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Kindi Kids are sweet and colorful dolls designed for your kindergarten aged children and we’re loving it!

New Kindi Kids Dress Up Dolls 2024

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If you have kids that are of the pre school or kindergarten aged (3 years old and up) they’re going to love these new Kindi Kids “Snack Time Friends” dolls.  We already do!

What Is It:  Kindi Kids are really special and colorful dolls that have bobbleheads, big beautiful eyes that have glitter sparkles on them, and our favorite feature is that they’ll actually eat the delicious snacks that come with each doll. Yum!

The folks over at MooseToys are releasing four different dolls for your kids to choose from.  Each one will have their own dessert theme and come with 2 exclusive Shopkins snacks to eat up.  It’s super cute.  The four different dolls are named Marsha Mello, Peppa Mint, Jessicake, Donatina, Rainbow Kate and the new Summer Peaches!  Their outfits are all interchangeable so your kids can trade or swap with their other dolls.  Their removable shoes are super cute too.

Each sweet snack will have different features like a magical spoon where donuts appear, a cupcake with magical sprinkles, ice cream that changes from chocolate to strawberry to vanilla right before your very eyes, and so much more!  It’ll look like your Kindi Kid is actually eating their favorite dessert and is really fun to watch.

Update:  We’re excited to announce that there are new Kindi Dolls being released where you can dress them up in different outfits and more!  The newbies names are:  Donatina Dress Up Doll and Dr. Cindy Pops Fun-Time Doll.  Find out more info about them below!

How Much Is It:  $24.99

Release Date:  August 1st

Pre-Order AvailabilityYes, today! Pre order right here!

Where to Buy: Dr. Cindy Pops – Buy It Here

Dr Cindy Pops Kindi Kids 2024

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Dr. Cindy Pops is the true fun-time gal who’s totally career oriented!  She has changeable clothes, she can listen to your heartbeat, place bandaids on your, hold a magical lollipop and so much more.  Learn more here.

Donatina Dress Up Doll – Buy It Here

Donatina Dress Up Doll by Kindi Kids

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She’s the latest must-have, a total princess, and you can even dress her up in two different super cute outfits.  Her shoes are even removable too! Learn more here.

New Summer Peaches – Buy It Here

Summer Peaches

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Rainbow Kate Kindi Kids Doll – Buy It Here

Rainbow Kate Kindi Kids Doll 2024

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Peppa Mint – Buy It Here

KindiKids Doll 2024: Peppa Mint

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Donatina – Buy It Here

KindiKids Doll 2024: Donatina

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Marsha Mello – Buy It Here

KindiKids Doll 2024: Marsha Mello

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Jessicake – Buy It Here

KindiKids Doll 2024: Jessicake

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