The Most Popular Gifts For Him That are Husband and Boyfriend Approved

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The official guide on what to gift him this year, especially for the guy who already has everything.

Gift Ideas For Men 2024

So exactly are you supposed to get the guy that, pretty much, already has everything.  And we mean everything. The list of men-approved gift guides is pretty endless and we can see why.  Whether you’re looking for a unique idea for your husband, your boyfriend, or just that special ‘him’ in your life we’ve uncovered some of the best-selling items in a variety of guy-obsessed categories like:

  • The latest in tech (new gadgets, fun electronics, the latest from Apple).
  • All the grooming essentials (shaving kits, amazing face scrubs, the best smelling cologne).
  • Ways to stay active at home.
  • Ways to keep the party going outdoors.
  • And, yes, even beer because, beer.

Shop our picks for some of the best-of-the-best gifts for him in 2024 and beyond.

The Best Gift For Him This Year

1.  The Scentbird Designer Cologne Subscription

Gifts For Men 2024 - Scentbird Cologne

Shop at Scentbird

Perfect for the guy who has everything already, we’re in love with Scentbird monthly cologne subscription.  Each month he’ll get some of the top-selling colognes to try out.  Don’t worry, there’s enough in there to last him all month even if he uses it every day.  And starting around $12 you can’t go wrong!

The Online Pick

2. Take an Online Master Class With a Pro

Shop at Masterclass

These Master Class online programs have been blowing up in the past year and it’s such a unique way to gift someone close to you.  They’re actually oddly affordable (dare we say cheap) and you can choose to take a variety of classes from pros and experts in a bunch of different categories like cooking from Gordon Ramsey, guitar from Carlos Santana, Texas BBQ from Aaron Franklin and more.

The Tech Pick

3. Apple AirTag (Latest)

New Apple AirTags

Shop at Amazon

If he loses his wallet and his keys more times than he can count, this is the pick for you!  New from Apple, their popular AirTag will help find just about anything that gets misplaced with directions on where the lost item is.  Sure you can pick up just one AirTag, but go with the pack of 4 and add them to so many of his most prized processions!

The Homemade Pick

4. The Official “Make Your Own” Hot Sauce Kit

Shop at UncommonGoods

It’s the one time you won’t be able to get him out of the kitchen.  This super easy-to-do DIY hot sauce kit comes with basically everything he needs to make his very own hot sauce varieties, including the bottles and labels.  Total fire!

The Life-Changing Pick

5. The Theragun Mini Massager

Shop at Therabody

This is the pro massager you’ve been seeing everywhere lately.  But, this is the new one that’s super affordable, so much quieter than the original, and is actually portable.  Once he uses it on his sore muscles after the gym, a run, or just in general he’ll feel like a brand new man.

The Hot Pick

6. The Truff White Truffle Hot Sauce

Gifts For Men 2024 - Truff Hot Sauce 2024

Shop at Amazon

If he loves his hot sauce (and we know he does), he’s going to fall in love with this amazing white truffle hot sauce from Truff. Maybe he’ll even share some with you.

The Morning Coffee Pick

7. The Ember Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

Ember Temp Controlled Smart Coffee Mug 2024 for Him

Shop at Amazon

He’ll be able to actually control the temp of his coffee right from this smart coffee mug.  In fact, it’ll keep his favorite hot beverage nice and hot for way longer than normal.  Why start your day any other way?  Check it out in white too.

The Positive Pick

8. The ‘You. Are. Loved.’ T-Shirt

Shop at Amazon

We all need that friendly and loving reminder that we are loved.  It’s a special message for them, but also turns into a much needed reminder for all those who see it whenever they’re wearing it.  Choose from 10 different cool colors too!

The Baseball Fan Pick

9. The MLB Used Uniform Wallet

Christmas Gifts For Men 2024: MLB Unicorn Wallet 2024

Shop at UncommonGoods

Don’t worry, the uniforms are clean!  But, the inside of the wallet is made from uniforms that were actually worn by his favorite players from his favorite teams.  Choose the team and you’re basically done!

The Sleeping Pick

10.  The Sleep Tracking Pad

Shop at Amazon

If he’s having a tough time sleeping (and who isn’t?!) you gotta try this amazing Sleeping Tracking Pad that you slip under the mattress, hook up to your app, and he can track the progress of his sleep patterns.  It’ll also track his heart-rate, snoring and breathing patterns, and so much more.  Each morning he’ll receive a sleep score and find ways to improve!

The Beer Lovers Pick

11.  The YETI Rambler Vacuum-Insulated Colster in Olive Green

Best Gifts For Him 2024: The Yeti Colster 2024 in Olive Green

Shop at Amazon

It’s the ultimate beer cooler (or, fine, soda cooler) on the market right now in our opinion.  And we own about 5 of these right now.  All he has to do is screw off the top, drop is favorite canned beverage in there, screw the cap back on and enjoy.  It’ll help keep his drink colder for way longer. Everyone is obsessed with all things Yeti!  There are a ton of different colors to choose from like olive green, navy blue, black, bright blue, red, grey, and more.

The Movie Gurus Pick

12.  The 100 Must-See Movies Bucket List Scratch-Off Poster

Best Gifts For Him 2024: Movie Scratch Off Poster 2024

Shop at UncommonGoods

Now that’s a mouthful!  This is one of the best selling new gifts of the year from UncommonGoods and we can see why.  It’s perfect for all the movie buffs out there.  There are 100 different iconic movies every person should see (or should have seen) and when he’s officially watched it he’ll scratch it off the poster.  It can be hung on the wall or even a giant magnet.

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The Music Pick

13. The Apple AirPods Pro

Shop at Amazon

It’s the latest and greatest that was just released from Apple.  Introducing the new AirPods Pro noise-cancelling wireless earbuds.  They’re smaller than the original, have a better battery life, are actually noise-cancelling, are water resistant and sweat proof, and come in different colors!  They’re a bit expensive, is if you’re looking for the new cheaper AirPods, check them out here.  We’re already obsessed.

The Sanitizer Pick

14. The PhoneSoap Phone Sanitizer & Charger

New Tech Gadgets 2024: Phone Soap 3 Phone Sanitizer 2002

Shop at Amazon

Did you know most phones are dirtier than your toilet?  Awesome.  Use this must-have UV phone sanitizer to get rid of 99.9% of all the nasty bacteria on your phone, keys, credit cards, and more.  It’ll fit just about any phone out there.

The Husband Pick

15. The Beer Caddy With Bottle Opener

Christmas Gifts For Men 2024: Beer Caddy 2024

Shop at UncommonGoods

Finally he can carry around his most prized possessions in style.  Yes, his beers.  This stylish canvas beer carrier will hold 6 of his favorite beers, including some ice to keep them nice and cold.  It even comes with a handy bottle opener attached because he always forgets that!

The Handy Pick

16.  The  5-in-1 Tool Pen

Christmas Gifts For Men 2024: 5 in 1 Tool Pen 2024

Shop at UncommonGoods

Whether or not he’s totally handy, he’ll love this helpful little genius pen that’s actually a 5-in-1 tool.  This gadget includes a screwdriver, a bubble level, ruler, pen, and a touch stylus too!

The Dorky Pick

17.  The Darth Vader Ice Mold

Shop at Amazon

If he’s a giant Star Wars nerd (and he is) he’s going to love this super cool Darth Vader ice mold.  He’ll use it in his favorite drinks, preferably his whiskey, and it even makes for a fun conversation piece.  You can even choose the Stormtrooper option too!

The Cologne Pick

18. The Tom Ford “Tobacco Vanille” Cologne

Shop at Sephora

Stop everything you’re doing and get this cologne, like, right now.  It’s a top-seller, smells so amazing that he’ll want to drink it.  Obviously don’t, but you get the point.  It’s perfect for the fall-into-winter or really any time of year.  It has really amazing notes of tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit accords, and sweet sap.  It’s going to become his new signature scent.

The Campers Pick

19. The Radiate Portable Campfire

Shop at Amazon

The perfect pick for the ultimate camping dude, who doesn’t feel like spending a ton of time getting his campfire going.  This lightweight option lets him start the campfire without any real preparation and will burn for hours.

The Boyfriend Pick

20. The Popcorn on the Cob Kit

Christmas Gifts For Men 2024: Popcorn on the Cob 2024

Shop at UncommonGoods

For the guy who has everything, he most certainly won’t have this!  Now he can make yummy popcorn right out of the bag at-home with this DIY kit that comes with everything he’ll need.  It include the corn and the bags.  Toss them in the bag, place it in the microwave for 3 minutes and that’s it!

The Wireless Pick

21. The Courant Catch Wireless Charging Pad

Shop at Amazon

Finally a charging pad that will actually look good in your room.  This leather charging pad can charge two different devices at the same time, just by placing them on the pad.  See it in a bunch of other colors too.

The Grooming Pick

22.  The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Kit for Men

Best Gifts For Him 2024: The Art of Shaving for Men 2024

Shop at Amazon

There’s nothing like an old-timey and traditional gift that really helps bring him back to basics.  This Art of Shaving kit comes with four must-use shaving to help him prepare his face, lather up, shave, and then moisturize.  He’ll love it and even you’ll appreciate the difference.

The Plant Pick

23. The Bouq’s Co. Large Succulent Plant

Shop at Bouqs

How about a plant that pretty much he’ll never be able to kill?!  If he’s not into getting flowers, you can’t go wrong with this large succulent that comes in a really cool brushed concrete planter.  There are actually a bunch of different choices and they’ll all safely get delivered directly to him and ready to enjoy.

The Amazing Pick

24. The LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Shop at Amazon

Perfect the lazy ones (like us), this self-cleaning water bottle will actually clean your water and the bottle itself with its UV-C LED lights.  The self-cleaning mode turns on every 2 hours so you’ll be sure to have the cleanest water (and bottle) all day long.  Plus, it’ll actually keep your beverage cold for 24 hours or your hot beverage nice and hot for up to 12 hours.

The Bedroom Upgrade Pick

25. The Parachute Super Comfy Bedding Set

Shop at Parachute

Now these are the sheets that he’s going to fall in love with.  Regardless of his age, you can’t go wrong with something so comfortable and so popular.  What’s great about these is that they don’t come with that pesky top-sheet that just about everyone tosses off anyway.  They come in a variety of pretty amazing colors, come with a fitted sheet, duvet cover, and pillow cases.

The Must-Have Sweater Pick

26. The Everlane Classic Cashmere Sweater

Shop at Everlane

Sure the cashmere sweater is the classic gift, but every guy is so obsessed with this one that we had to add it to our list.  Not only is it super high quality cashmere, but the low price is pretty shocking.  It even comes in a bunch of different colors and styles to choose from.  We’re partial to the heather grey (pictured above) because it’ll basically look great with everything.

The Party to Go Pick

27. The YETI Hopper Cooler Backpack

Shop at Amazon

If it’s one thing he’s been dreaming about (and probably talking about) all year it’s upgrading his cooler.  YETI is one of the most popular and basically the Porsche of coolers.  This one is a soft-cooler, can be worn as a backpack which makes it super easy for him to carry anywhere, and can hold around 20 cans of his favorite beverages (like, um, beer).  He’ll be psyched to get this one and you’re officially off the hook from having to help him carry anything.

The Cool AF Pick

28. The Bose Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

New Tech Gadgets 2024: Bose Sunglasses 2024

Shop at Amazon

If you’re looking for the perfect tech gadget and one that they most certainly don’t already have, this is the gift for them!  New from Bose, these sunglasses connect to bluetooth and play music near your ears without everyone else hearing what you’re listening to.  Did we mention that the lenses won’t easily scratch or shatter either?  Check them out in a variety of different frames, lens colors, and more.

The Personalized Pick

29. The ManCrates Personalized Golf Ball Crate

Shop at ManCrates

Did you know that guys love golf?  Spoiler alert:  They do.  One of our fave companies to get really interesting crates with the coolest themes ever is ManCrates.  This one comes with personalized golf balls that you can have monogrammed for pretty cheap.  There are 30 that will show up and he’ll never guess what’s inside.

The Crowd Pleaser Pick

30. Spicebomb Cologne by Viktor & Rolf

Best Gifts For Him 2024: Spicebomb Cologne for Men 2024

Shop at Sephora

This is one of the absolute best selling colognes (again) this year and the perfect gift idea for the special guy in your life, whether it be your husband, boyfriend, or just ‘friend’ (we won’t judge).  It smells like bergamot, vetiver, leather, grapefruit and more.  It’s the perfect balance, a total distinctive scent, and one that’ll turn heads every time he wears it. This one you can get for a great price at Sephora and you should pick yourself up something fun too!

The Genius Pick

31. The Beard King Beard Bib

Shop at Amazon

What may seem like a gag gift is actually something that’s totally practical and a lifesaver for your bathroom.  This one got super famous thanks to appearing on Shark Tank and, well, he’ll be able to trim up his beard without messing up your sing and basically the entire bathroom.  #Miracle.

The Cozy Pick

32. Mens UGG Ascot Slippers

Shop at Amazon

If you’re looking for an insanely comfortable pair of slippers, these are the ones to grab this season.  UGG is always super comfy and these are lined with cozy faux-fur moisture wicking lining and suede exterior in a variety of different color options.

The Whiskey Pick

33.  The Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Shop at Amazon

You can finally say goodbye to watered down beverages, especially whiskey! He won’t even know he needed this until he starts to use it.  Technology at its finest!

The Calm Pick

34. The Snooz White Noise Sleep Machine

Shop at Amazon

If he can’t sleep in total silence or awakens easily with just about any slight noise, this is the white noise machine for him!  There are 10 different settings, it’ll help drown out the background noise, and (hopefully) help him sleep so much better.  There are even options for babies, kids, and even pets!

The Skincare Pick

35. The Birchbox Skincare & Grooming Subscription Box

Best Gifts For Him 2024: Birchbox for Men Husband 2024

Shop at BirchBox

You can’t go wrong with Birchbox because they’ll provide the guy in your life with some of the latest and greatest grooming, skincare, and just plain old cool accessories just about every man would want to test out.  And, hey, even if they don’t know this exists, it’s a great way to sneak some helpful skincare tools into their life.  It’s like trying to get kids to eat vegetables, right?  You can choose a one time gift, a 3-month subscription, or a 12-month subscription that’ll arrive to their front door each and every month.