Sneaker-Head Approved Sales on Jordans this 4th of July!

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Some of the hottest sneakers again this season are, of course, a wide variety of Jordans.  The only thing, they can be expensive.  Emphasis is on the “can” because right now there are a bunch of Jordans on sale this 4th of July!

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We’ve covered a bunch of Nike sneaker sales happening right now, but within those sales were a ton of Jordans specifically at some of the lowest prices we’ve seen in a while.  Whether you’re looking for their latest Air Jordans of the season, retro versions, Fight Club edition, or even some of the must have slides there are a bunch of great prices for kids, men, and women during the Fourth of July online sale promotion.  Getting an extra 25% off is totally doable so now’s the perfect time to pick up an extra pair or two!
Editor-Approved Deals
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There are a ton of Jordans out there and new sneakers are being released each and every month. It can be tough to stay on top of it and even more difficult to afford all the new pairs being released! Some are certainly better than others, so we checked in with the true sneaker-heads out there who reviewed, tested, and ranked a ton of new Jordans this year and came up with their definitive list of the best ones available.  GQ Magazine, Run Repeat, and Luxe Digital ranked their favorites and from there we found those that were currently running a deal this 4th of July! A little word of advice.  If you see a pair discounted at least 10%, definitely consider picking them up.  If you see your favorite pair for 20% off pick up two pairs because this truly is a great deal.  If you less 5% or less you may want to hold out a bit if you can.  Regardless, we’ve come up with all the sales at different price points so the final call is up to you!

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