Where to Buy Lucky Fortune 2024 - Blind Bag Charm Bracelets Fortune Cookie 2024

There are over 100 Lucky Fortune “blind bag” bracelets to collect (and trade) and we’re obsessing right now! If you’re wording what every girl is going to start collecting this year it’s clearly the brand new Series 1 Lucky Fortune Cookie Bracelets from the WowWee toy company.  Not only are they a total surprise, but […]

LOL Surprise Remix OMG 2024 - Pre Order, Where to Buy Release Date

It’s time to lock your Barbie in her “Dream House” because the brand new LOL Surprise OMG Remix Series Fashion Dolls are officially here and, well, they’re filled with such cool surprises! Everyone is freaking out over the new LOL Remix series and the brand new LOL Surprise Remix OMG dolls are about to totally take […]

New Kindi Kids Dress Up Dolls 2024

Kindi Kids are sweet and colorful dolls designed for your kindergarten aged children and we’re loving it! If you have kids that are of the pre school or kindergarten aged (3 years old and up) they’re going to love these new Kindi Kids “Snack Time Friends” dolls.  We already do! What Is It:  Kindi Kids are […]

Friends Christmas Advent Calendar 2024 - Where to Buy, Pre Order, Release Date 2024

Finally there’s something in 2024 that we can actually be grateful for.  After a year of complete horror and torture, we have all been given a wonderful gift from one of the best (if not the best) sitcoms of all time.  We’re, of course, talking about Friends.  This year they’re releasing their official Friends Advent Calendar and […]

Gotta Go Flamingo 2024 - Little Live Pets Flamingo That Poops Toy 2024

Uh oh, gotta go!  It’s the song your children will be singing when their new favorite toy, “Gotta Go Flamingo” suddenly has to poop (yes really) and then actually starts to go in the toilet.  We’re at a loss for words, but we’ll give it our best shot to explain all of this so you know […]

Best Halloween Costumes For Kids 2024 - Girl & Boy Costume Ideas Popular

After Christmas, Halloween really is the most wonderful time of the year for your kids and these costumes are some of the best (and newest) of the season. Does anyone else totally stress out from about mid-summer until the week before Halloween when either trying to figure out what your little ones will dress up as […]

LOL Surprise OOTD Advent Calendar 2024 Pre Order

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year, thanks to the official release of the new LOL Surprise #OOTD and the new Bling a Tree advent calendar.  They’re both full of cute surprises! There are a lot of different advent calendars out there and with so many of them you have to fill each door with […]

LOL Deluxe Present Surprise 2024 - Where to Buy & Pre Order Release Date

It can now be your birthday just about any time of the year ever since MGAE released LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise dolls (with surprise pet) this month.  Both of these dolls (Miss Partay and Sprinkles) really are pretty cute and we predict both are going to be hard to find, especially leading up to […]

CurliGirls Doll 2024 - Where to Buy, Pre Order Price & Release Date on Amazon

We’re 100% over straightening our hair so it was totally refreshing when we saw the new release of CurliGirls.  These dolls are so funky, fresh, and embrace all the curly hairstyles you can give them. They were super popular at the NY Toy Fair and now we know why!  Here are all the deets you […]

Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers 2024 - Where to Buy, Pre Order, Price & Release Date

O.M.G.  We are 100% here for all the new Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers we can collect.  We actually want to catch them in a butterfly net and care for them like they’re our own.  Just us?  Here’s all the details on one of the most anticipated toys of the year and just exactly what these […]

Baby Yoda Toys & Gifts 2024 - Where to Buy The Child Mandalorian Star Wars Merch 2024

He really is the breakout star of Disney+ The Mandalorian.  Yes, of course we’re talking about The Child Baby Yoda!  Here’s where you can find some gift ideas, plush toys, t-shirts, and more merchandise than you’ll know what to do with! One of the hottest shows on the new Disney+ is The Mandalorian, but you already knew […]

LOL Surprise HairVibes 2024 - Where to Buy, Pre Order, RElease Date Amazon 2024

We love a hashtag so naturally we love the brand new LOL Surprise #Hairvibes.  Here’s just about everything you need to know about them, including when and where to buy them! It was only a matter of time before you’d be able to snap on a variety of different wigs onto your little LOL doll.  […]

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Doll 2024 - Where to Buy, Pre Order, Release Date, Price 2024 Series 2

The new Poopsie Rainbow Surprise dolls aren’t technically pooping slime, but we’re still 100% obsessed with them! As if we needed another reason to be totally obsessed with all things Poopsie Surprise, now they’ve officially come out with a game-changing doll called Poopsie Rainbow Surprise.  Rest assure, they might now by high-fashion dolls, but there are […]

And we’re officially calling it.  The How to Train Your Dragon “Hatching Toothless” Hatchimal is the *it toy* of the year. Hatchimals are back, baby!  Sure they never really went away, but this is slated to be the biggest launch of Hatchimals since the original debuted in 2016.  Thanks to the insane popularity of the How To […]

Where to Buy New Hatchimal Pixies 2024 - Amazon Pre Order for Cheap 2024

The new Hatchimals Pixies are the cutest and most magical Hatchimals yet. Get ready for the cutest new line from Hatchimals this season called Hatchimals Pixies. What Is It:  These are small little glittery and magical eggs than when you warm them up with your hands and press on the purple heart on the outside of […]

Where to Find New Treasure X Aliens 2024 - Pre Order Amazon, Release Date

Combining aliens with slime and a surprise collectible toy officially makes this our favorite of the year. We couldn’t be more excited about the release of the new Treasure X Aliens and we’re calling it right now that these will be selling out everything this season. What Is It:  Treasure X Aliens are slime-filled toy […]

In case you ever wondered what it looked like when a llama basically started twerking to music, wonder no longer!  Introducing one of the most anticipated toys for Christmas, Boppi the Booty Shaking Llama! What we assumed originally was a total joke, is now one of the most anticipated must-haves of 2024.  We have to […]

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Action Figure Toy 2024 - Where to Buy, Pre Order & Price on Amazon

If you felt like your favorite action figures were missing a little something on the inside, say hello to the must-have Heroes of Goo Jit Zu toys! Fresh off their hit cartoon series, the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu are now ready to enter your home and fill you with all sorts of gooey and […]

Where to Buy Creatable World Non Binary Gender Dolls 2024 - 2024

41% of non-binary youth have attempted suicide.  41%.  Here’s why these amazing Creatable World dolls can help lower those horrifying statistics. We know you’re here to find some really cool gift ideas.  Don’t worry, we wouldn’t be reviewing these new dolls if, overall, they weren’t just cool.  We’re not here to change your mind, your […]

Buy LOL Surprise Glamper 2024 - Pre Order LOL Camper & where to find & Pre Order

LOL is ready to give your dolls the ultimate road trip of a lifetime!  Introducing the new LOL Surprise 4 in 1 Glamper! Glamping has never been more fun than when it’s with your favorite LOL Surprise dolls.  Now you can bring them all with you on your next road trip adventure.  The Barbie Mobile […]

New Hatchimals WOW 2024 - Pre Order, Release Date Llalacorn Re-Hatching Growing Hatchimal Amazon 2024

It’s a llama.  It’s a unicorn.  It’s the all new Hatchimals WOW that grows (and re-hatches) right before your very eyes! Just when we thought we’ve seen every kind of Hatchimal there is, introducing LLalacorn, the Hatchimals WOW from Spin Master Toys.  She’s everything you’d hope she would be and so much more. What Is […]

Where to Buy Shopkins Real Littles 2024 - MooseToys Mini Pre Order, Release Date, Price 2024

Brand loyalty is starting super young these days!  Introducing the brand new “Shopkins Real Littles,” the collectible little toys your kids are totally into. We think this is totally a great way for your kids to want to start to go grocery shopping with you!  The new Shopkins Real Littles are the cutest little mini toy […]

2024 Where to Buy Juno My Baby Elephant Interactive Toy - Pre-Order & Release Date

And his little mouse friend is the cutest little thing we think we’ve ever seen.  Like, ever.  Introducing Juno My Baby Elephant! You heard it here first!  Juno My Baby Elephant is about to totally take over your Christmas list this holiday season.  And we can now see why.  From the toy mastermind of Spin […]

Outdoor Toys & Games For Kids 2024 - Fun Summer Stuff For Older & Young Children

Stuck at home this summer?  We hear ya!  Keep the kids entertained, active, and out of the house with these super fun outdoor toys and games perfect for just about any age! Finding fun and innovative ways our kids to keep busy this summer is more important than ever, especially with so many of us […]

Where to Buy Luvabella Newborns New 2024 - Pre Order, Price, Release Date

We’re calling it right now.  The new Luvabella Newborns baby doll will be one of the most sought-after toys this upcoming Christmas holiday. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and, TBH, we have been) Luvabella is back!  Pronounced “Love-a-bella,” SpinMaster debuted at the 2024 Toy Fair their latest creation.  Yes, we’re talking about Luvabella Newborns! What […]

Where to Buy New Owleez 2024 - Spin Master Helicopter Owl That Flies

Spin Master is releasing a flying owl into our lives and we’re here for it!  Introducing Owleez! If you’ve ever had dreams of your toys coming to life in the middle of the night and flying around your room, your nightmares are about to come true.  Well, sort of.  One of the most hyped up […]

Where to Buy Blume Dolls 2024 on Amazon - Pre Order for Cheap

Potentially the most innovative surprise toy of the year, here’s why we’re already obsessed with Blume Dolls. We can’t get enough of these super cute Blume Doll collectibles that everyone online is already buzzing about. They’re winning awards and hearts all over the world and they’re just blooming into our lives right now.  If this is […]