Don’t Sleep on These Silk Pillowcase Sales this 4th of July!

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There’s nothing like sleeping on a cool and comfortable silk pillowcase.  But they can be super expensive, so be sure not to sleep on all these sales this 4th of July!

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If you haven’t been sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you’re truly missing out.  Not only are they said to help with anti aging like less fine lines and wrinkles, but they can even help with preventing dryness of your face and hair.  Personally, we just love how amazing it feels and how cool the pillow always seems.  We don’t love how expensive some of these silk pillowcases are, but we recently found some great deals on a variety of them during the Fourth of July online sale promotion.  Getting up to 50% off is everything right now!
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If you’re ready to go the silk pillowcase route, there really are a ton of options out there.  We purchased the one from Slip, which we love (in black), but the price is, for sure, pretty high.  At the time it was $89 and not on sale.  Unfortunately, we don’t see a lot of Slip sales taking place, but there are some other amazing brands out there too.  We checked in with the beauty editors at Oprah, Byrdie, and Self Magazine to see which ones they loved the best.  They’ve tested dozens of these out and ranked the best of the best.  Check them all out if you want to see the complete list, but they all agreed that some of the best silk brands this year include Slip, Colorado Home, MYK, Blissy, and Brooklinen Mulberry. While not all of those brands are on sale right now, so many of them actually are!  We found some great deals on a variety of silk pillowcases from the best sellers this 4th of July!  Click through the deals below to select the size and color you’re interested in.

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