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We take our skincare game seriously and swear by all things Murad. Get all the details here!

Murad Promo Code July 2023 - Coupons & Discount

Why We’re So Obsessed!

We’re comfortable with saying that during the pandemic we didn’t really take care of ourselves as much as we should have.  And our skincare routine went right out the window.  But if it’s one thing we learned through all of this it’s that self-care really is of the utmost importance.  The good news is that we snapped out of it and that’s partly in thanks to Murad.  Our skin has never looked better and it helped give us that jolt we needed to get back out there!

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Get an Extra 20% Off at Murad

Grab an extra 20% off directly on their website when you subscribe to their fun newsletter.  Enter in your email address and you'll get a 20% promo code you can use when checking out.

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If you’re a regular reader of ours, you know we’ve tried just about any and every skincare product on the market that we can.  One of our top faves is still those Hanacure facial masks – but when it comes to everyday skincare we’re pretty obsessed with all that Murad has to offer – and there’s a lot.

Now, this isn’t your drugstore brand when it comes to pricing, but it is clinical and so you’re going to pay a bit more – but don’t worry because it’s definitely not as expensive as some of those other luxury brands that we won’t name right now!  For us, the biggest perk is that from what we used they actually work.  But look, if you’re thinking that you’ll want to get rid of your fine lines and wrinkles and that you’ll look 20 again, it’s time to reset expectations.   They do, however, help minimize and reduce the appearance of them, helping to make you look more fresh, vibrant, and glowing.

While they have such amazing products for just about any and every skin issue you may be experiencing or what to focus on, some of our personal faves include:

★ Their Amazing Moisturizers – See More Here
★ Their Dark Spot Correctors – See More Here
★ Their Acne Treatments – See More Here
★ Their Sensitive Skin Essentials – See More Here

And speaking of sensitive skin, that’s really a major issue for us.  We had such bad acne growing up that even though our skin is pretty clear now in adulthood, we still suffer from a little PTSD from our teenage years and are basically terrified to put anything new on our face in fear that we’ll break out.  While we can’t guarantee that it’ll never happen to you, we’ve been really lucky with the products we’ve tried.  We tend to buy items from their sensitive skin section of their site because we just feel safer.  But, so far so good!

Since we’re known to be the gifting pros are round, we’d be amiss if we didn’t mention that they have some pretty spectacular gift sets to choose from that really make unique and fun ideas for the beauty lovers on your list or just those folks who take their skincare seriously.  There’s even a 30-day acne control gift set that’s a popular choice for many teens who could use a little extra help in that area.

We’ve really had such a great experience with Murad and the products that we tried.  And while you can find many of them at trusted retailers like Nordstrom, over at Dermstore online, and beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta Beauty – we still prefer to shop them directly on their site because they have the largest selection and you can usually find some ways to save a little extra on your order – they had an amazing 30% off everything sale during Black Friday last year! We think you’re really going to love them as much as we do.  We’re obsessed!

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

Since we always love hunting for a bargain or two (or three, or four) we decided to research their overall coupon policy so we could understand it more.  We learned that Murad does accept promo codes and discount codes right on their site when you go to checkout.  And while we don’t have any exclusive offers here at all, their site is the only place you’ll be able to get coupons at all.  So don’t waste your time looking all over the internet for them because they’re not approved and, in most cases, even valid.

They’re actually really transparent about which offers they have and happily promote them to their customers.  That’s another reason why we like shopping them direct instead of at other retailers because they’ll have the offers that others won’t.  A couple we’ve encountered during our research included:

★ 20% With Newsletter Signup – See More Here
★ $15 Off When You Refer a Friend – See More Here
★ 20% Student Discount – See More Here
★ A List of All Their Coupon Codes This Month – See More Here

Pretty decent, right?

Shop some of the best Murad must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in July 2023.

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Murad Promo & Offers in July 2023

Our day-to-day skincare obsession is basically anything by Murad.  If you haven't tested out some of their skincare essentials you're really missing out.  From exfoliators and toners to moisturizers and acne treatments - there's something for just about every skin type.  Take a peek at their most popular viral products, their newest arrivals of the season, and current promo code offers and coupons they're promoting today.

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Get 20%

Get an Extra 20% Off at Murad

Grab an extra 20% off directly on their website when you subscribe to their fun newsletter.  Enter in your email address and you'll get a 20% promo code you can use when checking out.

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Get $15

Earn $15 Off When You Refer a Friend

It pays to have some beauty loving friends!  You can get $15 off when you refer a friend and they place their first order with a minimum spend.  Your bestie will get $15 they can use on their order too!  Pay it forward and get a little something for yourself too!

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Get 20%

The Official 20% Student Discount

Murad has teamed up with the folks at UniDays to provide 20% off for students who are currently enrolled.  Quickly verify that you're a student and you'll get a 20% coupon code you can use when checking out.

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$36 + Up

Shop Their Best Sellers Now at $36 + Up!

Not sure where to begin?  Take a peek at their most popular products and best sellers this week with some now priced at only $36 and going up from there. Shop some popular picks like their dark spot corrector, renewal eye serum, acne controller, triple exfoliating facial, and everything else you can dream up!

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$42 + Up

Amazing Moisturizers Now at $42 + Up!

Finding the right moisturizer is essential for us and we can't get enough of their selection.  Take a look at their variety of moisturizers based on your needs - now priced at $42 and going up from there.  And snagging one with SPF in it is always a good idea.

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$36 + Up

Dark Spot Correctors + Helpers Now at $36 + Up!

One of our personal faves are their amazing dark spot correctors (that actually work).  Take a peek at their current selection - now priced at only $36 and going up from there.  There are options for toners, cleansers, serums, spot treatments, and more.

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$40 + Up

Fine Lines + Wrinkle Treatments Now at $40 + Up!

We all have those annoying fine lines and wrinkles we're love to get rid of or at least lessen the intensity of them. Take a peek at some of their most popular treatment options now starting at $40 and going up from there.  You'll become obsessed with their serums and treatments to help fight that anti-aging battle! 

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