Totally Slime-tastic Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Fashion Dolls are a Rainbow Dream Come True!

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The new Poopsie Rainbow Surprise dolls aren’t technically pooping slime, but we’re still 100% obsessed with them!

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Doll 2024 - Where to Buy, Pre Order, Release Date, Price 2024 Series 2

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As if we needed another reason to be totally obsessed with all things Poopsie Surprise, now they’ve officially come out with a game-changing doll called Poopsie Rainbow Surprise.  Rest assure, they might now by high-fashion dolls, but there are still plenty of poop and fart puns in all aspects of them.

What Is It:  Poopsie Rainbow Surprise is the latest from MGA (maker of those popular LOL dolls) where they’re really giving Barbie a run for her money!  We love that they’re super tall dolls, measuring up to 14 inches tall (a standard Barbie is just 11.5 inches tall) and really have their own unique and funky style.

Right now in Series 1 there are four different amazing and unique fashion dolls you can collect.  Their super cute names are: Rainbow Dream, Blue Skye, Pixie Rose, and Amethyst Rae.  So far we’re seeing the most popular one people are interested in is Rainbow Dream, mainly because her hair is so cool!

Rainbow Dream Fashion & Accessories 2024

Speaking of cool hair, each doll has long and amazing hair in so many different colors like rainbow, pink, purple, and blue.  Your kids can comb and style their super soft and silky smooth hair and even braid it in so many different styles. Don’t worry, each doll comes with her very own brush.  She also comes with more than 20 different surprises you’ll reveal during the unboxing.  Surprises include things like:

  • All different kinds of slime packets to you can make your own slime.
  • Funky fashion outfits.
  • Transparent clothes like shirts, jackets, and heals in their shoes (you can place the slime in all these things to create your own unique style).
  • A unique drink cup, purse, comb, brush, and more!

What really makes the Poopsie Rainbow Surprise the must-have toy of the year is that your kids will use the packets to create their own specialized slime and then work the slime into their doll clothes to create their own style.  It’s actually pretty amazing!

How Much Is It:  $54.99

Release Date:  August 1st

Pre-Order AvailabilityYes, today! Pre order yours on Amazon here!

Where to Buy:  Poopsie Rainbow Surprise ‘Rainbow Dream’ – Buy It Here

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise 2024: Rainbow Dream Doll

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2.  Pixie Rose – Buy It Here

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise 2024: Pixie Rose Doll

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3.  Blue Sky – Buy It Here

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise 2024: Blue Sky Doll

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4.  Amethyst Rae – Buy It Here

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise 2024: Amethyst Rae Doll

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