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It’s time to get back out there and dress up again! Rent the Runway is making it more affordable than ever.

Rent the Runway Promo Code July 2023 - Coupons & Discount

Why We’re So Obsessed!

We’ve been living in our sweats and leggings for so long that we don’t even know what fits, what’s in style or what we even like anymore.  That why our latest obsession is Rent the Runway – the site where you’re able to rent some of the latest trends (from totally informal to totally formal) from some top designers for up to 90% off the price – and you don’t even have to give it back right away.  Wedding season?  We got it on lock!

Get $30 Off

Get an Extra $30 Off at Rent the Runway!

Take an additional $30 off your online purchase when you refer a friend to RTR and they make a purchase.  When that happens you'll get a $30 promo code you can use on your next order.  It pays to have a true BFF, literally!

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It’s really been a while since we cared about what we looked like, at least clothing-wise.  But if we’re telling the truth, we didn’t really care about our hair or overall appearance either.  That pandemic really messed with us.  But as things get back to normal and all those weddings that were postponed or flat-out canceled are now popping back up on our calendar and we’re not ready to invest thousands of dollars into all different dresses for each event.  We’re totally going with Rent the Runway – but in the meantime, we’re drooling over some of their designers for things like:

★ Your Night Out
★ Your Upcoming Vacation
★ That Upcoming Dinner Date
★ Getting Back to the Office
★ That Black Tie Event

Basically everything is happening and it’s all happening at once!

RTR is so huge, in fact, that they were recently valued at $1 billion (billion) and that’s thanks, in part, to their must-try subscription service.  Once subscribed, for a fee you can get at least 4 amazing items shipped directly to your door either weekly, monthly or as much as you want.  And you don’t have to send it back right away either.  If you love it you can even buy your items outright for a highly discounted rate.

We love how there are so many famous designer duds to choose from too.  Some of our personal faves include:

★  3.1 Phillip Lim
★  Parbal Gurung
★  Rachel Zoe
★  Stella McCartney
★  Christian Siriano
★  Oscar de la Renta

And that’s just naming some of the hundreds they have to choose from.  We really love the idea of being able to have a bunch of different wedding guest dresses to choose from and the ability to try out things that we may not normally have the courage to wear.  If you don’t love it – just send it back.  If you really love it – buy it outright!

What’s even more amazing – when it comes to one-time rentals you can reserve the items for either 4 or 8 days and then when you’re done you just send them back in the same garment bag they came in, use their pre-paid shipping label, and they’ll even take care of the dry cleaning. It really is amazing.

If you’re amping up for wedding season or really just want a change in your look, we really think you’re going to love your experience with Rent the Runway.  We’re obsessed!

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

There’s a lot of confusion about this so we decided to research it bit.  Rent the Runway does accept coupons and promo codes right on their site when you checkout.  The confusion comes in because they really don’t give them out regularly.  Promo code offers are usually for their current customers but, either way, you always have to find them directly on their site (they’re listed under their fun blog – The Shift).

While we don’t have any exclusive offers here – we have found a couple from their own website that we think you might find helpful.  We always recommend to check with them directly to see which offers are still available, as they’re subject to change.  A couple of our faves included:

★ $30 Off For Friend Referral – See More Here
★ Get Up to 40% Off – See More Here

Shop some of the best Rent the Runway must haves, promo offers, sales, and more in July 2023.

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Rent the Runway Promo & Offers in July 2023

We could all use a total refresh when it comes to our wardrobe these days - especially after the year we've all had!  Our latest obsession is Rent the Runway.  You can subscribe to get at least 4 amazing clothing items per week, per month, or whenever!  They have outfits perfect for work, date night, that wedding you've been dreading and so much more.  Take a peek at their new arrivals of the season, top designers, and any promo code offers or coupons they may be promoting today.

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Get $30 Off

Get an Extra $30 Off at Rent the Runway!

Take an additional $30 off your online purchase when you refer a friend to RTR and they make a purchase.  When that happens you'll get a $30 promo code you can use on your next order.  It pays to have a true BFF, literally!

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Get 40%

Sale Alert: Take Up to 40% Off Some of Their Most Popular!

Who doesn't love a sale!?  Now you can get up to 40% off some of their most popular pieces today - perfect for the current season.  Take a peek at some renters faves like seasonal tops, dresses, skirts, jeans, wedding attire, and just about anything and everything in between.

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$30 + Up

Shop Their Latest Trends Now at $30 + Up!

New season, who dis?  Take a peek at their trendiest fashions today - now with select picks priced at only $30 and going up from there.  There's so many great options you won't be able to stop!

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$30 + Up

The Trendiest Wedding Guest Attire Now at $30 + Up!

It's always wedding season these days and now you can find some of the most beautiful dresses and gowns (now priced at only $30 and going up from there!).  You'll never have to wear the same thing twice again!

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Gift Yourself!

$30 + Up

“Night Out” Fashions Now at $30 + Up!

It's officially time to get back out there and you might as well look your best.  Select popular night out items are now priced at $30 and going up from there.  From blouses and jeans to skirts and dresses - and everything in between - you'll feel as amazing as you'll look.

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