They’ve already given you just about everything under the sun.  Now here are some really great gifts for your parents who already have everything and, well, may be a bit impossible too.


Parents, in our opinion, are really some of the most difficult people to shop for.  They already have everything already and, well, they claim they don’t need anything.  So, if you don’t get them anything does that technically count as a gift?  If only!  There are endless ideas on what to get your folks, but so many come up with ideas that are more suited for those who are in their early 100s.  Fun fact:  Most parents actually know how to use technology!  Go figure.

This season, we’ve chosen some of the most popular items that are perfect for younger parents, older parents and, well, everyone in between.  We’ve highlight some in the world of technology, nostalgia, cooking, and more.  Shop our picks for the best gifts for your loving (and a little crazy) parents this season.

Editor’s Top Pick

1.  The Long Distance ‘Thinking of You’ Touch Lamp

Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything 2023: Touch Lamps 2023

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For the Far Away Parents

This is officially our favorite gift idea this year for parents who may be a state or two away.  This set of magical touch-lamps (with WiFi enabled) allows you and your parents to know they’re thinking of you each time someone gently taps their lamp.  It’ll light up a wide variety of colors (or you can designate certain colors for certain people) and then you can touch it back so that theirs lights up, too, letting you know you’re thinking of them.  So meaningful and, well, it may cut down on the endless phone calls from time to time.

The Delivery Pick

2.  The Prettiest Flower Delivery of the Year

Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything 2023: Bouqs Flower Delivery 2023

Shop at Bouqs

For the Last Minute Thought (Oops!)

If you haven’t already heard of Bouqs Flowers, you’re about to.  They were recently featured on an episode of Shark Tank and, to be quite honest, they have some of the prettiest flowers we’ve seen in a long time.  They even help local farmers here in the United States and other places by providing jobs for them and really helping to give back.  You can also easily and somewhat cheaply upgrade some of your flower choices to a double or even a triple bouquet batch.  They certainly won’t be disappointed.

The Online Pick

3.  The Online MasterClass Gift

Shop at Masterclass

For the ‘Always Learning’ Parent

These are the super famous online classes everyone has been talking about (The Today Show, ESPN, Vanity Fair, etc) and are really fun and easy to take.  With Masterclass they can learn a wide variety of skills from experts and, at times, their fave celebs.  Sign up for either a class, all the classes, or simply give them a gift card.  Everything is done online, at their own time, and their own pace.

The Funny Pick

4.  The Most Attractive Child Coffee Mug

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For the Folks With a Sense of Humor

You know they’re thinking of you morning, noon, and night, but now they can think of you as their “most attractive child” every time they have their coffee.  And, as an added bonus, you totally just one-upped your sister (or brother) this year.

The Cooking Pick

5.  The Taste of Italy Pantry Box

Shop at Uncommon Goods

For the Cooking Curious

Whether they made it to Italy, like to cook, or just want to try something new.  This super fun and unique pantry box comes stocked with some of the most famous tastes of Italy.  From a variety of olive oils, to yummy fresh seasonings, pastas, and more it really has everything they need to transport them to Italy without having to leave their home.

The Family-First Pick

6.  The Family Tree Picture Frame

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For the Large Fam

If they have all your photos plastered all over the front (and sides) of their refrigerator, this really cute Family Tree hanging picture frame can get them all in one place and make a great statement piece all at the same time.

The Reminder Pick

7.  The Tile Key, Phone, and Remote Finder

Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything 2023: Tile Key Finder 2023

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For the Forgetful Parent

Ok so not only could some of our older parents use this, but we could use this well.  This tiny little ’tile’ can be added to their keyring, their phone, their remote control or basically whatever and if/when those items ‘go missing’ this Tile Finder will alert them to exactly where those items have gone.  Magical!  We’re using this for our sunglasses and that’s final.

The History Pick

8.  The AncestryDNA Kit

Shop at Ancestry

For the Family History Obsessed

It’s time to rethink their DNA.  These kits have come such a long way since they were first introduced and we’re obsessed with this new one from AncestryDNA.  Not only can they learn so much more about their history, but they can even make potential family connections to anyone, anywhere if they choose to.  Hey, maybe you all will be invited to Christmas dinner this year in Italy.  You never know.

The Massaging Pick

9.  The “Magic Hands” Body Massager

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For the Tired & Sore

Your parents could totally use a massage, especially when they throw out their back, get a kink in their neck, or pull a muscle in their leg getting out of bed!  Chosen by Oprah as one of her “Favorite Things” this portable massager is a total must-have this year.

The Loving Pick

10.  The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents 2023: Lovebox 2023

Shop at Uncommon Goods

For the Cute & Thoughtful

This one is super cool and a great gift idea that just about every parent would love and appreciate.  Simply send a message via smartphone or tablet and suddenly the heart on their wooden box will start to spin alerting them of a message.  They’ll pop off the top and read the message you sent.  They’ll love how often you’re thinking of them.

The Comfiest Pick

11.  The Parachute Brushed Cotton Bedding Set

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents 2023: Parachute Sheet Set 2023

Shop at Parachute

For the Bedroom Refresh

Everyone has been freaking out of this bedding set online over the past 2 years and we know why.  Its super comfy and, well, just keeps getting more and more comfortable as time goes on.  This one comes with the fitted sheet, the pillowcase set, and the cozy duvet cover.  Check it out on a variety of color (and sizes) like ivory, white, grey, and more.

The Self-Cleaning Pick

12.  The LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents 2023: Larq Self Cleaning Water Bottle 2023

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For the Germ Obsessed

You know what’s better than a regular water bottle?  One that’s self cleaning!  In fact, with the simple touch of a button it’ll clean your water (thanks to UV-LED lighting) and the bottle itself.  Plus, if you keep the self-cleaning on, every two hours it’ll keep cleaning your water.  Amazing!

The Must-Get Pick

13.  The PhoneSoap3 Smartphone Cleaner

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents 2023: Phone Soap 3

Shop at Amazon

For the Super Cleanly Parents

Speaking of self-cleaning, how about cleaning your disgusting and germ-infested smartphone?!  Simply place your phone into the case and it’ll get rid of 99.9% of all the bacteria.  It’ll even charge it at the same time.

The Tea-Lovers Pick

14.  The Heart Shaped Tea Bag Set

Shop at Uncommon Goods

For the Small Thought

You know they love their morning (and afternoon) tea, so why not give them a bunch of different blends to try all in a heart-shaped tea bag.  This gift set comes with 15 for them to try and totally heart.

The Drinkers Pick

15.  The Parents Wine & Beer Glass Set

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For the Wine & Beer Lovers

Speaking of drinking, if they love their beer and they love their wine (and they really do) they’ll love these cute glasses that they can drink out of (duh!) that’s decorated with loving words about your loving mother and similar sentiments about your caring and funny father.  What’s cooler than that?

The Gardener’s Pick

16.  The Gardener’s Tool Holder and Seat

Shop at Uncommon Goods

For the Green-Thumb Folks

They love spending time out in the garden but, let’s face it, it can do a number on their back.  And then you have to hear them complain about it.  Anyway, this top selling Gardener’s Tool Seat will hold a bunch of their tools and is also a great seat for them to take a rest when they’ve been on their knees for too long.  There’s a joke in there somewhere.

The Positive Pick

17.  The Official Happiness Planner

Shop at Uncommon Goods

For the Positive Outlook Seekers

So, yeah, it’s been a pretty miserable year.  We’re looking at you Covid-19 + Quarantine.  This Happiness Planner is a fun and important way for them to work on increasing their happiness, naturally, with 100 days of inspiring (and totally do-able) challenges.

The Gone-Viral Pick

18.  The Original Comfy “Wearable” Blanket

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For the Always Cold Parents

They’re always cold and under a blanket, so why not gift them with the must-have pick that’s gone viral this year, The Comfy.  It’s a super comfy wearable blanket that’s lined with sherpa and has sleeves so they can still do important things like eat on the couch, change the channel, and read their fave books all while still staying nice and warm.  It comes in a bunch of different colors and patterns too.

The Outdoor Pick

19.  The Solar Charging Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speakers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents 2023: Outdoor Rock Speakers 2023

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For the Backyard Dwellers

Perfect for the parents who like to entertain outside (especially in the warmer months), but don’t like to have to install outdoor speakers onto the house.  These solar charging “rocks” come as a set of 2, easily hook up with bluetooth to stream music, and look great in just about any backyard.

The Snuggle Up Pick

20.  The UGG Sherpa Throw Blanket

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents 2023: UGG Throw Blanket 2023

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For the Traditional ‘Rents

Whether they want to snuggle up together or by themselves, this is the blanket they’ll become obsessed with.  Everything UGG is super cozy and this sherpa lined throw won’t disappoint.  You can currently choose from 5 different amazing color options.

The Relaxation Pick

21.  The Nest Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Diffuser

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents 2023: Nest Diffuser 2023

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For the Zen

Make their home smell like a dream vacation every day of the week with this really pretty and gentle scent.

The Kitchen Pick

22.  The Breville Smart Oven + Air Fryer

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents 2023: Breville Air Fryer Oven 2023

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For the Home Chefs

Last year it was all about the air fryer and this year it’s all about the smart oven and air fryer combo!  You’ll basically be able to cook everything and it’ll typically be healthier than how you normally do it.

The Customized Pick

23.  The Personalized Family Hobby Mugs

Shop at Uncommon Goods

For the Entire Fam

These super cute customized mugs not only have all your names on it, but you can even choose your favorite hobbies too! We’re not sure if “Sitting on the couch all day binging Netflix” is a hobby, but if it is, sign us up!

The Indoor Pick

24.  The AeroGarden Indoor Garden

Shop at Amazon

For the Stay-at-Home Gang

If they don’t have the space (or patience) for an actual outdoor garden, they’ll totally love this indoor garden that’ll grow some of their favorite herbs and veggies all year round.  This one is a top-seller, super simple to use, and actually pretty amazing.  We have this one, but in the bigger model.

The Bird Watcher Pick

25.  The Hanging Basket Hummingbird Feeder

Shop at Uncommon Goods

For the Hummingbird Whisperer

Not only will this colorful hanging basket look cool in their yard, but it actually doubles as a hummingbird feeder so they’ll be able to attract them and watch them from a distance.

The Proud Fam Pick

26.  The Custom Wooden Names Sign

Shop at Amazon

For the Parents Who Love Their Kids

And if they don’t love you, well, they probably won’t hang up this really cool custom wooden sign with all your names and birthdays on it.

The Quick Pick

27.  The Minute Egg Maker

Shop at Uncommon Goods

For the On-the-Move Folks

When they don’t have time in the morning to make their favorite eggs on the stove they can quickly toss them into this cute stoneware, toss that into the microwave, and one minute later they’ll actually have yummy eggs that, well, don’t taste like they’ve been microwaved.

The Wine Lovers Pick

28.  The YETI Wine Tumblers

Shop at Amazon

For the Wine Fans

Calling all amazing wine lovers out there!  There is nothing better than YETI (for real) when it comes to keeping your beverages at the perfect temp.  These are the latest stemless wine glasses that they’ll love drinking just about everything out of.  They have some really cool color choices too.

The Breathable Pick

29.  The Dyson Air Purifier & Fan

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents 2023: Dyson 2023

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For the Cool Parent

One of top-sellers recently is the new Dyson Pure Cool.  It senses pollution and allergens in the air and gets rid of them.  Plus, it’ll work as a fan to help cool you off and can be controlled via Wi-Fi and Alexa voice control.  The future is here!

The Wine Essential Pick

30.  The Rabbit Wine Opener

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents 2023: Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener

Shop at Amazon

For the Classy Drinkers

They love their wine and they’ll love how this chic opener will easily and quickly open their favorite bottle in just 3-seconds.  Yes, for real.  We guess this means they’ll be able to drink even more wine now?  Score!

The Coffee Pick

31.  The Ember Smart Temp Controlled Coffee Mug

Ember Temp Controlled Smart Coffee Mug 2023 for Him

Shop at Amazon

For the Tech Obsessed

Now they can keep their coffee way warmer for way longer thanks to this smart temperature controlled mug.  Plus, they can choose the temp they actually want!  It comes in a clean white color too.

The Prank Pick

32.  The Nap Sack Prank Box

Christmas Gifts for Tweens 2023: Nap Sack Prank Box 2023

Shop at Amazon

For the Jokesters

Is it just us that thinks this is so funny?!  Perfect for the parents who love to nap (who doesn’t?!), this prank box looks like it’s about a sleep hood, but in actuality it’s just a funny empty box in which you can put the real gift inside.  Hopefully they won’t be disappointed that this doesn’t actually exist.

The Musical Pick

33.  The Crosley ‘Vintage’ Record Player with a Modern Twist

Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything 2023: Crosley Vintage Record Player 2023

Shop at Amazon

For the Music Lovers

Finally they’ll be able to play all their old records that have been stored up in the attic for decades.  This super on-trend 3-speed record player not only looks great (it comes in so many different colors), but is easy to set up right on just about any table, is portable, and the best part…it’s bluetooth and wireless so they could listen to their favorite songs that are stored on their phone or iPad right through this record player (yes, it has great speakers too). If they already have this, we’ve failed you.

The Personal Pick

34.  The ‘My Life Story’ Journal for Parents

Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything 2023: My Life Story 2023

Shop at Uncommon Goods

For the Nostalgic

They have millions of stories to tell and now they can easily fill them all out in this really thoughtful journal.  It’ll be something that helps jog their memory, take a nice mental walk down memory lane and, more importantly, allows them to be able to pass on their history and stories for generations to come. This one is actually a great gift idea for the whole family.  Super sweet!

The Zone Out Pick

35.  The 4K Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything 2023: Fire Stick TV 4K 2023

Shop at Amazon

For the Binge Watchers

If they love TV and movies, they’re going to love this.  It’s the latest from Amazon, is voice activated thanks to Alexa, and will allow them to stream over 500,000 different movies, TV shows, and more.  And, yes, they’ll most likely be able to find their favorite old shows and movies too!  The 4K makes watching all of this so worth it.  Plus, it’s voice activated so they’ll be able to just tell Alexa to put on Gone With the Wind.  Super easy.

The Cooking Pick

36.  The Instant Pot with WiFi

Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything 2023: Instant Pot with Wi Fi 2023

Shop at Amazon

For the Cookers on the Go

This is a great and easy way for them to make so many of their favorite meals in hardly any time.  Everyone online is overly pumped about their Instant Pot and we love how this one is specifically WiFi enabled so they (or you) can basically program it and control it from anywhere.  They’ll be able to use it as a pressure cooker, a steamer, a slow cooker, a rice maker, a yogurt maker, and so much more.

The Personalized Pick

37.  The Custom House Portrait

Shop at Minted

For the Best Memories Ever

You can never go wrong with something super unique from Minted! Get them their very own custom art portrait of their home that they’ll cherish for years to come.  Maybe it’s their first house (or apartment) or maybe it’s their current one.  They’ll proudly display this one on their wall and be shocked you ever came up with an idea like this.

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