Don’t Sleep on All These Sales on Barbie Dolls (and Toys) this 4th of July!

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Love her or hate her, if you have kids of a certain age you most likely have an eclectic variety of Barbies.  Some may have their hair cut off, but whatever.  If they’re into collecting Barbie toys and the like we found some great sales this 4th of July!

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There are hundreds of Barbie dolls out there waiting for you to take them home and drain your bank account. But did you know that Barbie is more than just a doll?  That’s right there are all sorts of Barbie toys out there from playsets and dollhouses to video games, cars (remember the Barbie mobile), airplanes and a ton more.  It can all certainly add up, but we found some really decent deals on a variety of popular Barbies during the Fourth of July online sale promotion.  Some are even almost 50% off.  Stock up and get ready to the holidays!

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Barbie was first released into the wild way back in March of 1959.   Originally named Barbara Millicent Roberts, she was an 11-inch plastic fashion doll and has turned into one of the most iconic toys in history. We were never really huge fans of Barbie (we know) but we also know that millions of you are, so we wanted to be sure to dig up all the latest deals on a wide variety of Barbie everything all on sale this 4th of July!  A lot of times the dolls themselves can be pretty affordable, but other toys like her doll houses, automobiles, campers, pools, planes – you name it, can definitely get pretty expensive. We have our own toy gift guide here that we update throughout the year, but when it comes to true Barbie experts, we checked in with pro mommy-shoppers at Parenting Magazine, Mom Junction, and The Experienced Mommy to see which Barbie toys were the “must have” this year.  Check out their full picks, but some of the common ones we discovered included:

  • Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid
  • Barbie Flexible Limbs “Made to Move”
  • The Judge Doll
  • The Malibu House Playset
  • The Off-Road Vehicle

The list gets pretty exhaustive, in a good way, but we went through and matched it up with additional best-sellers online to find the ones that are currently on sale.  We’ve broken up all the deals below by topic so keep scrolling so you can find your favorite dollhouse, doll, games, toys, and more.  You may even find Ken or Skipper in there too!

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Top Selling Barbie Dolls:

Barbie Dollhouses:

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Ken Dolls:

Skipper Dolls:

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