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Potentially the most innovative surprise toy of the year, here’s why we’re already obsessed with Blume Dolls.

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We can’t get enough of these super cute Blume Doll collectibles that everyone online is already buzzing about. They’re winning awards and hearts all over the world and they’re just blooming into our lives right now.  If this is what Series 1 is like can you imagine the hysteria around Series 2?  We’re all in!

What Is It:  If you haven’t seen them yet, the wild “flower dolls” actually ‘bloom’ out of the pretty flower pots they live in when you add a few drops of water to the ‘soil’ on top.  Don’t worry, it comes with a little watering can that you’ll use to water your new surprise friends.  Who you’ll get is really one of the best parts of the surprise (outside of actually seeing them grow right before your very eyes!).

See Blume Doll Grow With Water

Once watered you’ll see your mystery doll start to grow and her wild and crazy foam hair will start to sprout out high enough until you can gently pull her out and see who’ve you just bloomed. Their hair is pretty amazing too.  They’ll be so soft and squishy (a total bonus for the kids that love their squishy toys) and in all different kinds of amazing themes like rainbows, colorful ice crystals, yummy ice cream swirls, giant flowers, pineapples, cakes, and more!  There are currently 22 different Blume Dolls to collect in this very first series of its kind.

What’s InsideInside the super cute flower pot, once you remove your mystery doll, there will be 10 different surprises and accessories that you can use to decorate the flower pot and use as a really cute play-set.

How Much Is It: $9.99

Release Date:  August 1st

Pre Order Availability: Yes, pre order it today!

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