The Loveliest Gifts For Your Teens You Won’t Find Everywhere Else

With shoutouts to Taylor, Stanley, and Fjallraven.

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Best Gifts For Teens 2024

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your perfect teenager, we’ve got the ultimate guide to the hottest gifts that are totally hitting the mark in tech, style, and fun. If you’re on the lookout for gifts that match their vibes and bring the cool factor, you’re about to be blown away. We’ve scoured the galaxy to bring you the raddest experiences and goodies.  In fact, we’ve read hundreds of product reviews on dozens of retailer sites and then hand-picked the gifts that we truly think are the best for all sorts of teens (both teen girls and teen boys).


For example, they can get ready to unleash their creativity with a hands-on project that lets them build their own Bluetooth and FM radio – no tech guru required! Imagine rocking out to tunes from a radio they actually put together themselves – it’s like tech magic.

And speaking of music, buckle up because Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” album is ready to whisk them away on a journey through her late-night thoughts. It’s like taking a peek into Taylor’s mind when the world’s asleep, and it’s full of emotions that’ll hit you right in the feels.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got Pura Vida’s friendship bracelets that are like your style’s BFF. They’re not just ordinary bracelets; they’re like wearable art that tells your story. And don’t even get us started on the Nintendo Switch Lite – it’s like the handheld gaming sensation that’s tailor-made for your inner gamer.

Oh, and have you ever wished for a magical pocket that keeps your bedside or couch-cuddling essentials within arm’s reach? Well, dream no more – the Bedside Essentials Pocket is here to make your lounging life even comfier.

So, whether their vibing with DIY projects, all about music, or just want to add a touch of style and tech to your life, this year’s gift lineup has got your teens name written all over it. Get ready to unwrap the awesomeness, because this is the year they’ll be saying, “Best. Gifts. Ever!”


Little Devices to Help Find Their Stuff

Apple AirTags - Pack of 4

If your teenager is always losing their stuff, the Apple AirTags are total essential gift for them.  They’re like tiny devices that you can attach to important things you don’t want to lose, like your keys, wallet, or backpack. What’s super cool about them is that they work with your iPhone or iPad, and also with your friends’ devices.

Getting them set up is a piece of cake – you just tap once and they’re connected to your iPhone. If you can’t find your stuff, you can make the AirTag play a sound to help you locate it. And guess what? You can even ask Siri to help you find your things!

Two Cool Features:   First, there’s something called Precision Finding. It’s like magic tech that uses special signals to guide you right to where your lost item is, as long as you have one of the newer iPhones. And second, even if your stuff is far away, these AirTags can work with a bunch of other Apple devices to help locate them. Like a team effort of devices!

Two Things to Consider: But of course, not everything is perfect. First, these AirTags need an iPhone to work, so if you don’t have an iPhone, they won’t be much help. And second, while they’re designed to keep your stuff safe, they might also raise some privacy concerns because they use a network to communicate, although Apple says your location data is safe and not stored on the AirTag itself.

Oh, and one more cool thing – they have a battery that lasts over a year, so you won’t have to worry about changing it often. Plus, they’re tough enough to handle dust and water, so you don’t have to be too careful with them. Cool, right?


Stanley Quencher For Teens

A Travel Tumbler That Stays Cold For at Least 20 Hours

Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate

Perfect for your teenager that’s always on the go, basically, it’s like the ultimate dream tumbler that’s perfect for whatever your day brings. It’s designed to keep your drinks super cold, iced, or hot for hours (up to 30 hours) thanks to the special double-wall insulation. Plus, you can choose from different sizes to match how much you like to drink.

Two Cool Features:  First, the lid is a real star here. It’s designed in a way that you can drink with a straw without worrying about splashes or spills. There are three options: a straw opening that’s splash-resistant, a regular sipping opening, and a full-cover top that’s extra secure against leaks. And don’t forget the comfy handle that makes it easy to carry around, whether you’re hitting the gym, work, or going on a trip.

The second cool thing is that this tumbler is all about being eco-friendly. It’s made from 90% recycled stainless steel, which is a big win for sustainability. You can say goodbye to those single-use plastic bottles and straws – this tumbler is built to last a lifetime.

Two Things to Consider:  First, this tumbler works best with cold or hot drinks, so if you’re looking for something to keep your drinks at room temperature, this might not be the best pick. And second, the lid has multiple parts, which means there are more nooks and crannies to clean. But hey, the good news is that both the tumbler and the lid are dishwasher safe, so cleaning up is a breeze.

Oh, and guess what? If you get this tumbler from Stanley Resellers, you’re covered by a lifetime warranty. Yep, they’ve been making quality stuff since 1913 and they’ve got your back for the long haul.


A Game That Combines Kan Jam & Pickleball

Pickleball Kan Jam

If your teens plays endless games of Kan Jam, they’re going to totally love this new outdoor game called Kan Jam Pickleball! It’s a super cool combo of two games – Kan Jam and pickleball – that creates a totally unique and exciting experience for players of all levels. It’s perfect for hanging out in your backyard, having picnics, or going on camping trips with your friends.  Plus, it can be a fun game to play with the entire fam too.

Two Cool Features:  First off, you can play it pretty much anywhere. It works on different types of surfaces and you can adjust the game to fit the space you have and how skilled you are. You can play it at parks, beaches, your backyard, and even at tailgating parties. Basically, it’s an all-around outdoor superstar.

Second, it’s crazy easy to set up and start playing. You’ll be in action within seconds, and the included instructions make it simple to learn. The goals and equipment are lightweight and easy to carry, so it’s perfect for taking to outdoor events and hangouts.

Two Things to Consider:  First, since it’s a mix of two games, if you’re not a fan of either Kan Jam or pickleball, this might not be your thing. Also, the equipment is designed for outdoor play, which is great, but it might not feel as smooth as indoor games on a super even surface.

On the plus side, the equipment is top-notch. You get four sturdy pickleball paddles and specially designed balls that can handle outdoor fun without getting messed up. The goals are made to last with weather-resistant materials, so they’ll stay strong even after lots of games.


A Trendy Hip Bag For School Or Work

Fjallraven Kanken Hip Pack

Everything old is new again and so is the Fjallraven Kanken Hip Pack – it’s a seriously stylish bag that’s all about convenience! Imagine a bag that you can wear around your hips, keeping your hands free while you carry your stuff. And guess what? It’s not just any bag – it’s part of the Kanken family, but in a whole new way.

Two Cool Things:  First off, it’s really durable. It’s made from this tough material called Vinylon F that’s resistant to dirt and water. So, no worries if it gets a bit messy – you can easily wipe it clean. And if you’re worried about losing it, there’s even a label inside where you can write your name.

Second, it’s all about being functional. The main compartment has a zipper, and inside, there’s a sleeve pocket and a clip for your keys. Need more space? There’s a front pocket with a zipper, and even a sneaky security pocket at the back with another zipper. So, you’ve got spots for all your stuff, big or small.

Two Things to Consider:  First, it’s not a huge bag – it’s got room for just the essentials. So, if you’re carrying a lot of stuff, this might not be the best choice. And second, while it’s super convenient to wear around your hips, it might not be the most comfortable if you’re planning to carry heavy things for a long time.

On the bright side, it’s a compact bag that’s just the right size to hold what you need. It’s about 4.7 inches by 7.1 inches by 3.5 inches, and it’s really lightweight, weighing just 0.3 pounds. So, if you’re into a stylish and functional way to carry your things, this hip pack could be a cool choice for your fashion-forward teen.


A Daily Joural Geared Towards Teenagers

The Prompt Based Teen Manifestation Journal

So, there’s this cool journal called the “Manifestation Journal for Teens,” and it’s all about making your dreams and goals happen. You know how sometimes you wish for things to come true? Well, this journal helps you turn those wishes into reality. It’s not just a trendy thing – it’s a way to make your life awesome.

Two Cool Things:   First, it’s super simple to use. You don’t have to be an expert. It gives you daily prompts that guide you step by step. Like, you start by setting your intention for the day, then write down things you’re grateful for, jot down what you want to make happen, and even let go of stuff that’s holding you back. Plus, there’s space to write about forgiving someone or re-doing something if you could. All these steps create a space for your dreams to come alive.

Second, it’s not a time-consuming thing. You only need about 10 minutes a day, maybe less once you get the hang of it. The journal’s got around 179 pages and prompts for each day, so it’s designed to be easy to fit into your routine. You can fill it out in the morning when you wake up and before you hit the hay.

Two Things to Consider:  First, if your teen isn’t into writing or taking a little time for themselves daily, this might not be their thing. And second, while it’s all about making things happen, it’s not a guarantee that every single wish will magically come true overnight. Sometimes it takes time and effort.

But hey, the journal’s compact, with dimensions about 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches, and it’s got this sturdy hardcover. The best part? It’s all about making your life better and positive vibes. 


A Small, But Mighty Phone Charger on the Go

iWalk Portable Smartphone Charger

When their phone is always at 2%, they can no longer use that as an excuse why they’re not answering your calls.  The iWALK Small Portable Charger, is like a little battery pack that can give your phone a boost when it’s running low on juice. Imagine having a cool, tiny charger that you can carry around – it’s perfect for your iPhone, even the latest ones like the iPhone 14 and 13.

Two Cool Things:  First, it looks super stylish. The design is smooth and it feels really nice, making it stand out in a classy way. Second, it’s upgraded in a couple of cool ways. It can charge select iPhones almost one and a half times, which is pretty neat. Plus, it’s got a built-in cable that’s better than before – you don’t even have to take off your phone’s case to charge it!

Two Things to Consider:  First, since it’s a small charger, it might not fully charge the bigger phones more than once. So, if you’re looking for something to charge your phone a bunch of times, this might not be the best pick. And second, even though it’s compact, it might be a bit bulky for your super tight jeans pocket.

But here’s what’s great: it’s as small as a lipstick and doesn’t need a cord, so you can just slip it into your pocket or purse and have a charger ready whenever you need it. So, if you’re into staying charged up on the go and want a stylish accessory for your phone, this portable charger could be their go-to gadget!


Urban Outfitters Tie Dye Sweatshirt

A Chic Tie-Dye Sweatershirt

Urban Outfitters Heart Tie-Dye Sweatshirt

They already have a million sweatshirts, so why not add one more to the mix, especially with the Urban Renewal Remade Heart Tie-Dye Crew Neck Sweatshirt. Imagine an oversized sweatshirt that got a modern twist with some tie-dye love. It’s like a relaxed crew neck style with long sleeves that you can totally rock.

Two Cool Things:  First off, it’s not just any sweatshirt – it’s been given a unique heart tie-dye look that sets it apart. It’s all about the trendy tie-dye effect that adds a splash of color and personality. Second, this sweatshirt is like a piece of art. It’s not your average new piece – it’s actually made from vintage and unused items that the Urban Renewal team found from all over. So, it’s not just a sweatshirt; it’s a creative, one-of-a-kind creation.

Two Things to Consider:  First, because each sweatshirt is made from vintage materials, the one you get might not look exactly like the picture. It’s like a cool surprise every time. And second, if you’re into super fitted styles, the oversized look might not be your jam.

But here’s what’s awesome:  this sweatshirt is made in the USA and it’s a blend of cotton and polyester, so it’s comfy and easy to care for. Just toss it in the washing machine, and you’re good to go. So, if you’re up for a stylish, unique sweatshirt with a twist, this Urban Renewal creation might be the perfect gift!


A Beside "Stuff" Organizer

Bedside Essentials Pocket

If their room and bed is always a total disaster, help keep them organized and on track with the Bedside Essentials Pocket.  It’s like a pocket that’s designed to keep your stuff nearby when you’re chilling out. You can slide the strong flap under your mattress or couch cushion, and then use the soft pocket to store things like books or your TV remote.

Two Cool Things:  First, it’s like having a mini storage space right where you need it most. You don’t have to get up to grab your stuff – it’s right there beside you. And second, it’s made of this cozy gray felt material that goes with basically any room style. So, it’s functional and stylish all in one.

Two Things to Consider:   First, since it’s designed to slide under your mattress or cushion, it might not work well if you have a really thin mattress or a couch with a tight cushion. And second, if you’re looking for something to hold a lot of big items, this might not be the best choice because it’s more of a compact pocket.

On the bright side, you’ve got options to choose from – a standard or large size. So, whether you want a little extra space or a bit more, you can pick what fits your needs. If you’re into keeping your things close by while you relax, this Bedside Essentials Pocket could be a smart and cozy addition to your setup!


A Fun Seek & Find Puzzle

Tech Through the Decades Jigsaw Puzzle

The Music Through The Decades Seek & Find Puzzle – is a really fun puzzle game that’s all about exploring the awesome changes in music and technology over four decades. Imagine a puzzle with 1,000 pieces that lets you time-travel through different periods of music history, from the 70s to the 2000s.

Two Cool Things:  First, it’s like a journey through time and music. You’ll see how music tech evolved – from vinyl records giving that warm sound in the 70s, to cassettes and boomboxes making music portable in the 80s, then compact discs changing the game in the 90s, and MP3s shaking things up in the 2000s. It’s like a boogie through four decades of music magic!

Second, as you’re putting the puzzle pieces together, you’ll find cool stuff from each era, like record players, roller skates, and keyboards. But here’s the twist: you might also spot items that don’t really belong to the right decade. And that’s where the fun comes in – you’ll use a list they give you to find all these “out-of-place” things.

Two Things to Consider:   First, puzzles with 1,000 pieces can take a bit of time and patience, so if your teenager isn’t into longer activities, this might not be theirj am. And second, if they’re not really into music history or tech changes, they might not find this puzzle as exciting.

But on the bright side, it’s not just a puzzle – it’s a way to learn about music’s evolution while having fun. So, if you’re up for some puzzle-solving and time-traveling fun, this Music Through The Decades puzzle could be a groovy choice.


Face & Body Wipes When They're on the Go

Dude Wipes Cleansing Wipes

While they’re geared towards dudes, we think these Dude Wipes work perfectly well for Dudette’s as well.  They’re like your on-the-go cleaning buddies! These wipes are super handy for giving your face a quick clean, taking care of your skin after shaving, or even doing a full-body refresh. They’re like a shower alternative you can take anywhere.  Perfect for when they’re getting out of practice and need a quick refresh if they don’t have time for a full-on shower.

Two Cool Things:  First off, they’re a 2-in-1 deal. You can use them to clean your face and your body. So, whether you need to freshen up your face or tackle some dirt or odor on your body, these wipes have you covered. And second, they’re perfect for when you’re on the move. You can carry these packs with you wherever you go – no need for a shower or water. You’ll stay clean and confident even when you’re out and about.

Two Things to Consider:   First, while they’re great for quick clean-ups, they shouldn’t really replace a proper shower when you’ve got some serious dirt to tackle. And second, they might not be the best for super sensitive skin, even though they’re hypoallergenic.

Overall, these wipes are infused with cool stuff like Sea Salt and Aloe Vera, so they’ll refresh your skin while removing dirt and oil. Plus, they’re fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and recommended by dermatologists.  They even make quick and easy stocking stuffers too.


A Friendship Bracelet They Can Share With Their Besties

Puravida 10-Pack

If you have a teenage girl, you’ve likely heard of Puravida.  So we think the must-have gift of the season is the official Pura Vida Friendship Bracelet – it’s all about cool bracelets that bring friends together. Imagine a pack that includes ten of their best designs! These bracelets are like a colorful way to show off your style and share the good vibes.

Two Cool Things:   First, you get ten different designs in one pack, so you’ve got loads of options to match your mood or outfit. Each bracelet has a fun name like “Coral Reefin'” and “Wish You Were Here” that adds a special touch. Second, these bracelets are super tough – they’re 100% waterproof, and they’re made with wax-coated materials. Plus, there’s a cool “P” charm made from iron-coated copper.

Two Things to Consider:   First, these bracelets are adjustable, but they might not fit comfortably on very small wrists. And second, even though they’re waterproof, they might not stay in the best shape if you’re constantly swimming or diving.

Either way, you can wear these bracelets all the time without worrying about them getting ruined. They’re like a fun way to add some color to your style, and they’re adjustable from 2 to 5 inches, so you can find the perfect fit.


Bring Home Taylor Swift as a Gift...Sort Of

Midnights Vinyl Album

You think we could have a gift guide geared towards teens and wouldn’t add at least one Taylor Swift themed gift?!  Perfect for the ultimate Swiftie, Taylor Swift dropped her 10th studio album called “Midnights” on October 21, 2022. This album is all about songs she wrote in the middle of the night – it’s like taking a trip through her thoughts during the quiet hours. Imagine the stories of 13 sleepless nights, where she goes through both scary stuff and sweet dreams.

Two Cool Things:   First, it’s really like getting a glimpse into Taylor’s personal thoughts and feelings. You know how sometimes you lay awake at night and your mind races? Well, these songs capture that kind of vibe. And second, it’s not just about happy stuff – it’s like a mix of emotions, terrors, and dreams, which makes it feel real and relatable.  Plus, it’s vinyl so it’s basically like a work of art they can hang on their wall or proudly display on their shelf.

Two Things to Consider:  None.  It’s Taylor.  She’s perfect. 


A DIY Bluetooth Speaker For Your DIY Teenager

Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio

Perfect for the teen who loves to work with their hands, is a bit of a tech head, and a bit of a nerd (in all the right ways) they’ll love this super cool gift –  “Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio.

They can actually build their own radio – and guess what? You don’t need to be an expert in electrical engineering. This kit has everything you need to make your own radio, complete with an FM tuner, USB and aux ports, and even Bluetooth connection. It’s like a DIY radio kit that’s perfect for music enthusiasts, teens who love creating things, and anyone who enjoys keeping their hands busy.

Two Cool Things:  First, you’re creating your own radio! How awesome is that? It’s not just buying one, but actually building it step by step. Second, it’s super user-friendly. The kit comes with clear instructions and even glue, so you don’t have to worry about having special tools. You’ll be jamming to tunes in under an hour – how cool is that?

Two Things to Consider:  First, if they’re not into assembling stuff or following instructions, this might not be their cup of tea. And second, while it’s a fantastic project, it certainly doesn’t have the same audio quality as a professional radio.

Overall it’s like a creative, hands-on way to combine technology and music. So, if they’re up for a unique DIY experience and they’re a fan of rocking out to music this just may be the perfect gift for them!


A T-Shirt With Positive Messaging

You Are Loved / You Are Enough Tees

Such great messaging for your teenagers, especially when they need a bit of a boost and that reminder that they are loved and they are enough.  These come in over 10 different colors, 40 different sizes, and different materials too.  Find the one(s) that suit them best.


A Handheld Video Game

Nintendo Switch Lite

While they can’t bring it to school, with the Nintendo Switch Lite, it’s like having a compact and lightweight Nintendo Switch that you can carry around easily. It’s got a built-in controller and a super sleek design that’s perfect for gaming on the go.

Two Cool Things:  First, it’s designed specifically for handheld gaming. You don’t need to connect it to a TV – you can play your favorite games directly on the device wherever you are. And second, it’s compatible with tons of popular games like Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So, you’ll have a blast with some of the coolest games out there.

Two Things to Consider:   First, since it’s made for handheld play, you won’t be able to play games on a TV screen. And second, if you’re into multiplayer games that require separate Joy-Con controllers, this might not be the best choice since the controls are built into the device.


Birkenstocks for Teenagers

Comfy Sandals to Wear With or Without Socks

Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals

They probably already have a few pairs of BIRKENSTOCK Arizona sandals –  you know the cool two-strap design that’s become legendary? Well, they’ve taken that and made it even cooler. These sandals are super lightweight and super flexible because they’re made from this special material called EVA. It’s like a soft, comfy material that’s great for your feet.

Two Cool Things:  First, they’re like the upgraded version of the classic BIRKENSTOCK sandals. You get that comfy cork-like design but with the added benefits of being shock-absorbing, waterproof, and gentle on your skin. So, you can wear them at the beach, while chilling in your backyard, after gym sessions, and more. Second, these sandals have this special footbed shaped just right for your feet. It’s like getting the best support while you walk.

Two Things to Consider:  First, if they’re into super fancy or sporty sandals, these might not be their style. And second, because they’re lightweight and flexible, they might not be the best choice for more rugged or demanding activities.

Either way, we think these sandals are perfect for everyday wear, and they’re designed to cushion your steps really well. The two adjustable straps make them fit just right, and since they’re waterproof and washable, you can rock them wherever you want. 


A Barbie From the Barbie Movie

Gloria (America Ferrera) Barbie

They’ve probably already seen the Barbie Movie a dozen times and cried each time, so while this Barbie is technically a toy, it’s more like having a piece of the Barbie Movie magic  with you – it’s like taking home a collectible Gloria doll! She’s dressed up in this super cool suit that’s all Barbie pink and totally fierce.

Two Cool Things:  First off, her outfit is straight from the movie – it’s like having a piece of the film right in your hands. And second, her pink suit is seriously awesome – it’s polished and stylish, and the pink color is totally bold.

Two Things to Consider:  None.  Everything “Barbie Movie” is brilliant.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, the ultimate lineup of gifts that are tailor-made for the coolest teens around. They’re certainly not kids anymore, but still not adults.  So, from tech wonders to style statements, we’ve covered all the bases to bring you gifts that match their ever-changing vibe.

Whether you’re picking out something for their birthday, looking for the perfect Christmas present, or just want to tell your son or daughter they’re the best – we’ve found something for everyone.