The Latest Sales on the Best Electric Toothbrushes We Found this 4th of July!

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Toss out your old toothbrush you got for free from your dentist and invest in one of these top selling electric toothbrush brands that are currently on sale this 4th of July!

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There’s nothing like having a totally clean and fresh mouth (in a good way) just like when you leave the dentist.  We got rid of our “manual” toothbrush a while ago and went with an electric option that just made brushing easier and, at the same time, felt like it was just doing a better job.  Some can get really pricey, but even the experts say you don’t really need to spend hundreds of dollars to get the same impact as lower priced ones.  Either way, we found some great deals on a wide variety of electric toothbrushes – from drugstore to high-end – during the Fourth of July online sale promotion.  Some are even up to 40% off.

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There are plenty of benefits of going the electric toothbrush route beyond just our own laziness of wanting the whole process to go much faster.  Health experts claim that most are more effective at removing plaque, they may be more impactful and help improve oral health for those with braces and other appliances, they’re safe for your gums, and can be easier for people with limited mobility. While we love our own Oral B, we wanted to check in with the testers and researchers at Live Science, Tech Radar, and The Today Show to go through the dozens of toothbrushes they put to the test to see which were really “the best” and actually worth the price.  You can check their entire lists at the links above, but most agreed that Philips Sonicare, Oral B 9, and the Colgate Hum were some of the best of the year. We took their lists and combined them with our own data of current best sellers to figure out which top sellers were currently on sale this 4th of July!  Whether you’re looking for ones geared towards adults or your kids there are deals for just about everyone!

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Top Selling Electric Toothbrushes:

Top Selling Electric Toothbrushes:

Philips Sonicare Toothbrush:

Oral B:


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