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The New CurliGirls Dolls are Totally Over Straight Hair!

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We’re 100% over straightening our hair so it was totally refreshing when we saw the new release of CurliGirls.  These dolls are so funky, fresh, and embrace all the curly hairstyles you can give them. They were super popular at the NY Toy Fair and now we know why!  Here are all the deets you and your kids will need to know!

What Is It:  CurliGirls are the collective dolls that are about to be the latest craze this year and since they’re being released in the fall, we know these will be one must-have toy on everyones Christmas list.   There are 4 different dolls you can collect and, don’t worry, these aren’t surprise unboxings so you know exactly which doll you’re getting when you buy her.  Their hair starts off as straight, but when you use your finger you can give her all kinds of really funky and fresh curly hairstyles.  Depending on how hard and long you pull hair, you can have loose curls, tight curls, or a combo of both!

Each CuriGirl is colorful and unique in her own way.  Their names are catchy and cute too:

★  Charli ~ She’s the Official Pop Star
★  Hayli ~ She’s the Official Ballerina
★  Kelli ~ She’s the Official Dance Party Girl
★  Bayli ~ She’s the Official Birthday Girl

Once you finish styling her curly hair you can use the accessories that come with it to really add a bit of flair and personality to each style.  Some accessories include things like colorful beads, super cool hair clips, and super chic bands.  When you’re all done with each style and want to start over and give her something new, it’s super easy.  All you have to do it dunk her hair in water and it’ll go back to her original straight har and you can start all over again.  So many different style opportunities!

How Much Is It:  $9.99

Release Date:  September 15th.

Pre-Order AvailabilityNot yet, but check pre order status here!

Where to Buy: CurliGirls – Coming Soon

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