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Turn your lawn into the absolute envy of your entire neighborhood when you use the amazing Sunday packs. Get all the details here!

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Why We’re So Obsessed!

At no point did we ever think we’d be obsessing over our lawn but – hey – adulthood happens and your priorities shift. Suddenly things like a healthy lawn and a clean bathtub become a top priority. Enter, Sunday. No, not the day of the week – the lawn care company based in Colorado that hasfinally help fix our old, tired, burnt, dead grass and broughtit andus back to life. Once you get Sunday, you’ll basically be a full functioning adult. We’re here for it all!

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Get an Additional $25 Off at Sunday

If you're looking to save a little on your next order check out their friend referral program where you can get $25 off for every friend you successfully refer. They'll even get $25 off their order too! Check out all the details on their site!

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We live in the Northeast where the weather is insane, to say the least. We can have overly hot and humid summers that turn into oddly humid and hot falls. Our winters can be rough – with snow, sleet, and ice on the regular. Basically our front and back lawn take a total beating and really only looks good for about 25 days out of the year. Plus, similar to flossing every night we didn’t take care of our grass as much as we should have. Don’t judge.

We first heard about Sunday when we were clicking around This Old House – which is like our real adult-de-stress-time, and read about their subscription service that was specific to where we lived and what we needed. So we gave it a try, filled out the super quick and easy form, and learned about exactly what we needed.

Our custom lawn plan consists of 1 – 4 shipments of nutrient pouches that you attach to your hose when you water the lawn. It’s really a super easy way to keep on top of what your grass needs. Some examples include:

★ Grass Powerhouse – For Deep Green Grass
★ Lawn Strong – For Lush Growth
★ Green Out – For Amazing Green Grass
★ Winter Prep – For Getting Things Ready!

We’ve enjoy this so much (maybe even a littletoo much) that we’ve added their subscription box to a bunch of our popular gift guides and our readers have been loving it. It really does make a great gift for the guy (or gal) who already has everything! To be honest, we’re certainly not lawn experts – but using Sunday made us feel like evenwe couldn’t mess this up. If only they could send someone to cut our lawn we’d be all set!

We’ve had great success in bringing our lawn back to life and you really can see the difference in the color of the grass when compared to our neighbors (they’re jealous). More importantly, it’s really s easy to use. And now they even have one-off items you can buy direct from their site too like:

★ 5 lb Grass Seed Bags – See More Here
★ Weed Control Solutions – See More Here

When it comes to their grass seed there are a few different options to choose from as well – but you don’t have to guess which one you should get – they help based on your location, etc. So, if you’re ready to revamp your lawn and really start adulting weknow you’re going to fall in love with Sunday. We’re obsessed!

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

We researched this for totally selfish reasons (we just wanted to save for our own order) but – hey – at least we have some realtime info for you. Sunday does accept coupon codes and promo code discount right when you checkout online, but from what we’ve been able to find they don’t send any out. And, believe us, we looked!

While we don’t have any exclusive promo codes here (at all) we did find a couple of offers that come directly from their website that may hopefully help. We always recommend to check with them directly to see which offers (if any) are still valid as things are always subject to change. One offer we’ve seen in the past included:

★ Get $25 Off When You Refer a Friend – See More Here

Other than that, really, don’t waste your time looking for codes – just shop them directly on their own site!

Shop some of the best Sunday Lawn Care must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in June 2023.

Go See!

Get Sunday Promo & Offers in June 2023

For real, the easiest way to take care of your lawn (and even bring it back to life) comes from Sunday. You'll get all the nutrients you need for the year, along with the proper tools, and more. Take a look at their amazing smart lawn plan, individual packets you can buy, and any promo offers they may have today. You won't even need a promo code or coupon!

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Get $25

Get an Additional $25 Off at Sunday

If you're looking to save a little on your next order check out their friend referral program where you can get $25 off for every friend you successfully refer. They'll even get $25 off their order too! Check out all the details on their site!

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$119 + Up

Get Their Smart Lawn Year Plan Now at $119 + Up!

Take a peek at their now famous smart lawn plan for the year, now priced at only $119 and going up from there. You can even buy individual seeds, weed control solutions, and more.

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Now For $29

Shop Their Premium Grass Seed For $29

Need a little help in the growth department? Take a look at their different seed options that come as 5 lb bags and now priced at only $29! They even make it easy to determine which are best for your specific location - taking all the guesswork out of it.

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Now For $20

Shop Their Weed Control For $20

Ready to get rid of those pesky weeds and whatnot? Take a look at their different weed solutions now priced at only $20! With some of these you'll see results in just 20 minutes!

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