30 Best Dad-Approved Gifts That are Perfect for Any Type of Father!

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What do you gift the dad that basically taught you everything and already has everything.  We got your back!

Best Gifts for Dad 2024 - New Dad Gift Ideas 2024 For Birthday, Christmas, Fathers Day

Dads never seem to get enough credit, but we’re never not thinking about them and how great they truly are.  They’ve taught us so many things, some of which we actually remember and use to this day.  Some things he taught us, well, wasn’t actually factually accurate or even legal for that matter.  We love him regardless.

So what are you to get the father who pretty much already has everything and uses none of it?  Whether you’re looking to get him something for his birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, or just want to pick him up a little gift for no reason at all we’re all in to help!

There are some really interesting options out there for dad, many of which we don’t think he actually thinks he wants, but will end up loving. So we’ve come up with a dad-tested and dad-approved list for you.  Shop our picks for the best gift ideas for your dad in 2024.

The Best Gift Dad in 2024

The Scentbird Designer Cologne Subscription – Buy It Here

Scentbird For Dad

Shop at Scentbird

Perfect for the guy who has everything already, we’re in love with Scentbird monthly cologne subscription.  Each month he’ll get some of the top-selling colognes to try out.  Don’t worry, there’s enough in there to last him all month even if he uses it every day.  And starting around $12 you can’t go wrong!  Learn more here.

The Cute Pick

The “What I Love About Dad” Fill in the Blank Book – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Dad 2024: What I Love About My Dad

Shop at Amazon

It’s a great choice for the kids to give their dad, whether it be for his birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day or just general appreciation for him.  They’ll be able to fill in the blanks on a variety of different reasons why they love him, like “I love that you taught me to appreciate…” or “You’ll keep ____ forever, won’t you!?”  Learn more here.

The Online Pick

Take an Online Master Class With a Pro – Buy It Here

Masterclass Gift Subscription Online

Shop at Masterclass

These Master Class online programs have been blowing up in the past year and it’s such a unique way to gift someone close to you.  They’re actually oddly affordable (dare we say cheap) and you can choose to take a variety of classes from pros and experts in a bunch of different categories like cooking from Gordon Ramsey, guitar from Carlos Santana, Texas BBQ from Aaron Franklin and more.  Learn more here.

The Comfy Pick

The Cozy Men’s Bathrobe in Grey – Buy It Here

Parachute Robe

Shop at Parachute

You can’t go wrong with this one! It’s super cozy and soft, fast drying, super absorbent, and is made of 100% cotton.  We challenge you to find a more comfortable robe online!  Check it out in other cool color options too!  Learn more here.

The Beer Lovers Pick

The Beer Drop Craft Beer Gift Box – Buy It Here

Beer Drop Gift Box

Shop at Beer Drop

If they’re a big fan of beer (and we know they are) this is one of the coolest ideas for the beer lover at heart.  With Beer Drop you can have amazing craft beers gifted right to their front door so they can sample some really popular choices from all over the country.  Pick and choose or just leave it up to them!  Learn more here.

The Backyard Pick

The Solo Stove Fire Pit – Buy It Here

Solo Stove Fire Pit

Shop at Solo Stove

The world’s most unique and smokeless backyard portable fire pit is a total game changer perfect for any time of year.  From one of our favorite companies, Solo Stove, this is their current best seller, and the one we personal own.  It’ll keep you warm, is easy to move around, and the best part – smokeless!  Learn more here.

The Most Unique Pick

The Handcrafted Whiskey Barrel Watch – Buy It Here

Whiskey Barrel Watch For Dad

Shop at Uncommon Goods

Perfect for the dad who has everything, he most certainly does not have this one!  We’re obsessed with this handcrafted watch that’s made from actual retired whiskey barrels.  It truly is like a wearable work of art!  Learn more here.

The Muscle-Relief Pick

The Theragun MiniMuscle Massager – Buy It Here

Theragun Mini Muscle Massager

Shop at Theragun

Let’s face it, we could all use a total muscle massage, especially your father!  We used this professional grade option (even the NFL uses it!) and it is bananas.  You won’t believe how good it ends up making you feel.  This isn’t your grandma’s massager.  You gotta see this one in action.  Learn more here.

The Long Distance Pick

The Long Distance “Thinking of You” Touch Lamps – Buy It Here

Filimin Long Distance Touch Lamp

Shop at Amazon

This is the perfect present for anyone who is long distance! Once set up (easy to do) it’s Wi-Fi enabled and every time they touch the top or side of the lamp it’ll light up a unique color on your lamp (they come as a set of 2) and you’ll know they were just thinking of you.  When you press your lamp, theirs will light up with a unique color letting her know you’re thinking of him at that moment.  Learn more here.

The Tech Pick

The Sonos One Smart Speaker – Buy It Here

Sonos One Smart Speaker

Shop at Amazon

One of the best selling smart speakers from Sonos, the sound is so amazing and it’s even voice controlled (if you want to use it that way).  It’s portable and small enough to place just about anywhere in your home or office.  You can even pair it up with another speaker for more of a surround sound experience.  Learn more here.

The Grooming Pick

The BirchboxMan Grooming & Guy Subscription Box – Buy It Here

Birchbox Grooming Gift Kit

Shop at Birchbox

If he’s wanting to kick up his general grooming and overall look and feel, you gotta get him this must-try subscription box from BirchboxMan.  You can choose a bunch of different subscription options like one-time, 3-months, 6-months, 1-year, etc and it’ll contain some of the latest and most on-trend products for skincare, grooming, shaving, tech, hair, or overall personal style.  Also a great option for a last-minute gift idea.  Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

This is the Book You Give Your Dad – Buy It Here

Funny Book For Dads

Shop at Amazon

He may already be the king of all dads, but he could still probably use some funny, quirky facts and ideas that’ll help bring him to the next level.  Learn more here.

The Home Workout Pick

The Gorilla Bow Home Resistance Bands – Buy It Here

Gorilla Resistance Bands

Shop at Amazon

These resistance bands come with the bow to help with at-home exercise, weightlifting, and so much more.  Learn more here.

The Foodie Pick

The Taste of Italy Gift Box – Buy It Here

Taste of Italy Food Gift Box

Shop at Uncommon Goods

If he can’t get to Italy this year, why not bring the tastes of Italy to him with this pretty amazing (and delicious) pantry box.  It comes with really tasty handpicked options like extra-virgin olive oil, marinated artichokes, grilled onions, semolina pasta, hazelnut chocolate, and more!  Learn more here.

The Bucket List Pick

The “100 Things to Do” Scratch-Off Bucket List Poster – Buy It Here

Things to Do Bucket List

Shop at Uncommon Goods

If he’s ready for the adventure of a lifetime, he’ll love this idea.  He can scratch-off the 100 things to do when he actually does them (or has already done them). It includes things like: sail a boat, attend the Olympics, go sky-diving, stay up until sunrise, learn a second language and more.  Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The “Ask Your Mother” T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Ask Your Mother T Shirt

Shop at Amazon

It’s not like he’s right most of the time anyway, and he knows that!  This funny tee comes in a bunch of different colors like black, navy blue, grey, light blue and more.  Editor Tip:  Order a size up.  Learn more here.

The Golfers Pick

The ManCrates Personalized Golf Ball Set – Buy It Here

Personalized Golf Balls

Shop at Mancrates

One of our fave companies to get really interesting crates with the coolest themes ever is ManCrates.  This one comes with personalized golf balls that you can have monogrammed for pretty cheap.  There are 30 that will show up and he’ll never guess what’s inside.  Learn more here.

The Green Thumb Pick

The Garden Tool Seat – Buy It Here

Garden Seat/Tool Holder

Shop at Uncommon Goods

This one is perfect for the gardening guy who thinks he’s a pro in his mind, but could use a little help and a little support.  It’ll hold his gardening tools and doubles as a sturdy seat for him too!  Learn more here.

The Classic Pick

The Cashmere Sweater from Everlane in Black – Buy It Here

Everlane Cashmere Sweater

Shop at Everlane

This is the crew neck cashmere sweater from Everlane that no one online can actually believes exists, especially for the price!  It currently has a rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars and has over 1,000 positive customer reviews.  It’s classic and a must have especially no matter what time of year.  It comes in over 12 different amazing colors to check out.  Learn more here.

The Bourbon Lovers Pick

The Makers Mark Cask-Strength Bourbon Whiskey – Buy It Here

Makers Mark Whiskey

Shop at ReserveBar

If he’s a true whiskey lover, but you’re not sure which one to gift your father, this is the one where you can’t go wrong.  It’s one of the most popular from Makers Mark and has amazing notes of oak and vanilla that he’ll love.  Learn more here.

The Outdoorsy Pick

The YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Colster – Buy It Here

YETI Colster

Shop at Amazon

This must have YETI is triple insulated and vacuum sealed, meaning it’ll help keep their canned drinks colder for much longer and they won’t have to worry about the can sweat.  Yes, that’s a thing.  It’ll hold most standard size cans of beer, soda, or other canned beverages.  It also comes in over 10 different cool color options to choose from.  Learn more here.

The Space Saver Pick

The BottleLoft Beer Holder – Buy It Here

Bottle Loft Beer Hanger

Shop at Uncommon Goods

Save a ton of space in the fridge with these beer bottle holders that use magnets to securely suspend his beer from the ceiling of the refrigerator.  Genius!  Learn more here.

The Last Minute Pick

The Bouq’s Plant Delivery – Buy It Here

Shop at Bouqs

You can never go wrong with super cool plants!  Plus, they’re almost impossible to kill!  These are our favorites, which include 4 succulent plants in cool ceramic planters.  They have a bunch of others to choose from too.  Learn more here.

The Easy Pick

The Official Breakfast Sandwich Maker – Buy It Here

Shop at Amazon

When it’s his turn to make breakfast, now he can basically easily create his own McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwich right at home.  Learn more here.

The Best Sleep Ever Pick

The Dodow Faster Sleep Aid Device – Buy It Here

Dodow Sleep

Shop at Amazon

Help him fall asleep way faster with this easy-to-use sleep aid device.  They have over a half-million happy customers and, currently, on Amazon it has over 4,100 reviews!  It’s totally worth checking out, especially for those of us who have a real hard time sleeping.  Learn more here.

New Dad Gifts

The Thoughtful Pick

The New Dad Wooden Figurine from Willow Tree – Buy It Here

Wooden Father Figure

Shop at Amazon

It’s one of the most popular items to give to a new father so we just had to add it to our list.  It’s hand-painted and carved right here in the US and comes with a thoughtful card that says, “It awe and wonder of what’s to come.”  We dare the new dad (or even you for that matter) to not shed a tear when they open this.  Learn more here.

The New Dad Pick

The Dad Hoodie – Buy It Here

The Dad Hoodie

Shop Dad Hoodie

It’s perfect because, not only, is it comfortable, but it’s also super functional with a ton of different interior pockets that can fit all the things your kid needs when you head on out for the day!  Learn more here.

The New Baby Pick

The “Hey Dad, I Pooped!” Onesie for New Baby – Buy It Here

Hey Dad I Pooped Onsie

Shop at Zazzle

It’s funny because it’s true!  This super comfy and cozy 100% cotton jersey body suit for the baby is the perfect idea for the new dad.  It comes in a variety of sizes (from newborn to 24-months) and a bunch of different colors like white, pink, blue, grey, and more.  Learn more here.

The You & Dad Pick

The “Best Dad Ever” Custom Print & Frame – Buy It Here

Best Dad Ever Print

Shop Now

He’ll love displaying this in the home or even right in his office.  You can choose the picture you’d like to add and even a customized message if you want right from Minted.  Plus, choose from a bunch of different frames, colors, print sizes, and more. Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The #DadLife Adult Coloring Book for the New Dad – Buy It Here

The Dad Life Coloring Book

Shop at Amazon

If he’s ready to relax and zen-out after a busy day of “new parenting” he’ll love this #DadLife coloring book.  It contains 88 pages and a variety of both funny scenes and even super sweet scenes. It’s a great way for him to unwind.  Learn more here.

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