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Why We’re So Obsessed!

We can all probably agree that we’ve had quite the year – to say the least. And as if our anxiety wasn’t already at an all time high the pandemic surely didn’t help the cause. We were looking for some more natural ways to help reduce our anxiety levels and even focus on getting a better night sleep. That’s when we found Refresh CBD and now we’re totally obsessed.

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There’s still a lot of confusion around CBD and hemp in general. Many people think it’s a drug and will get you high. Not so. In fact, many are using CBD to help treat aches, pains, sleep issues, anxiety and more. The geniuses over at Harvard have even released an article stating,

CBD is commonly used to address anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep.”

Of course we’re not doctors or medical professionals ofany kind and, of course, we always recommend to chat with your personal doctor first before trying anything – but once you get your stamp of approval we think you’re going to fall in love with Refresh.Shop just like we have.

They have some of the coolest CBD treatments, plant based skincare, body care, and so much more. While we haven’t tried everything they offer – the two areas we really wanted to focus on was our anxiety and sleep issues. We went with their aromatic rollerball and would use it on our neck and under our nose when we were starting to feel a bit more anxious than we’d like. For us, we felt like it did help to settle us down a bit. At the least we were able to get present – which is something that always works well for us.

And then when it came to sleep we went with their Sleep Support Tincture and, of course, we’re a sucker for pillow sprays so we tried out their lavender pillow spray. Sleep is always so (so, so, so) tricky for us. We do feel like we were getting a better quality of sleep for sure. Some days we’d sleep through the night for the most part. We still experienced some nights where we’d make up at that dreaded 4:30am – 6:30am window but – still – overall we have felt an improvement. And at least when we did finally wake up we didn’t feel groggy like we would when we tried all sorts of melatonin products.

Besides that – they actually have a bunch of other popular areas to focus in on too like:

★ Their Pain + Recovery Options – See More Here
★ Their Amazing Skincare Collection – See More Here
★ Their Bath + Body Essentials – See More Here

It’s tough to find a brand in this space that you can trust and, so far, we’ve had some really great experiences with them. We’re in no way saying that this is going to solve all your problems. But we like to consider is “stacking the deck” in our favor. If you do enough of the right things, overall, you should have some positive results and improvements.

If you’re ready to try out some products in this space we really think you’re going to love your experience with Refresh as much as we have. Clearly, we’re obsessed!

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

You know we love a deal around here so, selfishly, we wanted to check in to see if they accepted coupons and what their overall policy was. We did learn that – yes – Refresh CBD does accept promo codes when you checkout over on their website. We also learned that their site isthe only place to find official and valid discount code offers – anywhere. We don’t have any exclusive offers here, but we did find a couple on their website that are actually really good – so we thought we’d share them with you.

As always, check in with them to make sure offers are still valid – because they can always change. A couple we’ve used include:

★ 15% Off With Email Sign Up – See More Here
★ 10% Off When You Subscribe – See More Here

At this point we haven’t seen any student, military, or healthcare discounts – but as more and more companies start to offer them we’ll let you know if/when they do.

Shop some of the best Refresh CBD must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in June 2023.

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Refresh CBD Promo & Offers in June 2023

CBD is where it's at and these days we really could use all the help we could get to relax more. Our latest obsession is Refresh CBD! Their products can help with stress and anxiety, better sleep quality, skincare and so much more. Take a peek at their best sellers, some amazing new arrivals, and any coupon or promo code offers they might be promoting on their site today.

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Get 15%

Get an Additional 15% Off at Refresh

Now you can take an extra 15% off your Refresh.Shop order when you sign up for their fun emails! Once you enter in your email address you'll get a 15% promo code you can use at checkout now or save it for your next purchase. Either way, a great offer!

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Enjoy 10% Off When Your Subscribe + Save

Once you become as obsessed as we are, your best bet is to join their subscribe + save program where you can get up to 10% off originally priced items. Take a peek at their skincare essentials, bath and body must-haves, travel size items, and everything in between.

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Shop Best Selling CBD + Hemp Essentials Now at $17 + Up!

If you were like us and not entirely sure where to start, your best bet is to check out their current most popular best sellers of the week - and now they're priced at $17 and going up from there! Take a look at popular options like pain relief cream, their sleep health trio, detox bath soaks, and almost anything else you can dream up!

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Stress + Anxiety Helpers Now at $23 + Up!

We're willing to do whatever it takes to help us destress. Shop some of their most popular anti-stress and anti-anxiety must haves now priced at only $23 and going up from there. Check out their amazing bath calming bath salts, aromatic rollerballs, face balancing mist, and so much more.

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$17 + Up

Sleep Helpers Now at $17 + Up!

We could all use a better night sleep! So take peek that their popular sleep helpers - now priced at $17 and going up from there. From sleep support tinctures to pillow and linen spray they have everything you need to help improve your overall sleep experience.

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$17 + Up

Pain + Recovery Helpers Now at $17 + Up!

Whether you work out or just wake up with some aches and pains, take a peek at some of their most popular pain and recovery helpers - now priced at $17 and going up from there. Check out their relief creams, sprays, and so much more!

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