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You’ve seen Gorjana all over Instagram and now you must try them for yourself. Get all the details here!

Gorjana Promo Code June 2023 - Coupons & Discount

Why We’re So Obsessed!

We’ve been wearing our Gorjana necklaces foryears now and can attest to their sentiment that, yes, you really do want to live in it. We rarely take ours off with the exception of layering difference necklaces for different occasions or just when we want to switch things up. What started out as a small Laguna Beach based company from a wife and husband duo that we’re kind of obsessed with – has now turned into a global phenomenon. And you know what? We’re here for it all. Haven’t heard of them before? Now’s the perfect chance to test them out.

Get $20

Get an Extra $20 Off at Gorjana

Get an additional $20 off your order line directly from their website when you refer a friend! Your bestie will get $20 to put towards their order as well. Once completed you'll get your $20 to put towards your future order and a promo code isn't really even needed. Get all the details here!

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We first heard of Gorjana from Instagram. Yep, that’s basically where we find all the coolest companies. They kept showing up in our feed and we always felt like their vibe totally matched ours. We think it was meant to be. After we researched them online a bit (ok, fine, maybe we were stalking them) one of the main takeaways we’ve read from major publishers who have reviewed them was that – yes they’re legit and – yes – you’re never going to want to take it off. And, honestly, they’re pricing is really approachable so you can find something for just about any budget.

They’re really known mostly for their layering necklaces and that’s how we started out (rose gold for life!). But since we’ve been wearing them they’ve come out with so many more everyday jewelry essentials that we’re equally in love with. Some of our faves include:

★ Their Mix and Match Earrings – See More Here
★ Their Cute AF Rings + Ring Sets – See More Here
★ Their Stackable Bracelets – See More Here

And that’s just naming a few areas we can’t get enough of. We hate to say that things areaffordablebecause it either makes us seem like we’re out of touch or uppity. Trust us when we say, we’re neither. We just feel that when it comes to quality everyday jewelry this is totally doable and while they have afine jewelry section where some items are in the hundreds – most of our favorite things are under $100 and, in some cases, by a lot.

Besides being in love with their jewelry, as a company they’re pretty amazing too. They regularly give back to those in need – from running their own food drives, helping out their local community and, at times, even donating to Children’s Hospital – which is also one that we support as well. While a lot of the retailers we support are women-owned businesses, we were happy to give you a heads up on them as a wife/husband owned business because we believe in what they’re doing and we truly love their products.

Finally, if you’re looking to pick up some of their jewelry you can find them at other trusted retailers like Nordstrom Rack, online at ShopBop (one of our new faves), and even Bloomingdales – we always like to shop them directly on their own website because that’s where you’ll find the largest selection, newest arrivals and – at times – some promos going on. We think you’re really go to love all of their jewelry and fall in love with them like we have. We’re obsessed!

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

Since we’re always looking for a deal or a major sale, we were sure to research this a bit. The good news is that Gorjana does accept promo codes and coupons when you checkout on their own site. These won’t be valid on other third party retailers like the ones mentioned above. The only thing is that they don’t typically give these out. And while we don’t have any exclusive discount offers here we really recommend not wasting your time looking for them on those other sites that claim to have them – but then they never really work!

Shop direct with them to see which offers are still valid, as they can always change. We’ve recently seen (and used) a couple of cool offers that come from their website (only) that may help you out a bit like:

★ $20 Off For Friend Referral – See More Here
★ Get Free Shipping With Email Signup – See More Here

Shop some of the best Gorjana must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in June 2023.

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Gorjana Promo & Offers in June 2023

We've been layering our necklaces from Gorjana for years - but now they have so much more than stunning and affordable necklaces. Take a peek at their new arrivals, most popular items this week, beautiful earrings rings, charms, and so much more - plus check out any promo code offers, coupons, and referral offers they may be promoting today.

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Get $20

Get an Extra $20 Off at Gorjana

Get an additional $20 off your order line directly from their website when you refer a friend! Your bestie will get $20 to put towards their order as well. Once completed you'll get your $20 to put towards your future order and a promo code isn't really even needed. Get all the details here!

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Here’s the Deal With Their Free Shipping Order

They actually make getting free shipping totally easy. All you have to do is subscribe to their emails with your email address and they'll provide you with free shipping on your first order. Easy peasy.

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$20 + Up

Shop Their Best Sellers Now at $20 + Up!

Take a peek at some of their best selling jewelry and new arrivals - now priced at $20 and going up from there. Check out must-haves like fun earrings, necklaces, charms, rings and more. Learn about their free shipping offer too.

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$48 + Up

Shop Stunning Necklaces Now at $48 + Up!

We're here forall their necklaces and you're going to love them too! Select options are now priced at only $48 and going up from there. Take a peek at options in gold, silver, and even rose gold. Good luck only picking out one!

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$70 + Up

Shop Their Birthstone Collection Now at $70 + Up!

We're gifting experts around here and these beautiful birthstone options make excellent gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and more. Select popular picks are now priced at $70 and going up from there. Hey, gift yourself while you're at it!

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