years and it used to be so much easier to buy them.  You step on it, it lights up your weight and you’re done.  Today they’re so much more advance.  Some can measure your body fat, water weight, visceral fat, and more.  Some smart scales even have a free app so it’ll monitor and track everything for you over time so you can see your progress and help to keep you a bit more accountable on your weight loss or weight gain journey. There are some health and tech pros out there who have tested out a variety of bathroom scales with all different criteria and needs to help us all figure out what the best ones and most accurate ones really are.  We checked in with Healthline, Tech Advisor, and Very Well Health to see who made their list for the best and most accurate.  One scale they basically all agreed on and ranked in their top 5 was the Renpho (that’s the one we own).  We then took their lists along with other best sellers and uncovered which ones were on sale today and leading into this 4th of July!  There’s a decent amount of deals to sort through, but these are some of the best!

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