11 Ultimate Beer Gifts For Even the Pickiest of Beer Lovers

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The buzziest gifts for the ultimate beer lovers are officially here.  Bottoms up!

Best Gifts for Beer Lovers 2024 - Funny Beer Gifts for Men Women Christmas 2024

No true beer lover in your life would ever call their favorite beverage a “brewski” so we’re not going to recommend any gifts that hit tilt on the Lame-o-Meter.  Sure you can snag them a six’er to bring to their Christmas party of birthday, but they’re way more of a beer snob than that.  In a good way.

We consider ourselves fun beer aficionados, meaning we love to test out tons of different brews, like to try our hand at making our own concoction from time to time (but are in no way pros), and, well, don’t mind tossing one back in the shower when we’re getting ready for the night.  Don’t judge.

Shop our picks for some of the best gift ideas for all the beer lovers in your life in 2024.

The Best Beer Gift of 2024

The At-Home IPA Beer Brewing Kit – Buy It Here

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If they love a nice and hoppy IPA they’ll love taking a crack at making their own in the comfort of their own home.  This top-selling kit comes with everything they’ll need to start DIY brewing and it’ll make the equivalent of 10 bottles of beer.  It just tastes so much better when you make it yourself.  Learn more here.

The Genius Pick

The Sudski Shower Beer Holder – Buy It Here

Gifts for Beer Lovers 2024: Shower Beer Holder Gift 2024

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It’s half-joke and half-necessity for any beer lover.  This silicone stick-on holder will easily stick to your shower and can be moved whenever you want to.  If you thought this was genius, did you see the shower holder that also doubles as a bluetooth wireless speaker?  Genius all around!  Learn more here.

The Bucket List Pick

The 100 Best Beer Scratch-Off Poster – Buy It Here

Gifts for Beer Lovers 2024: Beer Bucket List 2024

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So just how much of a beer lover are they really?  Have them take this Bucket List test where they can scratch-off each and everyone one they’ve either tried or end up trying.  How many of the top 100 can they do?  Learn more here.

The Cold AF Pick

The YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Holder – Buy It Here

Gifts for Beer Lovers 2024: YETI Rambler 2024

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Not that their fave beverage is ever sitting there long enough to get warm, but this top-seller from YETI will help keep their drink cold for an insane period of time.  The outside won’t even sweat either so their hand will stay nice and dry.  All they have to do is screw off the top, place their can inside, and then easily screw the top back on.  Done!  It currently comes in more than 10 different colors too.  Learn more here.

The Scented Pick

The Hoppy IPA Brew Candle – Buy It Here

Gifts for Beer Lovers 2024: Hoppy IPA Candle 2024

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Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like the basement of a dive bar.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  This hand-poured soy candle smells spicy, herbal, and grassy. There are other beer scented options too.  Learn more here.

The Journal Pick

The Home Brew Journal – Buy It Here

Gifts for Beer Lovers 2024: Home Brew Journal Christmas 2024

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If they’re serious about their home brewing, this journal is the perfect way for them to keep track of how it’s all going, which measurements they’ve used, which they’re changing, and so much more.  Learn more here.

The Baseball Pick

The Ballpark Map Pint Glasses – Buy It Here

Gifts for Beer Lovers 2024: Baseball Park Beer Glasses 2024

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Choose their favorite baseball team and they’ll receive 2 really cool pint glasses with their team and the map of the park right on the glasses.  So cool!  Learn more here.

The Growler Pick

The GrowlerWerks Copper uKey Growler – Buy It Here

Gifts for Beer Lovers 2024: Copper Growler 2024

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This is one of the coolest growlers we’ve seen in a while.  It’ll keep their beer fresh and cold for weeks and it makes it super easy to pour.  These must-haves come in a few different colors too.  Learn more here.

The Drinking Game Pick

The Beeropoly Game – Buy It Here

Gifts for Beer Lovers 2024: Beeropoly Game 2024

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Who doesn’t love a drinking game where you actually have to do funny stuff?  They’ll have to make up rhymes, show-off some really killer dance moves and so much more.  Who can make it to the end and still see at the same time?  Only time will tell.  Learn more here.

The Space Saver Pick

The BottleLoft Beer Hanger – Buy It Here

Gifts for Beer Lovers 2024: BottleLoft Christmas 2024

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So genius!  These easy-to-install magnetic strips will suspend their favorite bottles directly from the ceiling of their fridge, providing them more space for other stuff like, you know, food.  Learn more here.

The Splurge Pick

The YETI Hopper Portable Cooler – Buy It Here

Gifts for Beer Lovers 2024: YETI Hopper Cooler 2024

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Gifting someone anything by YETI is always impressive and always appreciated.  This soft cooler bag will hold up to 12 cans plus the ice needed to help keep them nice and cold.  Perfect for them to bring with them to a BBQ, to the beach, and outdoor concert or whatever.  Learn more here.

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