28 Funny White Elephant Gifts (or Yankee Swap) to Bring to Your Christmas Party

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Heading to your next White Elephant party and feel the pressure of bringing a funny gift?  Shop our picks for some of the best Yankee Swap approved ideas that are pretty cheap too.

Best White Elephant Gifts 2024 - Funny Cheap Yankee Swap Gift Ideas 2024

It’s officially that time of year when you’re invited to a bunch of different White Elephant parties.  Sometimes they’re for work, sometimes for family, and sometimes for your friends.  No matter which one you’re heading to, you’re going to need a decently good/bad gift.  The point is that whatever you pick is supposed to be ridiculous or, at the least funny.  We know.  Pressure!

In case you’re wondering, a Yankee Swap is the same thing as a White Elephant party.  Most people in the northeast call it a Yankee Swap party, but the gifting game is usually the same.  Here’s how it works:

  • Each person pulls a number out of a hat.
  • The person with the highest number goes first (this is the worst number to get).
  • Said person take one wrapped gift from the pile and opens it.  They now “own” this gift.
  • The person with the second highest number goes next and they can either take the gift of the person ahead of them or take a new wrapped gift from the pile.

That rotation goes on and on.  The fun comes in when people are basically “stealing” gifts from other people.  The person with the lowest number pulled goes last (which is the best) because they can choose anything that was already opened, typically getting the best gift ever.

Shop our picks for some of the best (and hopefully funny) White Elephant gifts in 2024.

The Best Gift of 2024

The Alex Trebek Funko Pop Figurine – Buy It Here

Best White Elephant Gifts 2024: Alex Trebek Funko Pop 2024

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I’ll take “Best White Elephant Gifts for $200!”  Of course the answer is “What is, Alex Trebek?”  All the puns!  How cute is this little Alex Trebek (old-timey with the ‘stache) figure from Funko Pop!  You can choose from the 80’s version of Alex or the more recent version of him without the mustache.  Learn more here.

The High-Fashion Pick

The Beer Belly Fanny Pack – Buy It Here

Funny Yankee Swap Gift 2024: Belly Fanny PAck 2024

Shop Now

Ok fine, so this is one gift that we wouldn’t mind getting for ourselves!  This realistic looking beer belly is, yes, a fanny pack that you clip around your waist and you can even unzip it and fill it with your must-have essentials like your keys, phone, lipstick, condoms, or whatever.  What a time to be alive!  Learn more here.

The Easiest Pick

The “My White Elephant Gift” T Shirt – Buy It Here

Best Yankee Swap Gift 2024: My White Elephant Gift Tee 2024

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It’s the perfect pick when you just want to attend the party and give your present without having to put much thought into it.  It comes in heather grey, navy blue, black, baby blue, and pink.  Learn more here.

The Awesome Pick

The Potato Pal – Buy It Here

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That’s right, you can actually get your face (or someone else’s face) printed on a potato.  Finally!  You can even choose funny sayings to put on them if the photo isn’t your thing.  It’s totally customizable and was recently featured on Shark Tank.  Learn more here.

The Must-Have Pick

The Child “Baby Yoda” Chia Pet – Buy It Here

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He’s the breakout star of The Mandalorian!  Yes, we’re talking about The Child, but he’s best known as Baby Yoda and now he’s an official Chia Pet.  What more could you ever ask for?! Learn more here.

The Office Pick

The Office Jigsaw Puzzle – Buy It Here

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It’s the most anticipated new puzzle of the year.  Now you can put together your favorite people from The Office, reenacting some of the funniest scenes ever.  Learn more here.

The Game-Night Pick

The Cards Against Humanity Game – Buy It Here

Best White Elephant Gifts 2024: Cards Against Humanity 2024

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We don’t care how many times you’ve played, this is seriously the funniest card game ever made.  If you’re not aware, you have to fill in the blank of certain sentences and phrases based on the absolutely ridiculous cards you get.  The leader of the game will then choose whose they think is the funniest and that person will win the point.  There are a bunch of expansion packs too, so the cards really are endless.  Learn more here.

The Nostalgic Pick

The Golden Girls Clue Game – Buy It Here

Best White Elephant Gifts 2024: Golden Girls Monopoly 2024

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It’s a spinoff of the famous CLUE game, but with The Golden Girls official twist.  Move around the board to find out the mystery of who ate the cheesecake.  Was it Rose with the fork on the lanai?  Solve the case and win!  Learn more here.

The Potty Humor Pick

The BigMouth Funny Toilet Mug – Buy It Here

Best White Elephant Gifts 2024: Funny Toilet Coffee Mug 2024

Shop Now

Who doesn’t want to drink their coffee or chocolate milk out of a classic white toilet?  We do!  It’s made of high quality ceramic, because we know you were wondering.  And it’ll hold up to 12-ounces of your favorite beverage.  Grab one for yourself while you’re at it.  Learn more here.

The Truth Pick

The “You Said You Want Nothing” Box – Buy It Here

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Well, they said that they didn’t want anything, so why not gift them a fun box of nothing.  You can put the real gift inside if you want.  Or don’t!

The Yummy Pick

The “Muffin Top” Baking Cups – Buy It Here

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Perfect for all of us (and we mean all) who embrace their muffin top.  This set of 4 funny muffin cups are great for making muffins (duh!), cupcakes, and more.  Learn more here.

The Zen AF Pick

The SipCaddy Shower Wine/Beer Holder – Buy It Here

Best White Elephant Gifts 2024: The Bathtub Wine Caddy 2024

Shop Now

If you’re going to drink in the shower or in the bathtub, you might as well keep your wine glass or beer can safe and sound.  This portable suction cup holder will do just that.  Believe it or not it even comes in other colors like blue, pink, black, purple, and more.  Learn more here.

The Official Yankee Swap Pick

The “Last Place Yankee Swap” T Shirt – Buy It Here

Best White Elephant Gifts 2024: Last Place Yankee Swap Gift 2024

Shop Now

It’s the t-shirt that’ll get passed all around your next Yankee Swap Party because it’s usually the last place gift!  Check it out in different colors for men, women, and kids like navy blue, red, black, heather grey, and more.  Learn more here.

The Political Pick

The Bag of Trump Cotton Candy Hair – Buy It Here

Best White Elephant Gifts 2024: Trump Hair Cotton Candy 2024

Shop Now

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! This bag of Trump-inspired cotton candy hair comes in a yellow-ish/orange-ish color and is oddly banana flavored.  Oh, and it’s made in the USA.  Take that China!  Learn more here.

The Prank Pick

The Official Nap Sack – Buy It Here

Best Yankee Swap Gifts 2024: Nap Sack Box 2024

Shop Now

Now you can sleep just about anywhere when you’re on the go!  Don’t worry, it’s actually just a funny prank box that you can use to put your “real” gift inside.  Learn more here.

The Reminder Pick

The A Hole Paperweight – Buy It Here

Shop Now

It’s a great way for them to hold down their papers and a great way to remind them what an A-hole they really are.  All in good fun!  Learn more here.

The Prize Pick

The Adult Award Ribbons – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Since everyone seems to be getting trophies today, it only makes sense that us adults should get award ribbons for basically just showing up in life and doing regular everyday tasks.  We’re actually kind of excited about this.  Learn more here.

The Pity the Fool Pick

The Mr. T Tea Cup – Buy It Here

Shop Now

How was this not in all of our kitchens all of our lives?  This punny Mr T tea cup and saucer makes the perfect gift for any fool that you pity.  Learn more here.

The Yummy Pick

The Personal Mini Waffle Maker – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Make the cutest little waffles ever for you or your kids. This makes a great choice for before school or when you just don’t really have a ton of time.  You can also make heart waffles, pumpkin shaped waffles, and more.  Learn more here.

The Pizza Lovers Pick

The Pizza Throw Blanket – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Sweet dreams are made of these.  Need we say more?  Learn more here.

The Gross, But Good Pick

The Tub Shroom Drain Protector –  Buy It Here

Shop Now

This is no joke and something every home needs.  It’ll totally save your shower train (or sink drain) from gross (and we mean gross) hair and the like.  People are obsessed and there are over 18,000 reviews of it on Amazon right now!  Learn more here.

The Office Pick

The “I Literally Can’t Even” Desk Plate – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Perfect for anyone who is totally over it.  OMG.  Learn more here.

The Duuuuude Pick

The Dude Wipes – Buy It Here

Shop Now

It’s officially the perfect time of year to let him know that he could be cleaning his undercarriage much better.  No one will want to trade this during your Yankee Swap party.  And why would they?  Learn more here.

The Fashion-Forward Pick

The Official Grass Flip Flops – Buy It Here

Shop Now

These will go perfectly with your sod shorts or even your stone pants.  Become one with nature, just like God intended.  Learn more here.

The Kids Pick

The Kids Against Maturity Game – Buy It Here

Shop Now

This one is like Cards Against Humanity, but for the kids.  Don’t worry, there’s still some hysterical fill-in-the-blank potty humor and the like, but totally family friendly.  Learn more here.

The Friendly Reminder Pick

The Friendly Reminder Doormat – Buy It Here

Shop Now

A great way to almost never forget to bring the most important things in your life with you.  No, not your kids.  We’re talking about your wallet, your keys, and your phone.  Phew!  Learn more here.

The Music Pick

The Mistaken Song Lyrics Coaster Set – Buy It Here

Shop Now

We all have that friend that really thinks it’s “Hold me closer Tony Danza.”  Wait, maybe it is?  Learn more here.

The Taco Tuesday Pick

The Unicorn Taco Holder – Buy It Here

Shop Now

Tacos are magical and so should its holder. Never get your hands messy again!  Learn more here.

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