8 of the Best Online Flower Delivery Options That Make Pretty Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Always a favorite gift option (especially for last minute Lucy’s like us), these are all really amazing flower delivery services that are practically perfect for almost any special occasion.

Flowers just about always make the perfect gift.  It doesn’t matter if they’re for someone’s special upcoming birthday, your more-than-deserving mom on Mother’s Day, the Christmas holiday season, the milestone anniversary, the “after the first date” thought, the annual Valentine’s Day panic-gift, or maybe even just because you want to send someone special something to brighten up their day.  You can’t go wrong.

There are a ton of online delivery services out there and so many are chock full of hidden last-minute fees and charges that always seem to jack up the price.  We’ve researched some of the best ones out there and narrowed down our selections by overall popularity and trust, various price points, same and next day delivery, and just the “pretty factor.”  We’ve even thrown in some amazing plants because, basically, plants rule!

Shop our picks for some of the best flower delivery services online in 2024.


The Best Flowers of 2024

The Bouqs Flower Company

Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything 2024: Bouqs Flower Delivery 2024

Shop at Bouqs

Price Point: $$$$$
Same Day Delivery:  Yes
Next Day Delivery:  Yes

These are officially our pick for the best flowers ever we’ve bought online.  We’ve not only bought these for ourselves more times than we can count, but we’ve also gifted these for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and endless birthdays.  You may remember Bouqs from Shark Tank.  Not only can you get the prettiest flowers delivered, but you can also select flowers that are grown by local farmers at the base of a volcano in South America.  For real.


The Local Pick

The FTD Company

Best Flower Delivery Service 2024: FTD Local Flowers 2024

Shop at FTD

Price Point: $$$$$
Same Day Delivery:  Yes
Next Day Delivery:  Yes

Sometimes people forget about FTD, but they’re tried and true for over 100 years.  What’s great about them, including how they’ve updated a lot of their flower selections, is that they partner up with a lot of local florists that are already right in your town so you can typically get your flowers delivered much faster than the rest.  Usually the ones you choose online will be very similar (if not exact) to the ones that’ll show up.  Plus, they’re great on last minute picks that won’t cause you to actually go bankrupt paying for them.


The Cheap Pick

Amazon’s Flower Delivery Network

Best Flower Delivery Service 2024: Cheap Flowers on Amazon 2024

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$
Same Day Delivery: No
Next Day Delivery:  Yes

That’s right, you can actually get some really beautiful bouquets right from Amazon.  Who knew!?  Actually we did because we’ve used them before a bunch of times.  A lot of major brands have their storefronts right on Amazon so it makes it really easy to buy and many even offer that free 2 day delivery.  Seriously, there’s nothing worse than having to pay super high delivery charges that get you at the last second.  While you can’t really get same day delivery in most locations, there are a decent amount of next day options for you to choose from too.  Amazon is taking over the world!


The Roses Pick

The 1800Flowers

Best Flower Delivery Service 2024: Roses Delivered for Cheap 1800Flowers 2024

Shop at 1800 Flowers

Price Point: $$$$$
Same Day Delivery: Yes
Next Day Delivery: No

You really can’t go wrong with 1800Flowers.  They’re known for their great customer service and their flowers and plants that typically last longer than many of the other brands out there.  This is usually a go-to when you have that random occasion you need to send a gift for like a get well wish, something for a co-worker, sympathy, graduation, and more.  But here’s a little known fact, they have some of the best roses on the market.  They’re usually so full and last pretty long too (at least for how long roses can typically last).  Plus, they have ton of rose colors to choose from like classic red, yellow, pink, and even unique options like rainbow, multi-color, and even ones dipped in 24k gold!


The Long Lasting Pick

The Venus et Fleur Roses (Lasts 1 Year)

Shop at Venusetfleur

Price Point: $$$$$
Same Day Delivery: Yes (depending on your location)
Next Day Delivery: Yes (depending on your location)

These are the flowers that have been covered by countless magazines like Vogue, Harper’s BAZAAR, and more.  And for good reason!  These beautifully amazing flowers will last for up to one year (yes, really) and you can choose the size box, color, and style you’d like to ship.  Don’t worry, there are smaller boxes that are totally affordable too.


The Unique Pick

The Urban Stems Company

Best Flower Delivery Service 2024: New UrbanStems 2024

Shop at Urban Stems

Price Point: $$$$$
Same Day Delivery: Yes (depending on your location)
Next Day Delivery: Yes (depending on your location)

If you haven’t heard of UrbanStems yet, you soon will.  They’re popping up all over the place online, being covered by major sites like Vogue, Business Insider, and more.  You can either choose a delivery subscription (and save a bunch) or pick a one-off delivery.  The best part (beside the flowers are gorgeous), is that they’re responsibly sourced from the farm and most offers include free hand delivery.  Be sure to check out their plants too because there are some really unique ones that make great last minute gift ideas too.


The Plant Pick

The Ultimate Plant Delivery From Bouqs

Best Flower Delivery Service 2024: Best Plant Delivery Bouqs 2024

Shop at Bouqs

Price Point: $$$$$
Same Day Delivery: No
Next Day Delivery:  Yes

We’ve added Bouqs to our must-have list again because of their amazing plant selection.  Sure you’re here for flowers, but we can’t recommend their plants enough.  And, as far as plants go, they’re actually somewhat on the cheap side.  And so many of them come in really cool planters (ceramic and the like) that they’ll be able to use over and over again.  Some of our favorite plants include their succulents, ivy plant and, of course, their orchid plants.  So cool.


The Same-Day Pick

The ProFlowers Company

Best Flower Delivery Service 2024: Last Minute Same Day Flowers proFlowers 2024

Shop at ProFlowers

Price Point: $$$$$
Same Day Delivery: Yes
Next Day Delivery: Yes

You’ve probably heard their radio ads (over and over again), but don’t let that sway you.  ProFlowers has some of the freshest flowers and are really known best for their same-day delivery service.  You may pay a bit more than you’d like for same-day, but when it’s totally last minute you’re going to be glad you thought about ProFlowers.  You can usually save a bit on your order, however, by looking up at the top of their homepage for a special coupon code to use.  Outside of flowers, they also offer some really yummy treats like chocolates, fruit, a variety of cookies, cakes, candies, and more.  It’s like one-stop gift shopping!

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