Amazing Sales on the LG CordZero We Found this 4th of July!

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It’s the cordless stick vac of all vacuums and right now we’ve found some really great sales on the LG CordZero taking place this 4th of July!

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Our obsession with the latest and greatest vacuums continues!  If you’re a fan of the Dyson vacs, you gotta check out the latest from LG.  Their CordZero really gives Dyson and some other top brands a real run for their money and, not to mention the LG CordZero Empty is a total game-changer this year.  Sadly, some of these can be really expensive, but we found some of the best deals on a variety of different CordZero options happening during the Fourth of July online sale promotion.  Getting up to 30% off is totally doable right now.

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Get Extra 30% Off Official LG CordZero Vacuums at AmazonSee Amazon OfferGet 10% Off LG Auto Empty Stick Vac at LG See LG OfferGet $100 Off CordZero A9 at Lowe’s – See Lowe’s OfferGet 20% Off the CordZero Auto Empty at Amazon – See Amazon Offer
Everyone has been buzzing about the new CordZero Auto Empty from LG, where you never have to empty your vacuum over your trash barrel again, where all the dust and debris usually falls out anyway!  It even can be used on hardwood floors and tile thanks to the wet mop pads that come with it, so whether you’re looking to vacuum your rugs or mop your floors it really can do everything!  Did we mention the battery life last up to 120 minutes on a full charge?  Amazing! While we’re certainly not vacuum experts around here, we did check in with the pros at Consumer Reports and RTings, who both reviewed a variety of different LG CordZero vacs and have both given them their stamp of approval.  Of course, if you think it’s worth the hefty price that’s still your call.  Either way, we found a bunch of great sales on all sorts of CordZero options this 4th of July!  Now just may be the perfect time to get one of the lowest prices of the year!

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