Some of the Best Sales on a Variety of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones this 4th of July!

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If you’re over your iPhone and want to test drive one of the best selling smartphones of the year (again), you gotta check out the latest Galaxy from Samsung.  We found some really decent deals on a variety of Galaxy smartphones on sale this 4th of July!

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We all know that unless you’re striking up some crazy trade-in deal on your phone, upgrading to the latest can certainly be pricey.  Don’t even get us started on the confusion we always feel when we step into a Verizon store to find out if we’re eligible for an upgrade!  However, if you’re looking to go with a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone there are a bunch of really great options to choose from these days and we’re seeing some of the prices being slashed left and right during the Fourth of July online sale promotion.  Some are even upwards of an extra 35% off the full price!

Editor-Approved Deals
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It’s sometimes tough to keep up with the latest technology, especially when it comes to phones.  Moreover, especially when it comes to broken phones!  From our research we did find that some of the best deals are on refurbished Samsung Galaxy’s, but the only hook is that you should get them from a trusted and reputable retailer.  In this case, direct from Amazon is usually a good idea. Currently there are a variety of Galaxy options to choose from like:

  • Galaxy S22+
  • S22 Ultra
  • A53
  • Z-Fold
  • Z-Flip3

Of course there are more to choose from, but those are some of the latest (at the time we put this article together).  If you’re willing to go with a slightly older model you can usually find a better deal as well. If you’re on the fence about going the Samsung smartphone route, don’t worry.  We checked in with the tech experts and editors at Tom’s Guide, PC Mag, and Trusted Reviews and out of all of the smartphones released this  year, they’ve all chosen the Samsung Galaxy as one of the best.  If you want to read some in-depth reviews of their picks, check out the links above. We did our best to find all of the Samsung options currently on sale this 4th of July!  We recommend to click through the phones below you’re most interested in because you can then typically choose the color, size, memory storage capacity, and a whole lot more.  Some may even be a better deal if you don’t need the max storage.

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Top Selling Samsung Smartphones:



Z Fold:

Z Flip:

Galaxy Phone Cases:

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