Green Egg Approved Sales on Kamado Grills this 4th of July!

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Ready to totally upgrade to the famous “Green Egg” Kamado grill?  They are are pricey, but luckily we found some great deals and some of the lowest prices we’ve seen with these Kamado sales this 4th of July!

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We personally love our Weber grill, but there’s so much buzz around all sorts of Kamado grills that do so much more than just grill.  More popularly known as the big green egg, Based on Japanese origin, the kamado is a ceramic egg shaped (usually green or red) BBQ that will grill, roast, and smoke your food keeping your charcoal use to an absolute minimum and even keep the inside nice and hot (and ready to cook more) for up to 12 hours.   With certain accessories you can even make your own pizzas, cakes, and griddle-based foods too.  While these can get really expensive, we’ve found some that are pretty decent deals during the Fourth of July online sale promotion. Taking an extra 20% off is totally happening.
Editor-Approved Deals
Get Extra 20% Off the Official Kamado Grill at AmazonSee Amazon OfferGet $100 Off The Big Green Egg at Home Depot – See Home Depot OfferGet $200 Off Kamado Joe at BBQ Guys – See BBQ Guys OfferGet 15% Off Variety of Kamado Joe Grills at Lowe’s – See Lowe’s OfferGet 20% Off Big Green (and Red) Egg at Amazon – See Amazon Offer
There can be some confusion about the difference between The Big Green Egg and a Kamado grill.  The short answer?  Brands.  Basically the Kamado grill is “the grill” and The Big Green Egg is the brand.  But did you know there are a bunch of different Kamado grills to choose from?  And they’re not all green! We turned things over to the testers and grill masters at CNET and Serious Eats to see which Kamado grills they felt were the best.  After endless testing and research, both have named The Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and Char-Griller as some of the best options of the year.  We then took their list, matched it up with some of the other best sellers this year and dug around until we found the ones that were all on sale this 4th of July!  We even took things a step further and rounded up some really helpful accessories for the grill that are currently on sale too.

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