Amazing Sales on the Most Popular Laundry Detergent this 4th of July!

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Add a little happiness to laundry day with all these fantastic sales on some of the best selling laundry detergents we’ve found online this 4th of July!

Most Popular Deals

Most of us have total brand loyalty when it comes to things like buying laundry detergent.  We usually just pick up where our parents left off and use the same brands their parents even used.  As times change, however, and everything gets more and more expensive many of us are looking for the best deal we can find each and every month.  The good news is that we have found some really decent deals on a bunch of top detergent brands during the Fourth of July online sale promotion.  Without the need for coupons, many of these are currently offering an extra 11% – 13% off.
Editor-Approved Deals
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If you’ve ever walked down the laundry aisle at your local supermarket, you know the options are endless and pretty confusing if we don’t mind saying.  So many brands offer so many different solutions based on all your laundry needs, but how do you really know who’s the best and who’s really worth it?  Which ones live up to the hype and the endless commercials we all see? Since we focus on finding deals, we don’t have time to test drive 15 different detergents.  So, we looked towards the pros who really do this for a living.  They research them, purchase them, test them, review them, and rank them.  Ones that don’t live up to the hype won’t make the cut.  One thing that Consumer Reports, Readers Digest, and USA Today all had in common is that they all agreed that some of the best brands include: Persil Pro Clean, Tide Plus Ultra Stain Relief, Tide Pods, and Arm & Hammer Clean Burst.  Of course not all of those will be on sale, but we’re adding all the best sellers we can find that are on sale today and leading right up into this 4th of July!

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