Speedy Sales on a Variety of eScooters this 4th of July!

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Get ready to buzz all around town with one of these top selling electric scooters that are currently on sale this 4th of July!  We found deals for both adult options and ones just for kids!

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What was first considered a novelty, electric scooters have come such a long way since they first hit the market some years ago.  There are even e-scooters that are geared specifically towards kids (they go slower and have way less features as some of the ones that are for adults).  Look, the prices can definitely get on the expensive side depending on how “professional” you’re looking to get.  Some are in the thousands.  However, ones that are more for fun and recreational use can be in the hundreds.  We found a bunch of top selling eScooter deals happening right now during the Fourth of July online sale promotion. Some are even up to 35% off.

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To be honest, we’re not entirely sure how we personally feel about e-scooters, but we’re committed to finding you the best prices that are available right now on some of the best selling mainstream options.  Keep in mind that electric scooters are nothing like the fun “toy” ones we all grew up with.  Some of these can go upwards of 15 – 20 mph, have solid and legitimate driving tires, a high-tech braking system, and can make it through some rougher terrain (within reason).  Scooters like this are geared more towards adults who are commuting to work, making deliveries, running errands around town, or just looking to go some short distances efficiently and much faster than walking. Since we’re not tech experts around here, we wanted to find out which electric scooter brands were actually worth the money.  So we turned to the tech folks at CNET, Tom’s Guide, and The Insider who have tested out a bunch of the top brands and came up with their list of the best electric scooters of the year.  Some that made their list are for kids too!  Overall, some of their top picks include brands like GoTrax, Swagtron, Segway, and the Razor. We then scoured around to find the ones that are currently on sale this 4th of July! Not all the major brands above are currently on sale, but so many top sellers are priced up to 40% off, which is truly amazing and makes it one of the best times of the year to pick one up if you’re ready to give these a go.

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