The Hottest Toys of 2024 May Look a Bit Familiar

Everything old is new again!

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Dog-E Interactive Toy Robot Dog


Cookeez Makery Surprise Plushie


The All New 2024 Furby (It's Baaaack!)

Not sure where to start?  We’re making it easier than ever to jump right to the toys that your kids may be interested in the most!


Gather ’round, merry-makers and festive fun-seekers, for the most joyous season of the year is upon us! Christmas is a time for twinkling lights, cozy gatherings, and, of course, the thrill of unboxing the best toys that Santa’s workshop has to offer! From magical playsets that transport us to enchanted realms to high-speed racers that make our hearts race, the best toys for Christmas are here to sprinkle laughter, wonder, and endless adventures under the tree. So, whether you’re young or young at heart, get ready to unwrap the magic and embark on a holiday journey filled with the brightest smiles and the most fantastic playtime escapades! 

This year we know that Barbie is going to be under just about every single tree.  But we’re also predicting that nostalgia will be making a big comeback with the new Furby and the resurgence of Fingerlings.  Of course, the old standbys made our list like Paw Patrol, LOL Surprise, LEGO, Mini toys and all types of toy cars.  

Here’s a quick recap on how we decided what made our toy list this time around.  We’ve researched dozens of toys, read just as many reviews from folks who actually purchased the toys themselves, and some we even bought and/or gifted ourselves.

Hours of Research


Toys Considered


Total Toy Ideas


So let’s get into it, shall we?

Which Barbie Toys Will Continue to Sell Out in 2024

It’s no surprise last holiday season all things “Barbie” to totally crushed the toy game.  Due to the ginormous success of the Barbie Movie (at last count bringing in over $1 billion worldwide), 

So, just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean your kids still don’t want the most fabulous and fun Barbie toys of the year!

Whether you’re a Barbie Movie enthusiast or just looking for the perfect gift for a little fashionista, we’ve got you covered with an array of Barbie dolls and playsets that will dazzle and delight right now!

From glamorous fashionistas to inspiring career dolls, and magical playsets that transport you to dreamy worlds, Barbie has it all! Heck, even teens are getting into Barbie all over again this year! So, let’s dive into the enchanting world of Barbie and discover the best types of toys that will have everyone wanting more, more, more!

Some of the bestsellers are:

  • Barbie: The Movie Dolls
  • The 2024 Barbie Dream House
  • The Barbie Corvette Car
  • LEGO Barbie Dream Home

Barbie: The Movie "Margot Robbie" Doll (Gingham Dress)


Barbie: The Movie Ken Doll With Surfboard


2024 Barbie Dreamhouse (75 Piece, 3 Story)


Barbie: The Movie Gloria Doll With Power Pantsuit


Barbie: The Movie Corvette (Remote Control Toy Car)


Barbie: The Movie Mega Blocks Dreamhouse Building Set

The Hottest Toys For Every Type of Kid

It’s always hard to chase the toy trend, but after weeks of research, reading endless articles, and seeing what’s actually trending around Amazon, Walmart, & Target we’re ready to make our prediction of the 3 hottest toys for this season.  

Of course everything “Barbie” that we listed above will basically be tough to come by, but outside of Barbie this year it’s all about interactive surprises and interactive nostalgia.  

Furby’s are back!  Although our opinion is that they’ve never fully left, but this time around Furby comes with some cute accessories and, more importantly, has 5 different modes of play and more than 600 different responses.  The good news?  It doesn’t connect to the Internet, so you and your kids are safe there.  

Speaking of toys making a major comeback.  Say hello (again) to the new 2024 Fingerlings!  These little cuties are also totally interactive with more than 70 different sounds and reactions.  Your kids have to take care of them, love them, kiss them and more.

And finally, we’re tossing our hat into the ring that the Cookeez Makery is going to be still on their wish-list all throughout 2024.  All you have to do with this sweet smelling stuffie is mix up the ingredients, toss it in the play “makery” oven and next thing you know a scented plush stuffed animal is born.  A little strange, but your kids will love the surprise of which toy they’re going to get.


Cookeez Makery Surprise Oven


The New 2024 Furby


New Interactive Fingerling Monkey

Paw Patrol Toys

Paw Patrol keeps churning out some really amazing toys, figurines, and playsets each and every year – especially as we get closer to the holiday season.  So, get ready to embark on a paw-some journey with the most popular Paw Patrol toys that are taking playtime by storm. From towering lookout towers to transforming rescue vehicles, these toys are every aspiring pup’s dream come true! Join Ryder, Chase, Marshall, and the rest of the fearless team as they race to the rescue with gadgets, gizmos, and a sprinkle of pup magic.

With exciting features, lights, and sounds, these toys will have little ones barking with joy and unleashing their inner heroes. Whether you’re soaring to new heights with Skye or diving into underwater missions with Zuma, the adventures are endless with these cute toys in tow.

Some of the most fun ones for boys and girls include:

  • Aqua Pups:  Rocky and Sawfish
  • The Whale Patroller Vehicle
  • The Mighty Movie Aircraft Carrier

Paw Patrol Aqua Pups: Rocky & Sawfish


Paw Patrol Whale Patroller (With Chase Action Figure)


"Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie" Aircraft Carrier

LEGO Sets That are More Than Just "Toys"

Sure they hurt like heck when you step on them with your barefoot, but we can all agree that LEGOs are on many letters to Santa each and every year.  In fact, did you know that during the Christmas season (November – December) 28 LEGO sets are sold each second!  Crazy right? 

These colorful bricks are like magical building blocks that unlock a world of endless possibilities for your kids (and adults alike). Whether you’re constructing towering castles, speedy racecars, or intergalactic spaceships, LEGO lets imaginations soar high and wide. Boys and girls alike can dive into the joy of building, problem-solving, and unleashing their artistic flair. There are no rules when it comes to LEGO – you’re the architect, engineer, and designer all in one! So, let those creative juices flow, and let the adventure begin as boys and girls discover the power of play and the sheer awesomeness of LEGO! After all, when it comes to building dreams, LEGO is everyone’s ultimate playground!

Some of the current best sellers to take a look at for this season include:

  • Star Wars OBI-Wan Kenobi Jedi Starfighter
  • LEGO Friends Shopping Mall
  • 123 Sesame Street
  • Harry Potter Knight Bus
  • Super Mario & Peach Starter Course

Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Starfighter Set


Harry Potter LEGO Knight Bus

LEGO Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban Knight Bus


LEGO Sesame Street 123 Complete Building Set


LEGO Friends Heartlake City Shopping Mall


LEGO Super Mario & Peach Starter Course Set

LOL Surprise Toys

You know that LOL was going to make the hottest toy list again this year.  While they’re not as popular as when they first came out and were merely impossible to find, there still are some LOL essentials so many kids are still into.

These little fashion-forward, mystery-packed dolls have taken the toy world by storm and captured the hearts of kids and collectors everywhere. With their adorable charm, eye-catching designs, and collectible nature, it’s no wonder that LOL dolls have become the ultimate craze. Each doll comes wrapped in layers of surprises, adding an extra element of excitement to the unboxing experience. From the glittery glam of the LOL Surprise Glamper to the magic of the LOL Surprise O.M.G. dolls, every addition to the LOL family brings a new wave of joy. Not to mention this time of year LOL typically releases big ticket items like the ultimate dollhouse, expanded collector packs and more.

This year we’re choosing the top LOL toys that will put smiles on the faces of the littlest ones on your list.

  • LOL Surprise Dollhouse
  • LOL Surprise Megaball Magic

LOL Surprise Toy Advent Calendar With 25 Toy Surprises


LOL Mega Ball Magic With 60+ Surprises & 12 Dolls


LOL Surprise OMG Fashion House Playset

Mini Toys

Mini toys (from all brands) have taken the toy world by storm, becoming an instant hit among kids and collectors alike! These pocket-sized wonders combine the excitement of unboxing with the thrill of surprise, making them totally cute, fun, and kind of addictive.

These have all really gained in popularity year after year because you can find all sorts of cool stuff in these little balls, like tiny toys, cute pets, mini accessories, and even squishy characters! Each time you open one, it’s like entering a whole new world of surprises, making the experience super exciting. That’s why kids can’t wait to collect them all!  And, due to their small size, they make perfect stocking stuffer ideas too.

While there are endless mini toys to choose from, we think the most popular for this season include:

  • Miniverse Make It Mini Food Cafe
  • Mega Gross Minis
  • Mini Brands Series 5

Miniverse "Make It Mini" Food Cafe Series 2


5 Surprise Mega Gross Mini Toys Mystery Pack


Mini Brands Series 5 Mini Toys (2 Pack)

Toy Cars & Racetracks

When it comes to car toys, these make the perfect gifts for boys and girls of just about all ages.  Some of the best sellers each year consist of:

  • Hot Wheels: Hot Wheels has been an iconic brand for decades, known for its wide range of die-cast toy cars and track sets. With various themes, licensed vehicles, and collectible series, Hot Wheels remains a favorite among car enthusiasts of all ages.

  • LEGO Technic: LEGO Technic sets offer a unique combination of building and play, allowing kids and adults to construct intricate vehicles with functional elements such as gears, suspensions, and working engines.

  • Disney Pixar Cars: Inspired by the popular animated movie “Cars,” this toy line features die-cast replicas of beloved characters like Lightning McQueen, Mater, and many others, making them a hit among young fans.

  • RC Cars: Remote-controlled cars continue to be a top choice for kids and hobbyists who enjoy the thrill of controlling vehicles with precision and speed.

  • Paw Patrol Rescue Racers: These adorable and durable toy cars feature characters from the hit show “Paw Patrol,” making them a favorite among younger children.

This year we’re picking the ones we think are going to be the hottest sellers of the season like:

  • Monster Jam Remote Control Monster Truck
  • Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set
  • John Deere Tractor

Monster Jam "Megalodon Storm" Remote Monster Truck


Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set


John Deere Tractor Monster Treads Light-Up Wheels