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The old Theragun is now Therabody, but one thing is for sure…it’s time to take the leap and pick up one of these “body miracles” whether you’re a pro-athlete or just a normal person (like me)!  Here’s the deal!

Theragun's Everyday Hero Promotions

Military Discount

Military can now get an extra 20% off select products.

Student / Teacher Discount

Students and teachers can get an extra 10% discount.

First Responder Discount

First Responders and medical professionals get an extra 20% off.

I typically don’t review individual products since we’re mainly all about our gift-guides, but I’m literally obsessed with my Theragun. 

I use the Prime Muscle Massager because (1) it’s pretty affordable and (2) I feel like I don’t need the top-of-the-line option, although I’m always open to upgrading (especially with their 20% coupon).

We applaud them for their complete support of those who serve our country, whether that’s the military, first-line responders, of a wide variety of healthcare workers. If you’re part of any of these wonderful organizations (thank you for your service) and Theragun is giving a 20% promo code to use online. All the specific details are here.

We’ve recommended the Theragun in some of our various gift guides (like our men’s gift round up and even our new tech gadget list) and we received so many emails thanking us for the recommendation and how life-changing it’s been for them.  We always let them know that we don’t make the product, we just recommended it!  We’ll take the compliment though.

And it’s not just us who loves it.  Currently on TikTok they’ve basically exploded with more than 83 million views of users using their Theragun.

Here’s our 30,000 foot view on all things Theragun.  It’s worth it.  It really is.  It helps your muscles recover, helps with blood flow and has helped our body feel way better after we’ve either worked out or went for a run or intense bike ride.  There are definitely more pros than cons, but we’re going to be honest about each.  We just want you to know what to expect.


★  Your muscles will never feel better.
★  Your body will recover faster than ever before.
★  You may be able to actually stretch a bit better/easier, which is vital (always).
★  It eventually actually feels good when you’re using it.
★  The prices are coming down and there are more affordable options.
★  Newer models are quieter than ever before (we’re looking at you, Mini).


★  The sound (it’s kinda loud, although there are now quieter options).
★  The price (some are still pretty expensive).
★  It kinda hurts at first, but in a good way…if you’re into that and we are.

People have complained about the sound-factor, but that really was the original model from a couple of years ago.  The one that we have, The Prime, is actually really quiet, especially in comparison.  Some say it’s about the same sound-level of an electric toothbrush.  We feel like a bit louder, but nothing to complain about.  This is the Prime that we own:


Shop at

We want to reiterate that these really aren’t your run-of-the-mill home massagers. So if you’re looking for the ones that Oprah usually recommends, well, these aren’t it.  They go deeper into the muscle and are great for those with active lifestyles or even those who have some muscle tension, fatigue, etc.  If you’re a runner, especially, your legs are going to totally thank you for this.  Our runs have never been better!  We’d love to hear about your experience with Therabody, so feel free to email us and let us know.

If you’re concerned with the price, we hear you.  There are some options that are priced much lower than ever before (see below).  We’ve been asked if there are any coupon codes or a promo code that we can supply to save a little extra.  Sadly, that’s not what we do!  But, Theragun does have their own official promo codes where, for a limited time, you can save 20% on your purchase if you’re part of the military, a healthcare worker, or a first-line responder. Just get verified on their site and you’ll get your own coupon code.  Check out the discount code info here.

Therabody Coupon Codes & Discount Code 2023 - 2023

Below we’ve listed out some of our favorite products from the Theragun to include their wave roller, yoga mats, and everything in between.  We’ve also provided easy access for military pros, healthcare workers, and first-line responders to learn more about their current coupon dedicated specifically to them.  We’ll update this list with more of their offerings, like their newly launched CBD-based product-line known as TheraOne.  So check out their latest products, new arrivals, promo codes, and must-try accessories! And like we always say, if you don’t have anyone to gift this to….gift it to yourself!

Now is the time for you to try out the latest Theragun (from Therabody). They’re more affordable than ever before and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Totally worth it. They have a current 20% coupon code you can use if you’re a first responder or in the military as a “thank you.”

We applaud them for their complete support of those who serve our country, whether that’s the military, first-line responders, of a wide variety of healthcare workers. If you’re part of any of these wonderful organizations (thank you for your service) and Theragun is giving a 20% promo code to use online. All the specific details are here.

There’s currently a generous 10% discount you can use if you’re currently a student or a teacher.  Once verified you’ll be able to get 10% off some of the most popular Theragun massage guns, Therabody essentials, and more

It’s the latest device that everyone is buzzing about – the TheraFace.  Right now you can get an extra $50 off your own.  It’s said to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, face firming, contouring, and more.  You gotta see their before-and-after pics.

The Theragun Mini made it to Oprah’s Favorite Things list and now you can be just like Oprah (finally!) and get yours for under $200.  It’s officially the most affordable Theragin on the market and still packs a powerful punch.

Get ready to chill the heck out with Therabody’s latest and greatest, their SmartGoggles.  Now you can get your own pair for just $199.  These are said to help with headaches, eyestrain, calmness and just getting zen.  Check out their 60-day free trial option too.


Does Theragun Offer a Student Discount

This has actually changed over the years, but in a good way. The powers to be at Therabody have decided both a student and a teacher discount on a variety of their products.  Currently the discount is for 10% off and doesn’t require a coupon. 

You’ll quickly get verified via ID-ME (on the Therabody site) and then log-in to see which products you can put your 10% off towards.  Get verified here.

How About a Military Discount?

This, too, has been updated.  Yes, if you’re in the military or a veteran Theragun is offering you an exclusive additional 20% off a wide range of their best selling products.  But, it’s not just a military discount.  They’re currently offering 20% off for:

  • Military
  • Veterans
  • First Responders
  • Medical Professionals


You’ll need to quickly get verified first and there are some restrictions, but this is still a really generous offer.  Get all the details here.

Is There Free Shipping?

This one is a yes and no.  So, the good news is that free shipping is offered when you spend at least $99.  Most of their massage guns all are priced higher than that so basically those will be part of their free shipping offer.  There isn’t a coupon for this, it’ll just be automatically applied when you’re in the checkout process. 


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