Small Surprises, Big Delights: Find the Perfect Stocking Stuffers to Make Spirits Bright!

Fun ideas that'll work for just about any kid, teen, or even adults!

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It’s the last thing you have time for, but don’t forget those dreaded stocking stuffers.  Here are some of the most popular (and cheap) ideas to stuff their stockings before it’s too late!

Cheap Stocking Stuffers 2024 - Ideas for Stocking Stuffer for Kids, Men & Women 2024

Last year, on average, people were spending between $200 – $450 on their stocking stuffers.  Now we say good for them, but we think it’s totally getting out of hand.  There are so many different stocking options out there to choose from, but if you don’t want to break the bank we’ve got your back.

We’ve researched some of the hottest Christmas categories and chose some of the most popular picks in a variety areas that cover just about everyone in your family.  Yes, there’s something for the kids, the men of the house and, more importantly, the women of the house that somehow usually get forgotten about until the last minute.

On average our picks are on the cheap side, ranging on average anywhere from $9.99 – $29.00.  Of course there are some more expensive picks in there (we’re looking at you tech stuff), but overall we think you and your wallet will approve.

Shop our picks for some of the best stocking stuffer ideas for everyone in 2024.

The Best Stocking Stuffer of 2024

The Bag of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: Bag of Reindeer Farts for Kids 2024

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You can’t forget about the reindeers this Christmas season!  This is the classic bag of reindeer farts that is actually super sweet cotton candy that’s peppermint flavored and is perfect to stuff anyones stocking this year.  Learn more here.

The OCD Pick

The Smartphone UV Sanitizer and Charger – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: iPhone Cleaner by PhoneSoap 2024

Shop Now

This is perfect for anyone whose smartphone is disgusting and covered in germs they can’t even see.  Spoiler Alert:  That’s all of us!  This is the latest from PhoneSoap, was seen on SharkTank, and thanks to the UV light will give 99.9% of all the nasty germs covering your phone.  Plus, it’ll even charge it at the same time.  Great for the kids, women, and men.  We’d say pets too but we don’t think they’re using phones…yet.  Learn more here.

The Must-Have Toy Pick

The Hatchimals Pixies Flyers – Buy It Here

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That’s right, these Pixies Crystal Flyers actually fly!  You can use your hand to motion them up or down (or to even land on you).  Watch them fly all over your home and, most likely, into the fireplace.  Get your camera rolling!  Learn more here.

The Tech-Approved Pick

The “Choose Kindness” Phone Case – Buy It Here

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In a crazy world where we could all use a little reminder to always “choose kindness” now we can remind ourselves and others with this cool iPhone case (all different models available) that’s perfect for kids, teens, women, and men.  We love anything with a positive message!  Learn more here.

The Hot Pick

The Truff Gourmet Hot Sauce – Buy It Here

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It was one of Oprah’s Favorite Things recently and a total must-have for anyone who’s obsessed with hot sauce.  This one is a blend of ripe red chili peppers, real white truffle, organic agave nectar and savory spices.  Toss it right in their stocking and wait for them to let you use it.  Learn more here.

The Tribute Pick

The Jeopardy Alex Trebek Funko Pop – Buy It Here

Best White Elephant Gifts 2024: Alex Trebek Funko Pop 2024

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We all need some more Alex Trebek in our life!  This collectible figurine comes as either 1980’s Alex Trebek with a mustache or the more up-to-date Trebek without mustache.  Truth be told, we’d want both.  Learn more here.

The Pickle Lovers Pick

The Pickle Flavored Candy Canes – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: Cheap Pickle Candy Canes 2024

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Apparently even Santa is into pickle flavored everything.  Good to know.  These come six to a pack so stock up and grab them while you still can! Learn more here.

The Frequent Flyer Pick

The Bloody Mary Carry-On Cocktail Kit – Buy It Here

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Don’t worry, it’s totally TSA-approved.  This portable cocktail kit allows you to make 2 Bloody Mary’s on your next flight or road trip (just make sure you’re not the one driving or flying the plane).  The small travel-size container comes with just about everything you need to make the perfect drink right at your seat.  There are a bunch of other cocktail kits available too if the Bloody Mary isn’t their jam.  Learn more here.

The Loving Pick

The ” You Are Loved” T-Shirt – Buy It Here

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Sometimes all we really need is a kind and loving message, especially during these times.  This comfy “You Are Loved” tee comes in a bunch of different colors for kids, women, and men.  Roll it up, stuff it in their stocking, and provide them with that much needed reminder.  Learn more here.

The Money Pick

The Mystery Money Soap – Buy It Here

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Finally a way to incentivize them to take a shower!  This money soap bar is actual soap and there is actual money inside!  How much you get it part of the surprise!  Learn more here.

The Sing in the Shower Pick

The Victsing Waterproof Shower Speaker – Buy It Here

New Tech Gadgets 2024: Shower Speaker 2024

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It’s totally waterproof, portable, and comes in a bunch of different eye-catching colors.  You can easily hook it onto your shower or use the secure suction cup that comes with it.  It even has a built-in mic for hands free phone calls.  Always working!  Learn more here.

The Nostalgic Pick

The Bob Ross Bingo Game – Buy It Here

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He’s the famous PBS painter from the 70s and 80s who’s making a real comeback this year!  Now you can play Bingo the Bob Ross way!  Learn more here.

The Clean Pick

The ProCase Smartphone Screen Cleaning Pads – Buy It Here

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Get those pesky fingerprints off your iPhone, tablet, and other devices with this super easy-to-use cleaning pad set. These come as a 4-pack and are insanely cheap!  Learn more here.

The Christmas Pick

The ‘Very Emoji Christmas’ Coloring Book – Buy It Here

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If you ever wondered how your favorite emojis are spending the holidays, well, wonder no more!  This fun 24-page coloring book is perfect for your kiddos, your teens, or even the adults in your life who want to take some time to disconnect from their devices, get mindful, calm and basically just zen-out.  The price is pretty insane too, so you can easily pick up a few!  Learn more here.

The Always Charging Pick

The iPhone Charger Face Sticker Set – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: iPhone Charger Face Stickers for Kids 2024

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Now they can decorate their own iPhone chargers by turning them into custom funny faces.  It’s the perfect way for everyone in the family (including your tween) to know which charger is actually there.  You can create up to 4 funny characters.  Learn more here.

The Beauty Pick

The Foreo Luna Mini Sonic Cleansing Facial Brush – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: Foreo Mini for Women 2024

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It’s the latest from Foreo, super small, and what she’ll totally want this season so she can easily store it in her purse, gym bag, or wherever.  It helps cleans all skin types, exfoliates, helps unclog pores, get rid of dead skin, helps to remove makeup residue and more.  It also comes in other cool colors too like black, blue, pink, yellow and more.  Learn more here.

The Mini Pick

The 5 Surprise Mini Brands – Buy It Here

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How cute are these tiny little mini brands?!  They’ll never know which ones they’re getting inside, but there are 5 different ones to unbox.  Learn more here.

The Yummy Learning Pick

The DIY Bubble Gum Making Kit – Buy It Here

Kids Christmas Gift 2024: DIY Bubble Gum Kit 2024

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Ages:  8+ years old.

What a fun way to learn exactly how bubble gum is made!  Plus, they’ll love eating it and blowing bubbles as big as they can.  This DIY kit comes with everything you need to make about a half-pound of delicious gum.  Learn more here.

The Tech Pick

The Tile Combo Pack Key & Phone Finder – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: Tile Finder for Women and Men 2024

Shop Now

Never lose your keys, phone, or anything else ever again!  Simply attach this really small and thin ’tile’ to your keys, the back of your phone, your purse, in your wallet, or wherever and if it goes missing simply tap the app on your phone or tablet and locate where it has been hiding.  Learn more here.

The Tiny Pick

The Sony Mini Waterproof Portable Speaker – Buy It Here

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This is one powerful speaker, in such a small (almost cute) size!  It’s the latest from Sony, is totally waterproof, comes in a bunch of different cool colors, and is even dust-proof because, yes, that’s actually a thing.  Learn more here.

The Family-Friendly Pick

The Relative Insanity Family Game – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: Relative Insanity Game for Kids 2024

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This super funny game was created by comic Jeff Foxworthy and is basically like Cards Against Humanity, but family-friendly and about your family!  Fill in the blanks with hysterical responses about your family and the funniest one wins!  Learn more here.

The Music Pick

The Latest 2024 Version of the Apple Wireless AirPods Pro – Buy It Here

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It’s the upgraded version of last years wireless AirPods from Apple.  That means they’re newer, better, and much-needed.  They’ll last longer, charger faster, and Siri voice ready.  Even better, they’re noise-cancelling too!  Learn more here.

Update:  Get the Cheaper, Earlier, Version Here!

The Self-Care Pick

The SlipSilk Pure Silk Sleep Mask – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: Slip Sleep Mask for Women 2024

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This is the sleep mask that everyone has been writing about online this year.  It’s pure silk, super comfy, and is perfect for her beauty sleep.  The palm leaf trend is all the rage, but it also comes in other colors like pink, black, white, gold, navy blue, and more.  Learn more here.

The Bourbon Lovers Pick

The Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: Whiskey Wedge for Men 2024

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Now their favorite drink doesn’t have to get totally watered down right away.  It’s one of the best-sellers of the year and, yes, we are obsessed.  It comes with the bourbon glass too! Learn more here.

The Glasses Pick

The Peeps Eyeglasses/Sunglasses Cleaner – Buy It Here

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Keep your glasses squeaky clean and get those pesky corners you can never seem to get totally clean!  These are even used by NASA, yes, for real.  Learn more here.

The Glam Pick

The G0-Glam Nail Stamper – Buy It Here

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They’ll have a total blast doing their very own at-home mani and get super cool stamps and patterns added right to their nails just like they went to the salon!  Learn more here.

The Ultimate Hair Pick

The Revlon Hair Dryer & Volumizing Brush – Buy It Here

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It’s the one-step hair dryer and styling/volumizing brush in one that everyone has been buzzing about all year long (and even on The Today Show).  Currently it even has over 13,000 reviews and ratings on Amazon!  Learn more here.

The Avocado Lovers Pick

The OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer – Buy It Here

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Keep them safe when they’re slicing their avocados!  This 3-in-1 tool allows them to split, slice, and even pit avocados in such an easy (and almost fun) way.  Learn more here.

The Slime Obsessed Pick

The Treasure X Aliens – Buy It Here

Best Kid Gifts 2024: Treasure X Aliens 2024

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It’s one of the most popular surprise slime toys of the year.  Your kids will have to dig out and find their prized Treasure Hunter from the alien’s belly that’s filled with all sorts of gooey slime.  Inside there will also be more surprises like a real space gem, toy weapons for the Treasure Hunter and more.  Learn more here.

The Smart Pick

The Amazon Smart Plug – Buy It Here

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Turn just about your entire house into a smart-home with these Smart Plugs by Amazon.  And, yes, they can be voice controlled as well when you add Alexa.  Turning your lights on and off has never been so much fun.  Learn more here.

The Coffee Lovers Pick

The Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Flask in Pacific Blue – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: Hydro Flask For Adults 2024

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It’s time to take your coffee on the go!  This Hydro Flask is vacuum insulated and stainless steel to it’s keep your hot coffee nice and hot for up to 6-hours and your cold drinks (like iced coffee) nice and cold for up to 24-hours.  Check out all their other really cool colors too.  Learn more here.

The Magical Mystery Pick

The New Hatchimals Pixies – Buy It Here

Hatchimals Pixies Review 2024

Shop Now

It’s the latest must-have from Hatchimals.  This time it’s cute tiny little pixies!  Your kids will help them hatch from their purple eggs and then dress them up, love them, play with them, and more.  Which one will they get!  Learn more here.

The Cologne Pick

The Tom Ford “Tobacco Vanille” Cologne – Buy It Here

Shop Now

It’s the perfect cologne for the fall-into-winter or really any time of year.  It has really amazing notes of tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit accords, and sweet sap.  It’s going to become his new signature scent.  Super easy to slip right into their stocking this Christmas.  Learn more here.

The Helper Pick

The Steamery Fabric Shaver – Buy It Here

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Save your sweaters from those nasty little pills that tend to cover them over time.  This fabric shaver is easy to use, hand-held, and is twice as powerful as most shavers.  Learn more here.

The Alexa-Approved Pick

The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation – Buy It Here

Best Stocking Stuffers 2024: Amazon Echo Dot 2024

Shop Now

This one will easily pop right into their stocking!  It’s the latest gadget from Echo Dot, has a cool fabric covering, is way smaller, much better sound, and is Alexa-ready to you can make and take calls, play games, check the weather, listen to music, listen to audio books, and so much more.  Learn more here.

The Tech Accessory Pick

The AirPods Protective Silicone Case – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Not only is this a great way to keep your prized AirPods case protected, but it also makes them stand out from the crowd of white.  Choose from a variety of different colors and patterns.  You won’t believe how cheap these are too!  Learn more here.

The Kids Speaker Pick

The AudioPet Bluetooth Mini Speaker – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Seriously how cute is this little unicorn bluetooth wireless speaker?!  There are currently more than 10 different animals to choose from and they’re priced so perfectly you may want to pick up a whole farm of animals!  Learn more here.

The Car Pick

The 5 Port X5 Phone Charger For the Car – Buy It Here

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Now everyone in the fam can charge up their devices in the car.  There are 5 different ports and they can detect which devices are connected and then send the quickest charge for them.  Check them out in all different colors too.  Learn more here.

The Brunch Pick

The 1 Minute Mimosa Kit – Buy It Here

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Making a deliciously flavored mimosa has never been easier or faster.  Just drop one of these yummy flavored sugar cubes into your favorite champagne and in less than one minute you’ll have a peach, strawberry, or raspberry mimosa.  Learn more here.

The Feminist Pick

The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Long Sleeve Tee – Buy It Here

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Perfect for the major notorious RBG fans out there and a great way to remind the littles ones of her importance.  Learn more here.

The Cutest Pick

The Candylocks Scented Hair Dolls – Buy It Here

Pre Order Candylocks Dolls Series 2 2024

Shop Now

The collectible dolls smell so insanely good.  We can’t stop sniffing them!  There are currently over 20 different surprise dolls in this first series and their hair is 15-inches long, so your kids can give them a variety of fun hairstyles like ponytails, buns, braids and more.  Look for the ultra-rare Candylocks doll too!  Read more about Candylocks here!

The Printer Pick

The Canon Ivy Mini Bluetooth Printer – Buy It Here

Shop Now

This mini printer packs a powerful punch!  Simply print your photos from your phone, tablet, or other devices right in the palm of your hand.  Plus, the back of the paper peels off so you can use your photo prints as stickers.  So cool!  Learn more here.

The Life-Saver Pick

The PlusUs Portable Phone Charger Card – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Charging your phone on the go has never been easier.  This sleek and small card phone charger will slip right into your wallet and can give you the much needed jolt of power your phone needs when it’s running low.  Learn more here.

The Affordable Pick

The Maya J Eternity Ring – Buy It Here

Shop Now

So pretty and actually pretty cheap!  There are a bunch of different ring colors to choose from like green, blue, light pink, yellow, and more!  Learn more here.

The Portable Coffee Pick

The Wacaco Mini Portable Coffee Maker – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Make your favorite coffee or espresso wherever you’re going.  Whether you’re heading out camping, away for the weekend, or heading out on a business now you don’t have to settle for less than perfect coffee.  Learn more here!

The Baby Shark Pick

The Baby Shark Fingerlings – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Baby Shark is back!  And this time he’s a cute little new Fingerlings.  He’ll live wrapped around your finger, give you kisses, flip his tail, light up his fin, and perform totally interactive motions and sounds.  Plus, he’ll even sings that Baby Shark song you love.  Learn more here.

The Safety Pick

The New Blink XT2 Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera – Buy It Here

Cool Tech Gifts 2024: New Blink Indoor/Outdoor Camera 2024

Shop Now

It’s the new and improved best-selling indoor and outdoor security cam from Blink.  It’s not only waterproof, but it also allows for 2 way audio communication, customizable motion detection, day and night coverage, free cloud storage, and more.  It also has an extra long lasting battery life.  Learn more here.

The Groomers Pick

The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Kit – Buy It Here

Best Gifts For Him 2024: The Art of Shaving for Men 2024

Shop Now

The Art of Shaving kit comes with four must-use shaving items to help him prepare his face, lather up, shave, and then moisturize.  He’ll feel like a new man, will totally love it and even you’ll appreciate the difference.  Learn more here.

The iPhone Accessory Pick

The iPhone 2-in-1 Pocket Lens – Buy It Here

New Tech Gadgets 2024: iPhone Pocket Lens 2024

Shop Now

What a great way to take your pic taking to a whole new level.  This easy-to-attach 2-in-1 pocket lens is perfect for close-up images, wide angle lens shots, and so much more.  It’s actually pretty cheap too so it can make a great stocking stuffer during the holidays.  Learn more here.

The Stress Pick

The Unicorn Snot Stress Putty – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Kids 2024: Unicorn Snot 2024

Shop Now

This one is a great stress reliever.  When they’re feeling extra fidgety they can take out this glow in the dark putty and work on it until their stress and anxiety disappears.  Learn more here.

The Background Pick

The 23andMe Ancestry Kit – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts For Women 2024: 23andMe For Wife 2024

Shop Now

One of the top selling ancestry and DNA at-home tests you can’t go wrong with this update from 23andMe!  You can get your results sent directly back to you via the app and there are currently over 100 different reports on things like your personalized ancestry, health, wellness, and so much more. Learn more here.

The Eco-Friendly Pick

The eCoffee Silicone Reusable Coffee Cup – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Do some good for the environment while you enjoy your favorite cup of coffee in this silicone reusable coffee cup.  It has a no-drip lid,  and is BPS, BPA, phthalate, and latex-free.  It comes in a few different sizes and some really fun colors.  Learn more here.

The Game Pick

The Unstable Unicorns Game – Buy It Here

Cool Gifts For Teens 2024: Unstable Unicorns Game 2024

Shop Now

The point of the game is pretty simple.  You have to build an amazing and magical army of unicorns and the, of course, go ahead and betray your friends.  This one is suited for ages 14 and older.  Learn more here.

The Cool Pick

The Puravida Bracelet Pack – Buy It Here

Cool Gifts For Teens 2024: Pura Vida Bestie Bracelet 2024

Shop Now

This colorful bracelet pack is mix-and-match, can be traded with friends, is waterproof, and a portion of the money goes to local underrepresented artisans. What’s better than that? Learn more here.

The Genius Pick

The Stick-On Wallet/Card Holder For Smartphone – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Tweens 2024: Stick on Wallet for Phone 2024

Shop Now

If they’re always forgetting their money, debit card, or keys this is a great way for them to always have it with them since, you know, their phone is always glued to their hand.  These stick-on holders come in great colors and trendy patterns like palm leaves, pineapples, floral and more.  Learn more here.

The Surprise Pick

The Blume Dolls – Buy It Here

Shop Now

They’re already one of the best-sellers this year and we can see why.  Just add a few drops of water onto this magical flower pot and watch a surprise doll “bloom.”  They come with a bunch of different accessories, surprises, and more.  There’s more than 20 different dolls to grow too!  Learn more here.

The Avocado Pick

The Avocado Smash Card Game – Buy It Here

Kids Christmas Gift 2024: Avocado Smash 2024

Shop Now

A new and fun twist on their favorite card came “Snap” that they’re always playing.  This time around it’s based on a way more fun concept…avocados!  This family friendly card game even comes with a little avocado storage container to keep your cards in.  Who doesn’t love avocado?!  Learn more here.

The Reusable Pick

The Extra Wide Glass Drinking Straws – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Drink in style and help the environment all at the same time.  These come as a pack of 5 and even have a cleaning brush.  Don’t worry, they’re still dishwasher safe too.  Learn more here.

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