12 Super Fun Gifts For Gamers of Just About Any Age!

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Confused on what to gift the ultimate video gamer in your life?  We’re giving you a total 1Up with these amazing picks.

Best Gifts for Gamers 2024 - Unique Gift Ideas For Video Game Lovers Christmas 2024

Gamers can be totally picky when it comes to which actual games they want to test out and play.  We’ll seldom go out on a limb to get them a game itself because can never keep track if they already have it or if they’ll basically just think it’s lame.  Don’t worry, there are a ton of other really cool options out there that you (or they) may never have even thought of.

From fun retro picks dating all the way back to PacMan to our favorite Super Mario essentials and then, of course, MineCraft and Fortnite must-haves we’ve giving you ideas no matter what their age.  And we’ll even throw in some essential equipment and accessories you can gift them because, while they can be a total pain, they’re still worth the upgrade.

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts for gamers in 2024.

The New Gamers Pick

The New Nintendo Switch Lite – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Nintendo Switch Lite

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It’s the latest and greatest from Nintendo and perfect for just about any gamer on the go!  The new Nintendo Switch Lite is the most fun handheld gaming system of the year, can bring it with you just about anywhere, has an amazingly low price considering, and comes in a bunch of cool color and pattern options too.  Learn more here.

The Mario Pick

The Super Mario Brothers Heat-Changing Mug – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Super Mario Mug

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Mario is where it’s at!  We’ll never forget that very first level of the original Super Mario Brothers and how much joy it brought us.  Now you can start your morning off right with this heat-changing coffee mug.  Add a little hot water, coffee, or tea and watch the mug change  its scene, show some secret coins, enemies, and more.  Learn more here.

The VR Pick

The Oculus Standalone VR Headset – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Oculus VR Headset 2024

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Virtual Reality is where it’s at for any gamer, really.  But sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming due to all the tech stuff you need to buy just to get it to work.  We’re obsessed with this one because it has a built-in display, has crystal clear 3D graphics, built-in audio, and can be brought with you pretty much anywhere you go.  Learn more here.

The Comfy Pick

The Imperial Video Gamer Rocking Chair – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Gaming Rocker Chair 2024

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If they’re playing their fave video games for hours on end, which they are, they’ll need a comfy and ergonomically designed rocker chair that’s easy to clean, comfortable to sit on, and will rock and move with them!  Learn more here.

The Must-Have Pick

The Retro Gaming Phone Case You Can Actually Play – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Game Boy Phone Case 2024

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Ok seriously, this is one of our favorite gifts for the year!  This smartphone case (with options for so many different phones) not only works as a protective case, but it’s also a functioning game you can play too.  In fact, it comes with 36 retro games inside you can, literally, play on your case.  Ah-mazingLearn more here.

The Minecraft Pick

The Minecraft Strategy Board Game – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Minecraft Board Game 2024

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If they love Minecraft, but you want to get them off their devices for a bit, check out this new strategy board game from Minecraft.  They’ll be able to enjoy a new fun adventure each time they play,  They’ll explore a new Over-World grid and then they’ll try a new Biome strategy every single time.  Learn more here.

The Wireless Pick

The Astro Gaming Wireless Headset – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Wireless Gaming Headset 2024

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It’s one of the top-selling wireless gaming headsets this year and perfect for the true ultimate gamer in your home.  It comes with the base where you can quickly charge it up, has Dolby 7.1 surround sound, a built-in mic, and has super comfortable ear cups so they can keep playing for hours on end.  Learn more here.

The Arcade Pick

The Pac Man Arcade Cabinet – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Pacman Arcade Game 2024

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It’s the affordable arcade game the whole fam will want to play.  This one comes with two different games, Pac Man and Pac Man Plus, doesn’t require any quarters (phew!), and even has adjustable volume.  Learn more here.

The Playstation Pick

The Playstation Drink Coasters – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Playstation Drink Coasters 2024

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Their home decor will never look better.  Sigh.  These cool metal coaster have a corked back, will help protect their tables from water ring damage, and comes as a gift set of 4.  Learn more here!

The Power-Up Pick

The TP-Link Wireless Router – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Gaming Wireless Router 2024

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If there are a lot of people in your home all using different devices at the same time, be sure to upgrade your wireless router so that they gamer in your home can stand a chance with playing, streaming, and more.  It’ll give them up to 3x the power boost they’ll need!  Learn more here.

The Cool AF Pick

The PacMan Ghost Color Changing Table Lamp – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Pacman Ghost Lamp 2024

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How cute is this PacMan ghost!  You can pick the color you want him to be (choose from 16 different color options) or set him on “party mode” where he’ll change color based on the beat of the music.  Learn more here.

The Retro Pick

The New Sega Genesis Mini – Buy It Here

Gifts for Gamers 2024: Mini Sega Genesis 2024

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Everything old is new again!  This time around, there’s now a Sega Genesis mini plug-and-play gaming console with 40 of their most popular games already built in.  It comes with everything you need to start quickly playing, including two game controllers.  We’ll be playing Sonic for the next 365 days.  Learn more here.

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