15 Nerdy Ways to Gift the Biggest Geek in Your Life

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We love geeks.  We are geeks!  Nerds are one of the best groups of people to have to shop for because there are so many different gift ideas!

Best Geek Gifts 2024 - Funny Nerd Gift Ideas 2024 For Christmas or Birthday Dorks

First off we want to go on record stating that we are the biggest geek ever and totally proud of that.  We feel like we’re experts in all things “nerd-speak” so it only makes sense that we can recommend some of the best gift ideas of the season.

If you’re struggling what to gift the biggest dork in your life don’t just get any nerdy gift.  They’ll be able to see right through the lame ones.  We’re talking about getting them something that totally speaks their language.  And, well, sometimes that language is coding.  Go figure.

If you’re looking for that perfect geek gift for their birthday, Christmas, or “just because” you can easily shop our picks for some of the best gifts for nerds in 2024.

The Best Gift of 2024

The “Welcome to the Dork Side” Doormat – Buy It Here

Best Nerd Gifts 2024: Welcome to the Dork Side Doormat 2024

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It’s the perfect way to welcome all the other fellow nerds to your home with this Star Wars-inspired doormat.  It’s for both indoor and outdoor and made right here in the United States.  Support local dorks!  Learn more here.

The Harry Potter Pick

The Custom Harry Potter Trunk Set – Buy It Here

Best Nerd Gifts 2024: Harry Potter Duster Book Set for Geek 2024

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Calling all Potter-heads out there!  This is the official book trunk set with custom dust jackets.  Pretty amazing.  It includes all 7 books in the series and one that’s perfect for the collectors out there.  You’ll proudly display them then actually read from these.  Learn more here.

The Wi-Fi Pick

The Wi Fi Techie T-Shirt – Buy It Here

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Perfect for those geeks who are famous for always asking, “What’s the Wi Fi?”  This comfy t-shirt comes in a bunch of different colors too.  Learn more here.

The Light-Up Pick

The Light-Up LED Lightsaber Umbrella – Buy It Here

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Who wouldn’t want a fully functioning lightsaber that doubles as a super useful umbrella?!  And it even lights up!  Learn more here.

The Star Wars Pick

The Star Wars Toaster – Buy It Here

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Breakfast has officially never been this dorky or fun!  Learn more here.

The Prank Pick

The Can of Dragon Meat – Buy It Here

Best Nerd Gifts 2024: Funny Can of Dragon Meat 2024

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Who’s ready for some yummy dragon meat!?  Don’t worry there isn’t actually dragon meat in there because, you know.  But there is a little plush dragon head inside.  If you’re a GOT geek like us, they’ll totally get a kick out of this one.  Learn more here.

The PacMan Pick

The PacMan Ghost Light-Up Table Lamp – Buy It Here

Best Nerd Gifts 2024: Pac Man Ghost Table Lamp Light 2024

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We still totally love all things PacMan.  This super cool light-up table lamp, not only, gives off light, but also changes color to music.  Seriously how nerdy is that!? It actually lights up 16 different colors.  We’re in love.  Learn more here.

The Office Pick

The “That’s What She Said” Mug – Buy It Here

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A must-have for all The Office nerds out there who still quote Michael Scott to this day.  There’s no shame in that game.  Learn more here.

The Scrabble Pick

The Scrabble Tiles Refrigerator Magnets – Buy It Here

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With 112 wooden tile magnets you can basically spell out whatever you want on your fridge to remind you/them what they should be picking up at the grocery store this weekend.  Learn more here.

The Retro Pick

The Original Nintendo Mini – Buy It Here

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Pre-loaded with 30 of some of the most popular Nintendo games from the 80s and 90s, this mini Nintendo easily just plugs into your TV and will provide you with hours of fun with your BFFs Mario and Luigi!  Learn more here.

The Cooking Pick

The Darth Vader Waffle Maker – Buy It Here

Best Nerd Gifts 2024: Darth Vader Waffle Maker 2024

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Insert all the “Luke, I am your waffle” here!  Now you can make the perfectly shapes and tasty Darth Vader waffle each and every morning.  Or make them for dinner if you’re the kind of nerd like us who loves a “breakfast for dinner” kind of day.  Learn more here.

The Super Mario Pick

The Super Mario Brothers Wall Decal Stickers – Buy It Here

Best Nerd Gifts 2024: Super Mario Brother Wall Decal Stickers for Geeks 2024

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We love an old-timey Super Mario Brothers anything.  This time you can use these giant wall decals and stickers to totally Mario-fy your bedroom, man cave, she-shed, and more.  Learn more here.

The Mother of Dragons Pick

The Game of Thrones Daenerys Funko Pop – Buy It Here

Best Nerd Gifts 2024: GOT Geek 2024

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Admit it, you even find this Mother of Dragons Funko Pop figurine pretty hot.  It’s cool.  This is great for any of the Game of Thrones fans out there and a really cool collectible they’ll proudly display and, well, maybe even play with.  Learn more here.

The Engineers Pick

The Engineer Problem/Solution/Sarcasm Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Best Nerd Gifts 2024: Engineers Coffee Mug 2024

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Yes, those dorky engineers always have their own jokes that even we don’t understand.  This funny mug is perfectly suited for them, holds up to 11-ounces of their favorite beverage, and is 100% microwave and dishwasher safe.  Learn more here.

The Star Wars Pick

The Star Wars Risk Board Game – Buy It Here

Best Nerd Gifts 2024: Star Wars Risk Game for Geek 2024

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Welp, you don’t really get any more geeky than this official Star Wars Risk board game from Hasrbro.  It’s suited for ages 10 years old and up and is the best way to totally dork up your next game night.  Followed by a long nap.  Learn more here.

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