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Care/Of Promo Code July 2023 - Coupons & Discount

Why We’re So Obsessed!

If it’s one thing we all learned from living through the pandemic is that we must take better care of ourselves, our health, and constantly boost our immune system.  Being left to our own devices we have no idea where to begin, what to do, or what we need.  Enter, Care/of.  They seamlessly find the right vitamins and supplements specific to you.  They take all the guesswork out of it and you only end up taking what you need based on your goals and your background.  It was a total game-changer for us.

Get 50%

Get an Extra 50% Off at Care/of

You can actually get 50% off your order at Care Of (which is truly amazing) just by taking their quiz.  It officially took us less than 3 minutes and then we received our 50% promo code to use on our order.  And dare we say the quiz is fun?

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Now, of course we are not doctors or medical professionals here (duh!) and we always recommend to consult with your doctor before you start taking anything – including vitamins and supplements, but once you get the green light from your doc, you’re going to become as obsessed with Care/of as we are.

What really sets them apart from the rest (in our opinion) is that based on the quiz you take on their site they’ll really tailor what you need to take based on what your background is, what your goals are, and what areas you’re looking to focus in on.  And, for real, take the quiz.  As of a recent report, more than 5 million people have already taken it and it’s totally worth it.  We were able to get ours done in 2 minutes and 46 seconds.  Yes, we timed it because we’re weird like that.  The quiz is easy – you just have to be honest.  Like, if you really don’t workout 5 days away don’t click that you do.

Once you’re done they’ll put together for you what their recommendations are and, if you choose to, when you subscribe you’ll get sent just what you need in an individual packet per day – so it’s easy to remember to take and you won’t have to have a ton of bottles all over the place.  Oh, and the best part?  Once you take the quiz they’ll give you 50% off (they’ll email you your very own promo code to use when you place your order).

There are a bunch of different areas you can focus on like:

★  Sleep
★  Stress
★  Overall Immunity
★  Energy
★  Nails
★  Digestion
★  Prenatal

And way more!  Personally we wanted to focus on fitness, sleep, and stress – but there really are a wide variety of areas for everyone to focus on.

While they’re mainly known for their vitamins – we’re totally in love with their collagen powders too.  We like to pour ours into our hot coffee in the morning (unflavored of course) and it’s said to help with skin elasticity, stronger hair, nails, and more.  They also carry some great protein powders for the workout crew out there and even have plant-based protein, which we appreciate as we try to limit (or totally stay away from) dairy, lactose, etc.

Overall they really make it so easy to tailor things to your specific needs and, overall, it’s affordable.  Look, if we could spend upwards of $50 on drinks for one night out, we can certainly spend a little extra on things that are actually supposed to be good for us each month.  We really think you’re going to love your Care/of experience and your new or renewed focus on your overall health.  Clearly, we’re obsessed.

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

We, of course, like to find some kind of deal out there so we thought we’d research their coupon policy a bit to see what’s up.  Care/of does accept promo codes when you checkout on their website.  But, don’t spend time looking for codes all over the internet, because they really don’t do that.  We don’t have any exclusive offers here either, but we did find a couple of cool options from their site that they promote from time to time.

Make sure you check with them to see which offers are still valid as they’re subject to change – but we recently have seen:

★ 50% Off When You Take the Quiz – See More Here
★ 20% Off Your First 3 Months With Email – See More Here

Shop some of the best Care/of must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in July 2023.

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Care/of Promo & Offers in July 2023

Finally we've found nutritional supplements and vitamins that are specific to us, what we want and what we need!  And Care/of makes that to easy to figure out and get shipped right to your door each and every month.  Take their easy, fun, and quick quiz to find out which ones are right for you based on your needs, goals, and background and any current promo code offers or coupons they might be offering on their website today.

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Get 50%

Get an Extra 50% Off at Care/of

You can actually get 50% off your order at Care Of (which is truly amazing) just by taking their quiz.  It officially took us less than 3 minutes and then we received our 50% promo code to use on our order.  And dare we say the quiz is fun?

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Get 20%

Get an Additional 20% Off Your First Three Months

Take an additional 20% off your first three months of personalized supplements when you sign up with your email address (or even take the quiz).  They'll send you a 20% coupon to use when you checkout for the first time.

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$5 + Up

Choose Individual Vitamins Now For Just $5 + Up!

Choose the specific vitamins you want (or want to try) - now with some priced at only $5 and going up from there.  They'll even let you know what each is supposed to help with.  Take a peek at options like B-Complex, B-12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Prenatal, and so much more.

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$14 + Up

Shop Collagen Powders Now at $14 + Up!

We're obsessed with their collagen powders and supplements with some popular picks now priced at only $14 and going up from there.  Choose from different flavors to try out or go the unflavored option like we do!

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$15 + Up

Shop Protein Powders Now at $15 + Up!

We could all use a little more protein in our diet - especially when we're working on our fitness.  Take a peek at some of their most popular protein powders with some now priced at only $15 and going up from there.  They even have plant-based protein (our fave) for those of us who want to stay away from dairy, lactose, etc.

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