13 Fortnite Gifts & Toys to Have the Ultimate Battle Royale in Real Life

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If they’re obsessed with all things Fortnite, these are the best ways to keep them playing, but away from their screens and devices.

New Fortnite Toys & Games 2024 - Christmas Gift Ideas for Fortnite Game Players Kids & Adults 2024

It is officially the most popular and successful video game of all time.  Unless you’ve been hiding (and enjoying the peace and quiet) under a rock you know at least a little bit about Fortnite and your family and friends won’t stop talking about The Battle Royale.

If you have kids, you’re probably trying to get them off of their screens and electronic devices and away from playing this game around the clock.  The same thing goes for us adults who can’t stop playing either!  There’s a ton of Fortnite merch out there, but we’ve researched some of the top categories and made our picks for some really cool and new toys, different game ideas, and even some collectibles for the ultimate Fortnite fan.

Shop our picks for some of the best Fortnite toys and gifts in 2024.

The Best Toy of 2024

The Official Fortnite Turbo Builder Set – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Turbo Builder Gift Set 2024

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Ages: 8+

Now they can finally build their very own Fortnite world with this super popular Turbo Builder set.  It comes with 2 official action figures, 89 pieces in total, 4 different weapons, and even 2 harvesting tools.  What’s really cool about this one, besides getting them off their screens, is that there are pretty much endless ways they can build this set.  Learn more here.

The Nerf Pick

The Nerf Fortnite SP-L Elite Dart Blaster – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Nerf Blaster Gun 2024

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Ages: 8+

This is the spy blaster that was created with total inspiration from the video game itself, even in the color and style! It includes three foam darts and can fire 3 of them in a row.  They’ll have fun running around the house firing away (it won’t hurt) and, most likely, you’ll be taking a few of these foam farts to the leg.  Learn more here.

The Lights & Sounds Pick

The Light-Up Boogie Grenade Bomb – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Bomb 2024

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Hide behind the couch, pull out the pull-in and then toss it into the living room!  This light-up boogie bomb actually does light up, makes sounds, and even plays music.  Bombs away!  Learn more here.

The Loot Llama Pick

The Nerf Llama Microshots Toy Dart Blaster – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Nerf Llama Darts 2024

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Ages: 8+

You know the Loot Llama is probably their favorite character from the game.  He sure is ours!  This foam dart blaster from Nerf comes with two foam darts, fires one at a time, and is hand-powered so you don’t have worry about dealing with batteries.  Finally!  Learn more here.

The Board Game Pick

The Official Fortnite Monopoly Game – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Fortnite Monopoly Game 2024

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Ages: 13+

It’s the official Monopoly board game, but totally tricked out with Fortnite everything.  The twist on this game is that it’s not about owning as many properties as you can, but surviving as long as you can.  Don’t worry, this one is totally family-friendly even if you have no clue what the video game is all about.  Learn more here.

The Collectible Pick

The Funko Pop Christmas Crackshot Figure – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Christmas Crackshot Funko Pop Gift 2024

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Ages: 8+

They won’t be dreaming of sugar plums dancing in their head with this figurine from Funko Pop!  It’s still one of the top-sellers of the year.  Learn more here.

The Splurge Pick

The Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle Video Game Console – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle Gift 2024

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Ages: 12+

You’ll be an absolute champ if you gift them this one! It’s the official Double Helix Bundle and even comes with 1,000 V-Bucks they can use in the game.  Speaking of the game, it even includes full game downloads.  Plus, since this video game is portable they can either play at home on their TV or take it with them and play in the car as a hand-held version.  Learn more here.

The Gift Card Pick

The Fortnite Digital Gift Card for Playstation – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Playstation Gift Card for Fortnite 2024

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Now they can quit asking you for money!  With this digital gift card they’ll be able to download the latest games, buy add-ons (there are always add-ons) and so much more.  This one is for the Playstation (see other gift card options below).  Learn more here.

The Figurine Pick

The Funko Pop Ragnarok Collectible Figurine – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Funko Pop Ragnarok 2024

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Ages: 8+

Ragnarok means business and he’ll look great on their nightstand.  He’s one of the top-selling figures from the super popular Funko Pop.  Learn more here.

The Accessory Pick

The Fortnite Video Game Controller Skins – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Game Controller Skins Gift 2024

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Ages: 8+

Trick out their controllers with these latest skins. Learn more here.

The Funny Pick

The “Please Do Not Disturb” Socks – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Fortnite Socks 2024

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Ages: 8 – Adult

Fine, this isn’t a toy, but totally a great gift for the kids or adults in your life who are obsessed over this game.  They’re unixes, one-size fits most, and super comfy.  Learn more here.

The Cheap Pick

The Loot Llama PopSocket – Buy It Here

New Fortnite Toys 2024: Llama PopSocket Gift 2024

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Ages: 8+

PopSockets are a true God-send.  They easily attach to their smartphones or other devices (like a tablet), can easily be moved, held, and propped up so they can watch videos and more.  Learn more here.

The Last Minute Pick

The Fortnite Gift Card for XBOX – Buy It Here

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If they’re playing via their XBOX, this is the must-have digital gift card for them.  They’ll be able to use it to buy different games, download movies, apps, add-ons, and so much more.  Learn more here.

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