Here’s How to Gift Your Uncle, Who’s Just Like a Way Cooler Dad

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So what do you actually get the uncle who already has everything?  Not to mention he’s just basically a way cooler version of your dad, right?  Shop our picks below.

Unique Gifts For Uncles 2024 - Funny Uncle Gift Ideas from Nephew or Niece 2024

A wise man once said, “An uncle is like your dad, only way cooler.”  We believe that wise man was George Washington, but we can’t be entirely sure.  Either way, truth be told your uncle is pretty much the best and it’s time to show him your real appreciation with a thoughtful gift or something funny at least.  The point is, just get him something.

Believe it or not there aren’t really a ton of uncle-related gifts out there.  You’re pretty much stuck having to shop online, but that’s where the best stuff is.  We researched a variety of on-trend categories like tech, grooming, fashion, and alcohol and, guess what?  Some of the most popular picks for uncles were based in booze.  We’re ok with that!

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts for uncles that are nephew and niece approved in 2024.

The Best Uncle Gift of 2024

The “World’s Best Uncle” Wood & Metal Picture Frame – Buy It Here

World's Best Uncle Wooden Picture Frame Gift 2024 - 2024

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This is a top pick for a younger nephew or niece who really thinks their uncle is the best in the world.  Little do they know!  This 4×6 picture frame is made of wood and metal and can either be propped up and display or hung on the wall.  Just add your favorite picture of you and your favorite guy.  Learn more here.

The Lounge Around Pick

The Snowe Home Comfy Cotton Robe in Grey – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Uncle 2024: Snowe Shower Robe 2024

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He’ll love lunging around all day long in this super comfy 100% cotton fast drying bathrobe.  It’s currently one of the most talked about robes on the crazy Internet and comes in grey, blue, and classic white.  Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The “Funcle” Definition T- Shirt in Navy Blue – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Uncle 2024: Funcle T-Shirt 2024

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He really is the most fun, isn’t he?  This classic (and kind of funny) tee says: Funcle – The Fun Uncle. Like Your Dad, Only Way Cooler.  It comes in different color options like navy blue, black, heather grey, royal blue and more.  Learn more here.

The Beer Lovers Pick

The Brooklyn Brew Shop “Afternoon Wheat” Beer Making Kit – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Uncle 2024: Beer Making Kit 2024

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Such a great option for all the beer lovers out there.  If they’re not ready to be a full-time beer master yet, this is a great way to begin to test the waters, so to speak.  This beer making kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop comes with everything you need to get going, is actually pretty easy to set up, and you can even follow along with an easy-to-follow video.  If you’re of age, hopefully he’ll share his first batch with you!  Learn more here.

The On-Trend Pick

The Creed Aventus Cologne – Buy It Here

Gifts For Uncle 2024: Creed Cologne 2024

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It’s one of the most popular colognes of the year, smells totally masculine and refreshing all at the same time.  This is one brand he’s probably always wanted, but never wanted to splurge on himself.  Well now you can gift it to him for that special upcoming occasion. Learn more here.

The Breakfast Pick

The 45 Second Omelet Maker – Buy It Here

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We’re not saying he can’t cook but, like, he can’t cook.  This will help him make his breakfast way faster and easier.  In fact, it’ll make his fave style omelet in just 45 seconds.  Learn more here.

The Hat Pick

The Blanket Plaid Hat – Buy It Here

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It’s super comfy, super cool, and will keep his head super warm all while looking totally on-trend.  Check it out in other color options too.  Learn more here.

The Space Saver Pick

The BottleLoft Beer Holder – Buy It Here

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Save a ton of space in the fridge with these beer bottle holders that use magnets to securely suspend his beer from the ceiling of the refrigerator.  Genius!  Learn more here.

The Scented Pick

The Salt Water Candle – Buy It Here

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Perfect for the uncle who’s kind of into candles, but wants to say away from floral smelling ones.  This best-seller from Parachute smells like a gentle and fresh vacation.  He’ll be hooked!  Learn more here.

The Comfy Pick

The Sur Surf Sweatshirt – Buy It Here

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He’s never had (or felt) a sweatshirt like this one before!  Not only does it look great, but it fits great and looks a little dressier than the oversized ones he wears with his running pants.  Time to class it up a bit.  Check it out in over 10 different colors too.  Learn more here.

The Customized Pick

The Personalized Sock Set – Buy It Here

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Snag him a set of 5 monogrammed socks in different colors and styles.  Add a phrase, a date, initials or whatever!  Learn more here.

The Genius Pick

The Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Buy It Here

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It’s the water bottle everyone is obsessed with!  It’ll keep your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and your hot drinks nice and warm for up to 6 hours.  Perfect for beers or water.  Learn more here.

The GOT Approved Pick

The Game of Thrones Monopoly Game – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Uncle 2024: Game of Thrones Monopoly 2024

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That’s right, he’s obsessed with Game of Thrones and we mean obsessed!  Now he can be the true king of Kings Landing with the latest Game of Thrones Monopoly game.  Instead of houses and hotels, he’ll try to buy holdfasts and castles, using gold and silver coins and more!  Learn more here.

The Cheeky Pick

The Funny Uncle Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Uncle 2024: Funny Uncle Mug

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Who doesn’t love a joke gift?  This must-have coffee mug has all the “nutritional” values that help describe your uncle like unconditional love, cool factor, wrong answers, pride, humor, and more.  He’ll think of you every morning when he drink his coffee or other favorite beverage out of it.  Learn more here.

The Outdoorsy Pick

The YETI Hopper Backpack Cooler – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Uncle 2024: YETI Backpack Cooler 2024

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This is the cooler he needs for his next outdoor adventure or backyard party.  It’s one of the top-selling backpack coolers currently this year, is totally waterproof, can hold up to 20 cans of his favorite beverage (read: beers), is UV protective, and super easy and comfortable to carry around all day if need be.  Learn more here.

The Trendy Cocktail Pick

The Handcrafted Moscow Mule Gift Set – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Uncle 2024: Moscow Mule Copper Mug Gift Set 2024

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We’re loving this copper Moscow Mule gift set.  It comes with 4 handmade copper mugs, copper straws, and even a jigger so he can make his favorite Moscow Mule recipe.  Every drink will stay extra cold in these, plus they’re just super fun to use.  Learn more here.

The Christmas Pick

The Best Uncle Christmas Ornament – Buy It Here

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Its the true-life-inspired Christmas ornament he’s been waiting for.  Now you can show your uncle just how crazy you really think he is!  You can choose from a variety of different ornament shapes too like circular, oval, star, heart, and even shirt.  Learn more here.

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