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Tired of shipping delays? Same. We’ve had some really great luck at AJ Madison and their promo offers are the best. Get all the details here!

AJ Madison Promo Code July 2023 - Coupons & Discount

Why We’re So Obsessed!

While we typically review our fave beauty brands and fashion retailers, we needed to take a moment to switch things up because, yes, we are totally obsessed with an appliance retailer.  We really are.  Don’t judge.  And it may not be the one you’re thinking of.  While, of course, we always love and shop at Home Depot (and not Lowes), our new hidden gem obsession is AJ Madison.  Haven’t heard of them yet or haven’t thought about them in a while?  Take a second to check out our experience and why we just may never shop for small or large appliances anywhere else ever again.

Get 20%

Get an Extra 20% Off at AJ Madison + Free Delivery

Get up to 20% off some of their most popular appliances today and most will even qualify for free delivery too.  Of course, there are some restrictions - but check it all out right here!

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Being in the market for basically all new appliances during a pandemic was less than fun.  In fact, it was downright frustrating.  So many items weren’t in stock at some places we tried and the ones that were in stock actually seemed like a higher price than normal.  Now, this didn’t happen with Home Depot (they just didn’t, at the time, have what we were looking for), but it did happen with a couple other major retailers you’re probably thinking about…and you’d be right.

But the silver lining of our entire process was AJ Madison.  We remembered their commercials a while back when we were living in Manhattan but, honestly, we hadn’t thought about them in some years.  That is, until we were on a desperate hunt for basically the entire line of Cafe appliances that we had been obsessing over after we read about and seen them reviewed and recommend online.  Did we ever think we’d drool over appliances?  No.  But are we?  Yes.

Now, here’s the thing about Cafe.  They’re expensive.  But they’re beautiful and we spend so much time in our kitchen that we thought it would be worth it.  We found an amazing (and we mean truly amazing) deal at AJ Madison where we, not only, had received 20% off when we bundled the appliances together (we needed everything) but we also got an additional $500 rebate.  And, if our memory serves us correctly we got it all delivered for free.  There were some installation charges, but they were clear about that up front and, honestly, we certainly weren’t going to try to install our dishwasher ourselves.

And Cafe is known for their variety of really beautiful handles you can choose from.  Some are black, some are copper, some are brushed copper, etc.  Since we’re control freaks we needed to know what they looked like in real life.  We actually called about AJ Madison’s customer service department and we got some really amazing (and patient) help that walked us through the line and even helped us understand the difference in the look of the different finishes, especially based on the lighting in our kitchen (both natural and artificial).  They were super pleasant, helpful, and kind.  And we really appreciated the time they took with us.

Beside our obsession with that – they really have a million other things that you’ll find super great prices and sales on like:

★ Washing Machines + Dryers – See More Here
★ Refrigerators + Freezers – See More Here
★ Dishwashers From Major Brands – See More Here
★ All Smart Appliances – See More Here

We really can’t say enough great things about our experience overall and, of course, the prices are amazing.  There’s always some kind of a sale going on and you don’t need to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to save big.  So if you’re tried all the others and want something different (and frankly, better) we think you’re going to love AJ Madison.  We’re obsessed!

We’re clearly not alone, especially recently, with our obsession as they were named one of the best wireless speakers by the New York Times.  We started off with just one of their portable speakers (it was pretty affordable too) and now it has somehow morphed into an entire home theater system.

We won’t lie to you – a lot of items in their home theater/speaker set up can be pretty expensive.  But there are two things to keep in mind.  (1) They really are some of the best in the business so you can’t go wrong and (2) if you’re looking for quality this is roughly going to be the price no matter where you look – even places like Bose.

If you’re in the market for a speaker upgrade for yourself or your entire home, here are some of our faves:

★ Their Wireless Portable Speaker – See More Here
★ Their Home Speaker System – See More Here
★ Their Certified Refurbished Speakers – See More Here

And we can’t recommend their refurbished products enough, especially if you don’t want to pay full price.  Rest assure, the experts at Sonos test and certify everything that goes back out so you don’t have to worry about getting something that doesn’t work.  In some cases we’ve seen how you can save anywhere from $50 – $100 when going the refurbished route.

Whether you want to pick yourself up something or even need help with a truly unique gift idea, you’re going to love Sonos.  We do.  We’re obsessed!

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

We looked into this one a bit and discovered they have a pretty strict promo code policy – but that’s mainly because they have so many sales, rebates, and deals on any given day.  They do accept promo code and discount coupons at checkout – but they’re really only going to come from them.  So signing up for their emails will help keep you in the loop about upcoming sales and any promo offers they’re currently running.

While we don’t have any exclusive offers here, we have put a quick list together of some amazing sales and offers that come directly from their website.  Be sure to check with them to see what’s still valid as things can always change.  A couple we’ve recently seen include:

★ Their Free Delivery Offer – See More Here
★ Up to 40% Off Home Appliances – See More Here
★ Get Up to $1,000 in Appliance Rebates – See More Here

We didn’t see student or military discounts, but if that changes we’ll let you know.

Shop some of the best AJ Madison must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in July 2023.

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AJ Madison Promo & Offers in July 2023

Tired of buying your appliances from the same-old-same-old places - where there always seems to be problems?  You know the ones.  Our latest obsession is AJ Madison.  They actually have some of the best deals on major appliances for your kitchen, washers and dryers, smart appliances and everything in between.  Take a look at their latest sales, new arrivals, and any promo code offers or coupons they may be promoting today.

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Get 20%

Get an Extra 20% Off at AJ Madison + Free Delivery

Get up to 20% off some of their most popular appliances today and most will even qualify for free delivery too.  Of course, there are some restrictions - but check it all out right here!

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Get 40%

Sale Alert: Get Up to 40% Off Home Appliances Today!

It's the sale of all sales!  Take up to 40% off some of their most popular home appliances (online only) during their must-see sales event.  Take a peek at things like full kitchen appliance packages, front load washers and dryers, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and so much more from the major tried-and-true brands you've come to love and trust.

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Get $500 Off

Take Up to $500 Off Best Selling Washing Machines

Washing machines can be totally expensive - especially the new smart ones.  Right now you can get up to $500 off select washers from major brands.  And take a peek at options like top load and front load washers from LG, Miele, Bosch, GE, Samsung and so many more.

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Get $800 Off

Take Up to $800 Off Select Refrigerators

Refrigerators really have come a long way in recent years with all their new bells and whistles that we're kind of obsessed with.  Now you can get up to an extra $800 off select options from major brands.  Take a look at french door refrigerators, side by side, bottom freezer, top freezer, built-in, and a ton more!

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Get $200 Off

Take Up to $200 Off Select Dishwashers

There are some great deals on top selling dishwashers today - with some up to $200 off their original price.  Take a look at options from Bosch, Samsung, Whirlpool, Cafe, Frigidaire, and more.  

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Get $200 Off

Take Up to $200 Off Select Air Conditioners

It's always a good time for an AC upgrade!  Right now you can get up to $200 off select popular air conditioners from top brands.  Take a look at options from LG, GE, Haier, Amana, Friedrich, and more.  Get your BTUs in check this season!

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