Sale on WeMo This Father's Day!

Super Smart Sales on All Things “WeMo” this Father’s Day!

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Whether you’re looking for one of WeMo’s smart plugs, smart light switches, or even one of their popular smart video doorbells, there are so many WeMo options on sale this Father’s Day!

Sale on WeMo This Father's Day!

Most Popular Deals

We covered some of the best sales on smart plugs and even video doorbell deals happening today. And while there are plenty of brands in this space, the one that we own (and our personal fave) is WeMo. They make it so easy to set up, program, and update – all through their easy to use app. They may not be super expensive, but if you need to buy multiple plugs or light switches it can really add up. So we dug around until we found some of the best deals on all WeMo products during the Father’s Day online sale promotion. Some are even up to an extra 15% off today too!

Editor-Approved Deals

Get Extra 15% Off Official WeMo Items at AmazonSee Amazon Offer

Get 30% Off WeMo Light Switch at Belkin See Belkin Offer

Get 15% Off WeMo Smart Plug at WalmartSee Walmart Offer

Get $50 Off at Lowe’s Online See Lowe’s Offer

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Since there are so many “smart” companies and brands out there it can be tough to figure out which is the best overall and which is the best foryour needs. One of the great things about WeMo is that they have some great options for both inside your home and outside too. Want to plug all your Christmas lights into an outlet that you can control from your phone when they go on, off, or even set them on a scheduled timer? WeMo has you covered there too! Some of their most popular products include:

  • Smart Video Doorbell
  • Smart Plug
  • WiFi Smart Outdoor Plug
  • WiFi Smart Light Dimmer
  • 3-Way Light Switch
  • Stage Scene Controller
  • Mini Smart Plug

While we personally own a bunch of WeMo’s and use them regularly, we checked in with some of the smart tech pros out there like Tech Radar, PC Magazine, and to see what their picks were for some of the best performing smart plugs, light switches, and smart doorbells are this year and all three have tested, reviewed, researched, and named WeMo as one of the top brands in this space.

When it comes to deals, that’s where we come in. To be honest, there usually aren’t huge savings. Meaning, we typically don’t see WeMo for 50% off or anything like that. We can typically find them for a minimum of an extra 5% off all the way up to around 15% – 20% off, especially this Father’s Day! Click through the sales below to choose additional options and features. Sometimes a 2-pack, for example, can provide more savings!

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Top Selling WeMo Overall:

WeMo Smart Plugs:

WeMo Light Switch:

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