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The Only Gifts Your Kids Need to Keep Them Entertained!

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So what do you get your kids who pretty much have everything (already!)?  Don’t stress.  These are some of the coolest ideas for your favorite little girls and boys in your life.

Best Kid Gifts 2023

Seriously how tough is it to shop for your kids?  What’s even more difficult is if you’re shopping for someone else’s children!  These days kids pretty much already have everything (and more) they could ever want and need.

There are so many gift ideas out there to chose from and it can be pretty overwhelming.  We’ve chosen some of the most popular ideas in a variety of categories like: learning/educational, toys, technology, games and, of course, ‘gross.’  Most of these are appropriate for kids at least 3 years old and some will go up to ages 12+.  If you’re looking for ideas for teens or tween, you can check those out here.

Shop our picks for the best gifts for kids in 2023.


1.  The Fire 10 Tablet For Kids

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Ages: 3 – 12 years old

Now they don’t have to mess up your tablet or phone with all their apps and games!  This is the Fire 10 tablet with that famous kid-proof case (you know how they can tend to break things from time to time).  It has 32 GB of storage, which will be plenty of room for them, can give them up to 7-hours of reading time, video game playing, or video watching on a full charge, and so much more.  It also comes in other colors like pink and purple too.  Perhaps the best thing is the return policy.   If within the first 2-years it breaks, simply return it and they’ll replace it for free!

The Positive Pick

2.  The ‘You. Are. Loved.’ T-Shirt
The ‘You. Are. Enough.’ T-Shirt

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Ages: 2 – 12 years old

We all need that friendly and loving reminder that we are loved and that we are enough.  It’s a special message for them, but also turns into a much needed reminder for all those who see it whenever they’re wearing it.  Choose from 10 different cool colors too!

Get the “You. Are. Loved.” Option Here!
Get the “You. Are. Enough.” Option Here!

The Teamwork Pick

3.  The Gnomes at Night Game

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Ages: 6 – 11 years old

This is the perfect game that requires teamwork and just 15 minutes of their time.  Enter that gnome maze and try to find your way out…but you’re not in this alone!  Such a nice break and way to get them off their devices.

The Baseball Pick

4.  The Baseball (MLB) Bedding Set

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages: 2 – 12 years old

If your little boy or girl has dreams of making it to the majors, they’ll love this cozy MLB bedding set.  It comes with the player duvet and pillowcase, perfect for any bedroom!

The Tech Pick

5.  The Echo Dot For Kids

Shop at Amazon

Ages:  3 – 12 yrs old

The latest version of the Echo Dot for kids this year, you can choose between a friendly tiger face or a cute little panda. With Alexa you can help you kids learn, grow, hear stories read to them, ask a million questions, set alarms, and more.

The Winter Pick

6.  The Reversible North Face Coat

Shop at Zappos

Ages:  4 – 12 yrs old

Since they’ll be spending so much time outside this year it’s probably the perfect time for a new winter jacket.  You can’t go wrong with The North Face and, right now, you can get free shipping too!

The Protective Pick

7.  “Keep Away the Monsters” Spray

Shop at Uncommon Goods

Ages:  5+

If your little ones are a little scared of the dark and the monsters they think are living under their bed or in their closet, they’ll feel much better once you spray some official “Keep the Monsters Away” spray.  It’s lightly scented with lavender essential oils it may just help them drift off to a safer sleep in no time.

The Flying Pick

8.  The Hatchimals Pixies Flyers

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Ages:  4 – 9 yrs old

They’re already one of the best-seller toys this year and we can see why.  These magical little pixies actually learn how to fly and will do so all around your house!  Use your hand motions to get it to fly higher, lower, or even land directly on you.  You can currently choose a pink or purple pixie!

The Music Pick

9.  The Audio Pet Portable Mini Speaker

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Ages: 3 – 12 years old

These are the mini portable bluetooth speakers that Oprah helped make famous!  There are so many different pet options you can choose from and not only is the sound amazing, but these mini speakers are totally portable and can be hooked onto things like their backpack, belt loop, and more. It’s never too early to get them hooked on tech gadgets, right?  It’s only a little bit bigger than a golf ball!

The Kindest Pick

10.  The Choose Kindness Shirt

Shop at Amazon

This one is such an inspiring and positive reminder that they can choose to be kind each and every day.  We love the messaging!

The Self Esteem Pick

11.  The Super Powers Self Esteem Workbook

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages: 6+

In the world we live in these days, anything we can do to help our children improve their self esteem, the better! This book as 48 pages of positive fill-ins and more to help view themselves in the best light possible.

The DIY Pick

12.  The Unicorn Color-Ing Pajama Set

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages:  3 – 10 yrs old

If they’re obsessed with all things unicorns and they totally are, they’ll love to color in this pajama set and wear them to bed each and every night.

The Surprise Pick

13.  The Kids Magic Bath Bombs

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages:  3+

It’s a great way to get the little ones into the tub!  These magic bath bombs will not only make tub-time super fizzy and colorful, but there’s a magic little toy inside that will appear once the bath bomb is fully dissolved.  5 come to a set!

The Gamer Pick

14.  The Nintendo Switch Lite

Christmas Gifts For Kids 2023: Nintendo Switch Lite 2023

Shop at Amazon

Ages: 8+

It’s the handheld version of the top-selling Nintendo Switch video game console that they can bring with them pretty much everywhere they go.  It’s like Super Mario will now become their full-time travel companion.  The Lite also comes in a few different fun color options and patterns too.

The Wishing Pick

15.  The Kid’s Hidden Wish Bracelet

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages:  6+

As adults we know how important it is to set your intention.  Now we can help teach our children the same important message and they can look cool all at the same time.  Simply write down your intention or wish on the slip of paper, roll it up, place it in the bracelet and wear it around with you all day long.

The Little Chefs Pick

16.  The Play-Doh Kitchen Creations BBQ

Christmas Gifts For Kids 2023: Playdoh Kitchen Creations 2023

Shop at Amazon

Ages: 3+

We used to try to make Play-Doh hamburgers and hot dogs by hand when we were young!  Now you can use this amazing little Play-Dog grill to make them in a super professional way.  It even comes with 5 different Play-Doh colors too.  We’re shocked at how cheap this one is!

The Learning Pick

17.  The “Young, Gifted and Black” Book

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages:  7+

A super important way for everyone to learn about black history makers and game changers in society over the years.  Read all about more than 50 history makers that left such a positive (and necessary) impact on the world.

The Hair Lovers Pick

18.  The Washout Hair-Chalk Kit

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages:  4+

Whether they have a crazy hair day at school coming up or just want to play at home, they’ll love this fun at-home hair chalk kit that washes out really easily.

The Creative Pick

19.  The Map of the World Coloring Tablecloth

Best Gifts for Kids 2023: Coloring Map Tablecloth 2023

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages:  3 – 12 years old

This is such a great way for your kids to show their artistic chops and even learn all at the same time.  Imagine?  This cotton tablecloth is a map of the world, comes with 10 washable markers (hooray!), and is even machine washable.

The Anxiety Pick

20.  The Unicorn Snot Stress Putty

Best Gifts for Kids 2023: Unicorn Snot 2023

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Ages: 10+

Who doesn’t love unicorns and glow in the dark anything!?  This one is a great stress reliever.  When they’re feeling extra fidgety they can take out this glow in the dark putty and work on it until their stress and anxiety disappears. So fun and so gross!

The Funny Pick

21.  The ‘Not Parent Approved’ Game

Best Gifts for Kids 2023: I'm Bored Game for Children 2023

Shop at Amazon

Ages: 8+

Don’t worry, this card game is totally family friendly, fun, and geared towards your children. It’s a really funny ‘fill in the blank’ word game (think ‘Cards Against Humanity’ but for kids) that’s easy to play, quick to play, and easy for the little ones to learn.  It’s a super fun gift idea for their BFF too! It comes with 455 different cards to the fun can go on and on!

The STEM Pick

22.  The Nat Geo Dino Fossil Dig Kit

Shop at Amazon

Ages:  7 – 12

Help turn your kids into the archeologist they’ve been dreaming they could become!  They’ll actually find three real dinosaur fossils.  No, for real.  They’ll discover things like a dinosaur bone, a mosasaur tooth, and dinosaur poop because, of course, poop.

The Retro Pick

23.  The New Scooby Doo Mystery Machine

Shop at Amazon

Ages: 4+

Scooby is back!  As if he ever left.  The new release of the classic Mystery Machine is a top seller, already, this season.  It even comes with Fred, Daphne, and Velma.  You’ll all be solving Scooby-related mysteries in no time!

The Tidy Pick

24.  The Crayola Mess Free Coloring Pad

Best Gifts for Kids 2023: Crayola No Mess 2023

Shop at Amazon

Ages: 3+

This is the perfect gift for the kid who likes to draw on things that aren’t paper!  The magic light brush will light up and show them what color they’re using and then it’ll only appear on the drawing pad.   It really is magical and super fun.

The Bedroom Pick

25.  The Shark Duvet & Pillowcase Set

Best Gifts for Kids 2023: Shark Duvet Cover Set 2023

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages:  3 – 12 years old.

We basically want this one for ourself!  It’s the perfect addition to the bedroom of any little boy or girl who’s begun their obsession with all things ‘sharks.’  The duvet and pillowcase are made of 100% cotton, is machine washable and dryer safe.  You can choose from a twin size, full size, or queen size. If sharks aren’t their thing, there’s also a cute princess set you can choose from too!

The DIY Pick

26.  The DIY Bubble Gum Making Kit

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages:  8+ years old.

What a fun way to learn exactly how bubble gum is made!  Plus, they’ll love eating it and blowing bubbles as big as they can.  This DIY kit comes with everything you need to make about a half-pound of delicious gum.

The Organizational Pick

27.  The Beside Pocket Organizer

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages: 7+ years old.

A great and super easy way for your kids to get and stay organized when it’s time for bed.  Easily hook this pocket onto the side of their bed and they can store their electronic devices, books, eyeglasses, and more.

The Cool Kid Pick

28.  The Retrospec Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Shop at Amazon

Ages:  9+

A great way to get your kids off their electronic devices and outside for a little exercises.  The trend of longboard skateboards is still going strong and these bamboo options are the perfect gift for both boys and girls who are more on the beginner end of things.  There are a ton of designs to choose from and they’re actually designed right here in the US!

The Glowing Pick

29.  The Glowing Bath Time Pals

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages: 3+

Another great way to make bath time way more fun (and bright)! These cubes will light up in the water and will automatically turn off when the water drains.

The Book Pick

30.  Dog Man “For Whom the Ball Rolls” Book

Shop at Amazon

Ages:  7+

It’s one of the best-selling books for kids this season and combines reading with some much needed laughs.  Hey, whatever it takes to get them to actually read is all that matters.

The Learning Pick

31.  The Root Beer Chemistry Kit

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages: 8+ years old.

Not only can they make their very own homemade root beer (yum), but they’ll also learn a ton through the process. This kit comes with everything they need, including the DIY bottle labels.

The Harry Potter Pick

32.  The Funko Pop Harry Potter Game

Shop at Amazon

Ages: 10+

It’s the latest twist on Harry Potter with this super fun strategy game that puts players head-to-head to in four different Harry Potter scenarios.  The game even comes with 4 super cute collectible figures: Harry, Hermione, Lord Voldemort, and Bellatrix Lestrange.

The Book Pick

33.  The Finish This Book Adventure

Kids Christmas Gift 2023: Finish This Book 2023

Shop at Amazon

Ages: 7 – 12 years old.

It’s one of the most “fill in” books that kids love each and every year.  They’ll have to do some research and fill in the missing pieces of this super fun book to solve the mystery!

The Breakfast Pick

34.  The Unicorn Bowl

Kids Christmas Gift 2023: Unicorn Cereal Bowl 2023

Shop at UncommonGoods

Ages: 3+ years old.

Eating breakfast any other way is just plain old boring.  Make everything so much more fun wit this super cute and magical microwave and dishwasher safe unicorn bowl.

The LEGO Pick

35.  The LEGO Interactive Haunted High School

Shop at Amazon

Ages:  9+

LEGO is getting into the interactive augmented reality space!  This +1,400 piece LEGO haunted house is super fun to built and even more fun when it’s completed.  Download the free app and use your device inside the haunted house to find and track down secret ghosts, find clues, solve new mysteries, unlock the must-find boss ghost and more!

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