20 Ways to Gift Your Grown Up Son (and Don’t Forget Your Son-in-Law!)

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Where did the years go?!  He’s your son and he’s the absolute best.  Here’s what to gift your special son who already has everything.

Unique Gifts For Your Son 2024 - Best Son in Law Gift Ideas For Birthday Christmas 2024

It’s officially crunch time and you gotta find something to gift to your son or son-in-law, be it for their birthday, Christmas, or maybe just because.  The point is, there are an endless amount of options out there, but we’ve come up with the perfect mix of traditional, meaningful, funny, and then just totally unique ideas.  He’ll actually want to use these.  Go figure!

Shop our picks for some of the best gifts for your son in 2024.

The Best Gift of 2024

The “Prayer For My Son” Wooden Plaque – Buy It Here

Unique Gifts for Son 2024: A Prayer For My Son 2024

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We’re starting off with a serious and special gift for you son with this really amazing wooden plaque.  He can either hang it on his wall or set it up as an easel on his desk or night stand.  It has a special prayer on it that will help to protect him, watch over him, and let him know what a truly awesome son you think he is.  Learn more here.

The Cologne Pick

The Tom Ford “Tobacco Vanille” Cologne – Buy It Here

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Stop everything you’re doing and get this cologne, like, right now.  It’s a top-seller, smells so amazing that he’ll want to drink it.  Obviously don’t, but you get the point.  It’s perfect for the fall-into-winter or really any time of year.  Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The World’s Okayest Son Shirt – Buy It Here

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It’s the perfect option for the son who has a really good sense of humor.  This funny “World’s Okayest Son” t-shirt is actually pretty comfy and currently comes in about 8 different color options.  Learn more here.

The Workout Pick

The New FitBit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker – Buy It Here

Unique Gifts for Son 2024: FitBit 3 for Son-in-Law 2024

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It’s a great way to help in get back in shape, stay in shape, or just learn more about his overall health patterns.  You can track your steps, distance walked/run/swam, calories burned, heart rate, sleeping patterns, and so much more.  It’s one of the best selling fitness trackers of the year.  Learn more here.

The Son in Law Pick

The Official Son-in-Law Mug – Buy It Here

Unique Gifts for Son 2024: Son in Law Coffee Mug 2024

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He may not have been born into your family, but your son in law is a really important and welcomed (right??) member of your family now.  Show your love by this really sweet coffee mug that says “Son in Law” across it and surrounded by meaningful and thoughtful words that describe him best.  Learn more here.

The Bedroom Pick

The Parachute Percale Venice Bedding Set – Buy It Here

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Perfect for your son of just about any age, this is one of the most comfortable bedding sets of the year.  It comes with a super comfy duvet cover, fitted sheet, and pillow cases.  This new navy blue is a must-have, but it also comes in other colors like grey, white, cream, light blue, slate, and more.  You gotta see and feel these!  Learn more here.

The Massaging Pick

The “Magic Hands” Body Massager – Buy It Here

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We could all use an at-home massage, especially on our neck, back, legs, and pretty much anywhere.  Chosen by Oprah as one of her “Favorite Things” this portable massager is a total must-have this year.  You actually won’t believe how good it really feels.  We’ve been using ours every day, especially after a long day at work!  Learn more here.

The Coolest Clock Pick

The Text Time Statement Clock – Buy It Here

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Now this is something they definitely don’t have yet.  How cool is this clock?!  It actually tells time in the way your mind reads a normal clock.  The display is retro-like flip tiles, comes in some different color options, and not only works great, but becomes a major conversation piece in any room.  Learn more here.

The Weekender Pick

The Herschel Duffel Bag – Buy It Here

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A great idea when he’s heading out for a weekend getaway or even a short-term business trip.  This one is super durable, comes with a removable shoulder strap, has accessory compartments inside, and comes in a bunch of different colors to choose from.  Learn more here.

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The Casual Pick

The Adidas Slide Sandals – Buy It Here

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These are such a great year-round (and pretty cheap) pick because you can wear them bumming around the house, rock them at the pool or beach, bring them to the gym shower, and more. Plus, they’re super comfy. Learn more here.

The Self-Care Pick

The Classic Cozy Bathrobe by Snowe – Buy It Here

Unique Gifts for Son 2024: Snowe Bathrobe in Grey 2024

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You can’t go wrong with this super popular cozy bathrobe that’s been selling out left and right.  It comes in a bunch of cool colors like essential white, classic grey, and even slate blue.  Plus it’s made from 100% long staple cotton and is pretty fast drying.  He’ll want to wear it all day long!  Learn more here.

The Grooming Pick

The Rapid Beard Shaving & Grooming Kit – Buy It Here

Unique Gifts for Son 2024: Grooming Kit Son in Law 2024

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You’ve been asking him to shave for years and now’s your chance to really hit that message home!  It’s one of the coolest and best selling grooming kits that will, at the least, help him get his beard in tip-top shape.  This gift set comes with a beard brush, beard oil, a beard comb, barber scissors for shaping and pruning, and so much more.  Learn more here.

The ‘From the Mom’ Pick

The Love Between a Mother & Son Picture Frame – Buy It Here

Unique Gifts for Son 2024: Son Frame from Mom 2024

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There really isn’t a bond quite as strong as one between a mother and her son.  This really nice wooden picture frame hold a 4×6-inch picture and is engraved with the thoughtful message:  The love between a mother and son lasts forever.”  Learn more here.

The Gamers Pick

The Nintendo Switch Video Game – Buy It Here

Cool Tech Gifts 2024: New Nintendo Switch 2024

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The latest from Nintendo is the Nintendo Switch and not only is it a blast to play at home, but you can being it with you for on-the-go play thanks to the removable controllers and screen.  Of course our favorite game is the new Super Mario Brothers.  It’s just like old times but, you know, way better!  Learn more here.

The Popular Pick

The Spicebomb Cologne Gift – Buy It Here

Unique Gifts for Son 2024: Spicebomb Cologne 2024

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It’s still the best selling cologne of the year so you can’t go wrong with gifting him Spicebomb cologne, especially if you’re fresh out of ideas on what to get him for his birthday or for Christmas.  It smells totally masculine, outdoorsy, and totally comforting. The price is right too! Learn more here.

The Clean Pick

The PhoneSoap3 Smartphone Cleaner – Buy It Here

New Tech Gadgets 2024: Phone Soap 3 Phone Sanitizer 2002

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Keep your phone super clean with this best-selling phone sanitizer to get rid of 99.9% of all the nasty bacteria on your phone, keys, credit cards, and more.  It’ll fit just about any phone out there.  Learn more here.

The ‘From the Dad’ Pick

The “Dad’s Little Dude” Jersey T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Unique Gifts for Son 2024: Dad's Little Dude T-Shirt for Young Son 2024

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He may not be fully grown yet, so he can still sport this super cute jersey t-shirt that comes in a bunch of really great colors and sizes.  Learn more here.

The Thinking Of You Pick

The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger – Buy It Here

New Tech Gadgets 2024: Lovebox Messenger

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A perfect way for them to know just how much you’re thinking about them.  Basically you can send messages via your phone or tablet to this messenger box and when the message goes through, the heart will spin alerting them that a message is waiting for them inside.  They’ll pop open to the top and see just what you’ve sent.  So cute.  Learn more here.

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