The Official 2024 Kids Gift Guide

Let's uncover the perfect gift to spark some joy in the heart of a lucky kid at any age.

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Best Gifts For Kids in 2024

Gather ’round boys and girls.  Finding the perfect gift for kids can sometimes feel like embarking on a treasure hunt through a jungle of toys and gadgets, but hey, shouldn’t that be half the fun?  Sure, there might be moments of stress and indecision, after all, these days it feels like kids pretty much already have everything (and more).  But let’s not forget the sheer joy of imagining their faces lighting up with excitement when they unwrap that perfect present. It’s like being a kid again ourselves, diving into a world of wonder and possibility where even the smallest surprise can spark joy, fun and creativity. So, let’s embrace the adventure, get creative, and make gift-giving a joyous journey filled with laughter, smiles, and maybe even a little bit of magic along the way!


There are so many gift ideas out there to chose from, so we’ve chosen some of the most popular ideas in a variety of categories like: learning/educational, toys, technology, games and, of course, cute.  Most of these are appropriate for kids at least 3 years old and some will go up to ages 12+.  If you’re looking for ideas for teens or tween, you can check those out here.

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Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod Sweet Pea First Baby Doll with Cozy Sleep Sack

Soft & Snuggly Doll

Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod Sweet Pea First Baby Doll with Cozy Sleep Sack

Recommended Ages 6 Months+

Get ready to snuggle up with the cutest little pal – it’s the perfect companion for cuddles and imaginative playtime With its adorable embroidered face and soft, huggable body, this little cutie is sure to become your little one’s new best friend. Plus, the cozy sleep sack adds an extra layer of cuteness and comfort, making naptime and bedtime routines a win. 

Cool Features:

  • Encourages Nurturing Play: This cute doll fosters nurturing and empathy in young children, providing them with a cuddly companion to care for and comfort during playtime.

  • Soft and Huggable: Made from soft materials and featuring an adorable design, this baby doll offers a cozy and comforting tactile experience, making it suitable for snuggles and cuddles at bedtime or during quiet moments throughout the day.

Not So Cool:

  • Limited Features: While we love the sweet simplicity of these dolls, if you prefer interactive options, this  lacks features such as sounds, movements, or accessories commonly found in other dolls. 

  • Durability: Like many plush toys, this doll may be susceptible to normal wear and tear over time, especially with frequent play or rough handling. we’ve owned a few of these cuties and they were very well loved.  

Available in 5 different dolls and sleep sacks, this is designed for ages 6 months and up.  A cuddly companion that fosters nurturing and empathy in young children. Whether they’re practicing their nurturing skills, soothing their baby doll to sleep, or simply sharing secrets and giggles, a doll can encourage imaginative play and social interaction. With its soft, squishy body and charming details, it’s the perfect size for little hands to hold and cuddle.


Munchkin Float and Play Bubble Bath Toys

Tub Toys

Munchin Float and Play Bubbles

Recommended Ages 4 Months+

Make bath time a bubbly adventure with this 4 pack of bath toys – they’re like a mini carnival right in your tub.  Well, if carnivals were in tubs.  With their vibrant colors these floating bubbles are sure to capture your little one’s imagination and turn every bath into a splashy extravaganza.  Whether they’re practicing their hand-eye coordination, exploring their bubbly shape, or simply enjoying some good old-fashioned water play, these bubbly buddies are guaranteed to make a splash.

Cool Features:

  • Encourages Sensory Exploration: Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles offer babies and toddlers a stimulating sensory experience during bath time, with colorful bubbles that float and move in the water, encouraging visual tracking and hand-eye coordination development.

  • Promotes Bathtime Enjoyment: With their fun and engaging design, these bath toys make bathtime more enjoyable and exciting for young children, turning routine activities into playful and interactive experiences that might help establish positive associations with water and bathing.

Not So Cool:

  • Keeping Things Clean: As with all bath and water toys, if not properly dried and stored after use, bath toys can be prone to mold and mildew growth. Regular cleaning and thorough drying of the toys are necessary to prevent mold buildup.

Designed for babies and toddlers, the Munchkin Float & Play Bubbles are not only entertaining but also educational, providing valuable sensory experiences in the water. As your little one reaches, grasps, and splashes with these buoyant bubbles, they’re developing essential motor skills and hand-eye coordination in a fun and interactive way. Plus, with their waterproof design and easy-to-clean surfaces, these bath toys are as practical as they are enjoyable, making them a must-have addition to your bath time routine. 


Callie Pom Pom 4 Piece Comforter Set - Twin

Cool & Cozy Bedding

Callie Pom Pom 4-Pc. Comforter Set (Twin)

Recommended Ages 10+

Available in twin/twin XL (also available in a full/queen option), this cute set is sure to brighten up any bedroom.  It’s like a hug from a cloud with a sprinkle of pizzazz.  This set features a soft and snuggly comforter complete with pom pom accents, coordinating sham and a decorative pillow, making it the perfect upgrade for their space. 

Cool Features:

  • Stylish and Whimsical Design:  Features a charming and playful design with pom pom accents, adding a touch of whimsy and personality to any bedroom decor. Its vibrant colors and cheerful patterns make it a cool gift that can brighten up a child’s room.

  • Cozy and Comfortable: Made from soft and cozy materials, this comforter set provides warmth and comfort, making it a great gift for children who love to snuggle up in bed. The matching shams and decorative pillow add extra coziness and style, and create a cohesive look.

Not So Cool:

  • Pom Pom Maintenance: The pom pom accents on the comforter and pillow may require special care during washing to prevent damage or tangling. Parents may need to take extra precautions and follow specific washing instructions to ensure that the pom poms remain intact and in good condition over time.
  • Price:  Sometimes it’s tough to commit to pricier bedding if you like to switch the decor up on the regular.

Crafted with premium materials and designed with kids in mind, this set combines quality construction with delightful details for a bedding ensemble that’s as durable as it is adorable. The ultra-soft comforter provides just the right amount of warmth and coziness, while the playful pom pom accents add a whimsical touch that kids will love.  It complements a wide range of bedroom decor styles, making it a versatile and timeless addition to any kiddo’s room. 


Gnomes at Night Game

A Game of Teamwork

Gnomes at Night Game

Recommended Ages 6+

Long live family game night – and this game is perfect for that since it centers around the idea of working at a team, and is playable with 2-4 players.  And it takes just 15 minutes of time. Enter that gnome maze and try to find your way out…but you’re not in this alone!  It’s such a nice break and a way to get everyone (including us parents) off their devices.

Cool Features:

  • Promotes Teamwork and Communication: Gnomes at Night encourages players to work together to navigate through a maze using non-verbal communication, fostering teamwork and cooperation skills in a fun and engaging way.

  • Stimulates Critical Thinking: The game challenges players to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles within a time limit, promoting strategic thinking, problem-solving, and spatial awareness skills. It’s a great gift for both kids and adults who enjoy mentally stimulating and collaborative gameplay experiences.

Not So Cool:

  • Requires Physical Space: This game involves players moving around a physical space to manipulate the game board, which may require a suitable playing area. Players with limited space or playing in crowded environments may find it a bit more challenging.

  • Limited Replayability: Some players may find that the game loses its novelty after multiple playthroughs, as the maze layout remains the same each time. While the game is fun, some may find the replayability somewhat limited.

Gnomes at Night is an exhilarating cooperative game that takes players on a thrilling maze-solving adventure. In this whimsical game, players take on the roles of gnomes navigating a maze in search of lost treasures. The catch? The maze is hidden from view, and communication is limited to non-verbal gestures. With a shared goal of recovering all the treasures before time runs out, players must work together, using tactile feedback and keen observation to guide their gnomes through the maze and overcome obstacles along the way. With its unique blend of teamwork, strategy, and suspense, Gnomes at Night is a great pick for players of all ages.


Crayola Inspiration Art Case & Coloring Set - 140 CT

Art Set

Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set (140 ct)

Recommended Ages 5+

Get ready to unleash their inner artist with the Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set – it’s like having a rainbow at your fingertips, ready to turn any blank canvas into a masterpiece. Packed with a vibrant array of crayons, colored pencils, and markers, this comprehensive art kit is great for aspiring artists of all ages, really. With its portable design and convenient carrying case, they can take their creativity on the go.

Cool Features:

  • Encourages Creativity and Self-Expression: This set provides kiddos with a wide variety of coloring tools, including crayons, colored pencils, and markers, allowing them to explore their creativity and express themselves through art.

  • Versatile and Portable: With its compact carrying case, this set is easy to transport, making it ideal for use at home, school, or on-the-go. It’s a convenient gift option that provides hours of entertainment and creative expression wherever they go.

Not So Cool:

  • Potential for Mess: As with any art supplies, there is a possibility of creating messes, especially when younger children are involved.  

  • Limited Durability:  Hey, crayons and pencils can break – it’s par for the course.  Some users have reported that certain crayons or colored pencils in the set may break easily, especially with rough handling or excessive pressure. While Crayola products are generally known for their quality, it can’t hurt to be careful, in order to prevent breakage and maintain their usability over time.

With over 140 pieces, including crayons, colored pencils, and markers, this set offers a wide variety of colors and tools to explore, allowing artists to experiment and create in their own unique style. From bold strokes to intricate details, the possibilities are endless, making it the perfect gift for budding artists, creative kids, and anyone who loves to color outside the lines.


Lying Flat Duck Night Light

Cutest Little Night Light

Duck Lying Flat Night Light

Recommended Ages All

Add a touch of whimsy to any room with the Lying Flat Duck Night Light – it’s the perfect combination of adorable design and soothing illumination. Crafted from soft silicone, this cute duck-shaped night light emits a gentle glow that creates a cozy ambiance, making it ideal for bedtime stories, late-night feedings, or simply adding a playful accent to your decor. With its portable and rechargeable design, you can place this delightful duck anywhere you need a little extra light, whether it’s on a bedside table, a nursery shelf, or a desk.

Cool Features:

  • Provides Comforting Nighttime Illumination: This little night light emits a gentle glow, offering a comforting source of light for little ones during bedtime, helping to ease any fear of the dark and promote a sense of security and relaxation.

  • Adorable and Playful Design:  He’s so stinkin’ cute! With its duck-shaped design, this night light adds a touch of whimsy to any child’s bedroom decor.  Its playful appearance can also serve as a fun decorative element during daytime hours.

Not So Cool:

  • Limited Brightness: This night light emits a soft glow that may not be sufficient for providing adequate illumination in larger rooms or areas with high levels of ambient light. 

This little light isn’t just a charming decorative accent for little ones – it’s also a practical and versatile lighting solution for both kids and adults. Featuring a simple one-button operation, this silicone duck light is easy to use and can be adjusted to different brightness levels to suit your needs. Its durable (and adorable) kid-friendly design make it a great addition to any space, while its energy-efficient LED bulbs ensure long-lasting and reliable performance. Whether you’re looking for a comforting night light for your child’s bedroom or a whimsical addition to your home decor, this little guy is sure to brighten up your space.


A Delicious Delivery

Levain Bakery 2 Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recommended Ages 5+

Send some sweet treats to some of the sweetest kids you know (excluding any dietary restrictions of course).  These come in a variety of flavors, and you can choose to ship 4, 8 or 12 cookies to your cute little cookie monsters.

Cool Features:

  • Irresistible Taste: Levain Bakery’s 2 Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies boast a decadent blend of two types of chocolate chips, ensuring a rich and indulgent flavor that is sure to delight the taste buds of kids and adults alike.

  • Special Delivery: Giving Levain Bakery cookies as a gift provides children with a special treat experience, and everyone loves a surprise in the mail! Not to mention having the opportunity to enjoy  gourmet cookies made with high-quality ingredients, elevating their snack time to another level.

Not So Cool:

  • Food Sensitivities: You’ll definitely need to be aware of any food sensitivities and dietary restrictions before shipping a food item.  The good news is, the ingredients are listed on their website. 
  • Cost: Levain Bakery cookies are considered premium gourmet treats, and their price point may be higher compared to mass-produced cookies. This could make this pick a tough one if you’re on a  tight budget.

It’ss like delivering a box of joy straight to their doorstep. They’ll love to unwrap this delivery of delicious, oversized cookies. Whether it’s a special occasion or just because, these legendary treats will make their day so much sweeter.


Hand Held Games

Nintendo Switch Lite

Recommended Ages 6+

Meet the Nintendo Switch Lite – your ultimate gaming companion for on-the-go fun! This compact and lightweight version of the Nintendo Switch system is specifically designed for handheld play.  It’s sleek and unibody design, the Nintendo Switch Lite fits comfortably in your hands, giving you the freedom to enjoy gaming wherever you want!

Cool Features:

  • Portable and Versatile: This compact and lightweight gaming console allows kids to enjoy their favorite video games on the go. Its handheld design makes it easy to take anywhere, whether on car rides, flights, or simply moving around the house, providing entertainment wherever they are.

  • Kid-Friendly Games Library: The Nintendo Switch Lite offers a wide range of family-friendly and age-appropriate games that cater to various interests and skill levels. From beloved franchises like Mario and Pokémon to educational titles and creative adventures, there’s something for every kid to enjoy, fostering imagination, problem-solving skills, and social interaction through gameplay.

Not So Cool:

  • No TV Mode Support: Unlike the original Nintendo Switch, the Lite version is optimized for handheld play only and does not have the capability to connect to a TV.

  • Limited Multiplayer Options: While the Nintendo Switch Lite supports local multiplayer with other Switch systems, it may not be as versatile for multiplayer gameplay as the standard version.


Dive into endless adventures with the Nintendo Switch Lite, where every push of a button unlocks a world of magic,  mystery, and fun – it’s like carrying an entire playground in the palm of their hands, ready to explore anytime, anywhere.  With its vibrant colors and portable design, the Nintendo Switch Lite transforms boredom into excitement, turning mundane moments into epic quests.


Positive Potato

An Inspirational Spud

The Positive Potato

Recommended Ages 12+

Everyone loves a little positive reinforcement and shouldn’t those words of wisdom be coming from a little knitted potato?  Rhetorical question –  because of course it should.  He’s made of woolen yarn, so he’s durable, and stands about 3 inches tall, so he’s adorable.  

Cool Features:

  • Promotes Positive Thinking:  We love a support system! The Positive Potato serves as a playful reminder to embrace optimism and positivity.

  • Provides Comfort and Joy: This knitted toy offers cuddly comfort, providing kids an inspirational little friend to enjoy.  Its cute and cheerful appearance and uplifting message bring a little bit of joy when they need it. 

Not So Cool:

  • Durability: As with any knitted toy, there is a possibility of wear and tear over time, especially with frequent handling or rough play. 
  • For Older Kids:  This one is geared toward older kids, as his little message of positivity and inspiration may go over some younger kids’ (Mr. Potato) heads.

This knitted positive potato serves as a charming reminder to embrace life’s quirks with humor and optimism, making it a cute and uplifting gift that brings a little encouragement to anyone’s day. With its quirky charm and positive message, this adorable spud is sure to inspire a smile, serving as a whimsical token of support and positivity in any situation.


Amazon Fire 10 Tablet for Kids

Popular Pick

Fire 10 Tablet for Kids

Recommended Ages 3+

The new Amazon Fire 10 Kids Tablet is a game-changer for young tech enthusiasts, offering a world of educational content, interactive games, and endless entertainment right at their fingertips. With its vibrant 10.1-inch HD display and powerful quad-core processor, this tablet delivers stunning visuals and smooth performance, making learning and playtime a truly immersive experience. Parents can rest easy knowing that the Fire 10 Kids Tablet comes with a kid-proof case and parental controls, ensuring a safe and secure environment for children to explore and discover new interests.

Cool Features:

  • Engaging Educational Content: This tablet provides access to a wide range of educational apps, games, eBooks, and videos that cater to various age groups and learning styles. With its immersive multimedia capabilities, it offers interactive and engaging learning experiences that can help children develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and academic knowledge.

  • Parental Controls and Safety Features: Designed with children’s safety in mind, the Fire 10 Tablet for Kids comes with parental controls and safety features that allow parents to monitor and manage their child’s screen time, content access, and online activities. With features such as screen time limits, age-appropriate content filters, and the ability to create individual user profiles, parents can ensure that their child’s digital experiences are safe, balanced, and suitable for their age and maturity level.

Not So Cool:

  • Screen Time Management: At the end of the day, it’s still a screen, and screen time can definitely be an issue in this day and age.  For us as parents, it can fell like an uphill battle, so it’s essential to establish clear rules and boundaries regarding screen time and encourage a healthy balance of digital and offline activities.

  • Content Quality: While the tablet provides access to a vast library of educational content, not all apps, games, or videos may be of high quality or educational value.  So parents will need to stay on top of appropriate content for their child.

Designed specifically for kids, the Amazon Fire 10 Kids Tablet is more than just a device – it’s a gateway to creativity, learning, and endless fun. With access to thousands of age-appropriate apps, books, videos, and games, children can unleash their imaginations and dive into a world of endless possibilities. Whether they’re reading their favorite books, solving puzzles, or exploring new worlds in immersive games, the Fire 10 Kids Tablet empowers kids to learn, create, and discover in their own unique way.


Unisex Crocs: Classic Clogs for Kids

Fantastic Footwear

Unisex Crocs: Classic Clogs

Recommended Ages 3+

These Crocs are still kicking around.  Literally.  They’re the ultimate combination of comfort and style, providing little ones with a versatile footwear option for all their day to day adventures. With their iconic design and lightweight construction, these clogs are perfect for everyday wear, whether it’s strolling around, or splashing in puddles. The durable and easy-to-clean material makes them a practical choice for parents, while the variety of colors and patterns (and don’t forget to add on some jibitz!) allows kids to express their individuality and personality with every step.

Cool Features:

  • Comfortable and Versatile: Croc clogs for kids are known for their comfortable and lightweight design, making them suitable for various activities, including indoor and outdoor play, trips to the beach, or casual outings. With their slip-on style and cushioned footbed, these clogs provide support and comfort for children’s growing feet, ensuring all-day wearability.

  • Durable and Easy to Clean: Made from durable materials such as Croslite™ foam, Croc clogs for kids are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for busy parents. Whether it’s mud, sand, or water, these clogs can withstand the rigors of active play and can be easily rinsed off or wiped clean, ensuring that they stay looking fresh and new for longer.

Not So Cool:

  • Lack of Support:  The minimalist design of the clogs may not offer the same level of support as traditional shoes with more structured designs, which could lead to discomfort or fatigue during prolonged wear.

  • P.U.:   Due to their foam construction and open design, Croc clogs may be prone to odor build-up, especially if worn without socks or in hot and humid conditions. They may need to regularly clean and air out the clogs to prevent unpleasant odors from developing.

Designed to keep up with active young feet,  Crocs clogs for kids offer a comfortable fit that’s perfect for all-day wear. The slip-on design and adjustable heel strap help to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, while the cushioned footbed provides ample support and shock absorption – making them the perfect footwear companion for kids on the move.


Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball

Hoop It Up

Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball

Recommended Ages 12+

This is the slam-dunk gift that turns any space into a court for epic basketball showdowns and gravity-defying dunks.  With its easy-to-install design and shatterproof backboard, this mini hoop brings the excitement of the game right into your home, playroom, bedroom, or dorm room.  Everyone can shoot, dunk, and swish their way to victory.

Cool Features:

  • Indoor Fun: This mini basketball hoop provides a fun and engaging way for kids to stay active indoors,  practice their basketball skills and enjoy friendly competitions with friends and family. It’s a great gift option for a little indoor fun, especially during colder or rainy days.

  • Easy Setup and Versatility: With its simple assembly and compact size, it can be easily set up in bedrooms, playrooms, or other indoor spaces, transforming any area into a mini basketball court.  

Not So Cool:

  • Space Requirements: Setting up the mini basketball hoop requires adequate space for both playing and shooting, which may be limited in smaller living spaces or rooms with low ceilings. 

  • Noise and Disturbance: The sound of basketballs bouncing and hitting the backboard may be a lot to listen to, particularly in shared living environments or during late hours.  It’s the late hours for me.  We’ve had this one for years in our house and I’ve actually started to tune out the sound.

Perfect for basketball enthusiasts of all ages, the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop provides a fun and interactive way to stay active and hone your skills while unleashing your inner MVP –  offering endless opportunities for practice and play.  From perfecting your three-point shot to mastering the art of the slam dunk, this hoop inspires creativity and friendly competition, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves the game of basketball.

In Conclusion

While it can be tough to choose unique gifts, or find fun gift ideas when they seem to have everything and more,  the carefully selected gifts chosen for kids offer a blend of creativity, entertainment, and educational value – catering to their diverse interests and ages, and fostering some joy and excitement. From interactive toys to imaginative games and practical accessories, each gift provides a unique opportunity for children to explore, learn, and create unforgettable memories, making them truly exceptional choices for any occasion.