21 Memorable Gifts For Your Aunt Who Has Everything

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Outside of your mom, there’s no one better than your favorite auntie.  Here are really thoughtful ways to gift that special aunt in your life.

Best Gifts for Aunts 2024 - Cheap Auntie Gift Ideas Who Has Everything 2024

Whether she’s your aunt by blood or by choice, one thing is for sure and that’s that she has made a tremendous positive impact on your life.  Some would say she’s more like a mother and others say she’s like a best friend.  One quote we love is:

Only an aunt gives hugs like a mother, keeps secrets like a sister, and shares love like a friend.”

When you’re trying to figure out exactly what to get her, it seems super overwhelming, especially when it seems like she already has everything.  We came up with some of the most unique, yet popular picks in a variety of best-selling categories like beauty, tech, fashion, and more.  We even tossed in a funny option here and there too.

Shop our picks for the best gifts for your aunt (or auntie as we call her) in 2024.

Best Aunt Gift of 2024

The Unicorn-Inspired “Aunts are Magical” Tee – Buy It Here

Gifts For Aunt 2024: Aunts are Magical T-Shirt 2024

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We’re pretty much obsessed with this super cute t-shirt that says “Aunts are Magical” on it.  Truth be told, they really are magical.  This one comes in a bunch of cool colors like heather grey, light pink, baby blue, white, black, and more.  Learn more here.

The Thoughtful Pick

The “Why I Am Grateful” Fill-in-the-Blank Book – Buy It Here

Gifts For Aunt 2024: I Am Grateful 2024

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This is such a thoughtful way to let your favorite aunt know just how much you’re grateful for her.  It’s a fill-in-the-blank type journal where you can fill in things like:  “I’m super grateful for the way you make…” and “Thank you for all the times you listened to me…”  Dare we say, this one is on the cheap side too?  Learn more here.

The Must-Read Pick

Where the Crawdads Sing – Buy It Here

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It’s the best-selling book of the year and currently has over 71,000 reviews on Amazon as we speak!  It’s truly the perfect read to curl up on the couch and simply drift away into a story that will capture your heart, move your soul, and re-think major moments of your own life.  Learn more here.

The Cozy Pick

The Comfy Cloud Cotton Waffle Robe – Buy It Here

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It’s the robe you’ve been hearing about all year and now it comes in a super pretty light rose color.  It’s super soft, light, and one your aunt will want to live-in all weekend long.  You can snag it in white and grey too.  Learn more here.

The Bracelet Pick

The Special Aunt Bangle Charm Bracelet – Buy It Here

Gifts For Aunt 2024: Aunts Bracelet

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Another great way to show her just how much you care for her with his silver bangle charm bracelet from Alex & Ani.  It even starts with a silver charm that’s engraved with the words: Aunt, Admiration, Connection, and Grace.  She’ll think of you each and every time she wears it and looks down at her wrist.  Learn more here.

The Beauty Pick

The Official BirchBox Beauty Subscription Box – Buy It Here

Gifts For Aunt 2024: Birchbox Beauty Subscription for Aunts 2024

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Now she’ll think of you each and every month she receives this uber-popular beauty/skincare/makeup box.  Each month she’ll get some of the coolest products perfect for her hair, skin, and overall personal style.  We love how affordable this one is because you can choose buy a one-time box, a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription.  It’s perfect for a last minute gift idea too because the gift certificate can be emailed immediately.  Learn more here.

The New Auntie Pick

The “I Love My Auntie” Engraved Picture Frame – Buy It Here

Gifts For Aunt 2024: I Love My Auntie Picture Frame 2024

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Perfect the auntie in your life whether she’s your aunt by blood or by choice.  This engraved wooden frame comes as either a horizontal 4×6 frame or a vertical 4×6 frame.  If you want something that’s a bit more mature, there are other aunt options in different sizes and wording too.  Learn more here.

The Family History Pick

The 23andMe DNA & Ancestry Kit – Buy It Here

Gifts For Aunt 2024: 23 & Me DNA Kit 2024

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Now she can find out exactly where her ancestry is from thanks to the new 23andMe ancestry at-home testing kit.  They’ve added to many more regions with over 1,000 of them now!  You can even opt in for the relative finder, health info, and so much more.  It’s one of the best-selling kits of the year.  Learn more here.

The Pendant Pick

The Kedrian Sterling Silver ‘To My Aunt’ Necklace – Buy It Here

Gifts For Aunt 2024: Cheap Aunt Necklace

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Super simply stated, but thoughtful all at the same time.  It’s super affordable (the price is kind of shocking), made of quality sterling silver, and comes in a really pretty box that has special “To My Aunt” messaging that says: “Only an Aunt gives hugs like a mother, keeps secrets like a sister, and shares love like a friend.” Learn more here.

The On-Trend Pick

The Everlane Day Market Leather Tote – Buy It Here

Gifts For Aunt 2024: Everlane Tote Bag 2024

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It’s officially one of the most popular leather totes of the year and has even been photographed with Megan Markle, Angelina Jolie, and other famous celebs.  It’s made of 100% Italian leather and comes in really sophisticated colors like navy blue, black, blush, light taupe, rose, and more.  Learn more here.

The Tech Pick

The New Kindle Paperwhite eReader – Buy It Here

Gifts For Aunt 2024: Kindle PaperWhite e-Reader 2024

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This is the latest and greatest from Kindle and totally worth the upgrade if she already has one.  It’s super lightweight, the thinnest of its kind, has twice as much storage as the older models, and has battery life that will last for weeks.  Two of our favorite features is that it’s waterproof so it’s perfect to use near the pool (or while floating on the pool), at the beach, in the bathtub, or wherever.  It also has a built-in light so you can read both indoors and outdoors, including during the day and at night.  Learn more here.

The Pretty Pick

The Bouqs Co. Flower Delivery – Buy It Here

Gifts for Aunt Who Has Everything 2024: Bouqs Flowers 2024

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We’re totally obsessed with these flowers from Bouqs and so will she.  You can choose to send her a beautiful bouquet as a one-time delivery or sign up for a monthly subscription (pick and choose the months, pause delivery, and more) at your discretion.  You can even upgrade by adding double or triple the amount of flowers in the bouquet by adding a bit to the overall price.  Learn more here.

The Coolest Candle Pick

The Terrarium Candle – Buy It Here

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These super cute hand-poured candles smell amazing and add such a nice touch to any nightstand, coffee table, or even desk at work.  You can choose from the cactus terrarium that has scents of vanilla and pine or you can go for the poppy flower terrarium that smells like jasmine and white tea.  Learn more here.

The Yoga Pants Pick

The Lululemon Align Pant 2 – Buy It Here

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One of the top-sellers from Lululemon are these Align 2 pants.  They’re comfy, can be worn to yoga or just lounging around and they come in over 10 different must-see colors and patterns.  Perfect for any size and shape!  Learn more here.

The Thinking of You Pick

The Long Distance Touch Lamps – Buy It Here

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The absolute cutest and easiest way to stay in touch with your fave auntie this year.  After easily setting up the lamps, simply tap anywhere on the lamp and hers will light up a special color letting her know you’re thinking of her and vice versa.  This was one of the most-selling gifts last Christmas so get yours while you can!  Learn more here.

The Bracelet Pick

The Kendra Scott Ott Bracelet – Buy It Here

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It’s like the next-level in friendship bracelets, but don’t let the look fool you….it’s super affordable.  It also comes in a variety of color options like gold, rose gold, and rhodium.  Learn more here.

The Relaxing Pick

The Ultimate Bath Bomb Set – Buy It Here

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They’re currently the most reviewed bath bombs on Amazon right now!  These handmade (in the US) bath bombs come in a set of 12 and are made of all natural ingredients.  Your favorite aunts will totally love relaxing in her tub after a long day at work.  Maybe even pick up a set for yourself.  The price is super decent.  Learn more here.

The Earrings Pick

The Baublebar Mini Drop Earrings – Buy It Here

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Keep her totally on trend this season with the must-have mini granita drop earrings from Baublebar.  These come in black, yellow, white, and red.  Learn more here.

The Sleepy Pick

The Slip Silk Eye Mask – Buy It Here

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Not only will this comfy silk sleep mask help you catch some more Z’s, but the silk is said to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and help improve overall skin-tone.  Learn more here.

The Calming Pick

The Tea Drops Sampler – Buy It Here

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These are so cool and a big seller this year!  All you have to do is simply drop one of these deliciously flavored tea drops right into your water and enjoy!  This sampler set comes with 8 tea drops and are a total must-have this season.  Learn more here.

The Meditation Pick

The Finger-Tracing Meditation Mug – Buy It Here

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Simply trace your finger around the pattern on the front of the mug and start to totally zen out, remain present, calm, cool, and collected.  The perfect way to start every morning.  Learn more here.

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