The Child-Approved Baby Yoda Merch & Toys For Your Very Own Mandalorian Fan!

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He really is the breakout star of Disney+ The Mandalorian.  Yes, of course we’re talking about The Child Baby Yoda!  Here’s where you can find some gift ideas, plush toys, t-shirts, and more merchandise than you’ll know what to do with!

Baby Yoda Toys & Gifts 2024 - Where to Buy The Child Mandalorian Star Wars Merch 2024

One of the hottest shows on the new Disney+ is The Mandalorian, but you already knew that or you wouldn’t be here!  Your kids are obsessed with it, your husband is obsessed with it and, in fact, you’re slightly obsessed with it too. And while the super popular character is named “The Child” we’re all just calling him “Baby Yoda” because, well, he looks like a cute little Baby Yoda.  Make sense?  As if everyone wasn’t already hooked on everything Star Wars, we can now all fight over how to get the latest merch from the show just in time for Christmas.

Fear not, we’re here to help.  The good news is that there is some Baby Yoda merch available now that you can gift your fam for Christmas or any time of year, really.  The bad news is that one of the most anticipated toys is the Baby Yoda animatronic toy that you can actually pre-order now, but it’ll take a little time to arrive.  #Sad

So from action figures and posable toys to the latest (and official) LEGO sets, t-shirts, and plush stuffed animals we’ve rounded up some of the best-of-the-best.

Shop our picks for some of the best Baby Yoda toys, gifts, and merchandise in 2024!


The Most Popular Baby Yoda Toy of 2024

The Child Animatronic Toy – Buy It Here

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Now this is the toy that everyone (from kids to adults) actually want this year. It’s totally animatronic, has over 25 different sounds and motions, including head movement, ear movement, eyes that open and close and so much more.  He’s being released on December 15th, so it’s really close to Christmas but should totally happen.  The good news?  You can pre order him now so that he’ll be shipped on the 15th!  Learn more here.


The Stuffed Animal Pick

The Official Disney Plush Stuffed Animal – Buy It Here

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He’s almost a foot tall (11-inches), plush, super cuddly, and so adorable!  It’s perfect for your kids or even the ‘adult’ obsessed fan.  Learn more here.


The Affordable Pick

The Child Talking Plush – Buy It Here

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He’s super cuddly and has 10 different sound effects.  Give him a little squeeze and your kids can hear all sorts of popular phrases.  Learn more here.


The LEGO Pick

The Official Mandalorian LEGO Set – Buy It Here

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If they love their LEGOs (and ya know they do!) they’ll love this officially released LEGO building kit. It comes with over 1,000 pieces and is perfect for people 10+, but even the little ones can help out when an adult guides them/totally takes over.  Learn more here.


The Game Pick

The Official Monopoly Game – Buy It Here

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The perfect way to get them office their devices!  It’s the newest Monopoly release this season that’s totally inspired by the popular TV series.  Learn more here.


The Figurine Pick

The Child Funko Pop Figurine – Buy It Here

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If you’re looking for a fun collectible that you’ll be proud to display, this is it!  Always a fan favorite, the folks over at Funko Pop have the most amazing designs and figurines for all your fave pop culture must-haves.  Learn more here.


The Fun Pick

The New Operation Game – Buy It Here

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It’s a new spin on the classic Operation game.  Don’t get buzzed!  Learn more here.


The Posable Toy Pick

The Posable Action Figure – Buy It Here

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That’s right, he’s one of the most anticipated action figures of the year!  This cute Baby Yoda posable action figure stands at 6.5 inches tall, has multiple points of articulation, and will look just as cool on your Star Wars shelf as it does in your toy bin.  Learn more here.


The Cute AF Pick

The Bounty Collection “Sipping Soup” and “Blanket” Baby Yoda – Buy It Here

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That’s right, these cute little toys come as a must-have pack of 2!  Now your kids don’t have to fight over him.  Eh, they’ll fight anyway.  Learn more here.


The Foggy-Approved Toy Pick

The “Froggy Snack” Figurine Collection – Buy It Here

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You know he loves his froggy snacks!  Ribbit!  Learn more here.


The Figure Pick

The “Don’t Leave” and “Toy Ball” Figurines – Buy It Here

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These cuties come as a pack of 2 as well!  You’ll get the toy ball and the “don’t leave” figurines that we are, literally, obsessed with.  Learn more here.


The Green Pick

The Child Chia Pet – Buy It Here

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They may not have remembered the craze that was the original Chia Pet (Cha-cha-cha-Chia!) but they’ll love quickly growing their very own plant with their fave from the Mandalorian.  Learn more here.


The Christmas Pick

The Official Hallmark Christmas Ornament – Buy It Here

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The perfect and must-have addition to any Christmas tree this holiday season!  Learn more here.


The Tech Pick

The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Stand – Buy It Here

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Dress up your boring Amazon Echo Dot and make it way more fun with this cute stand!  Learn more here.


The Sticker Pick

The 50-Piece Mandalorian Sticker Collection – Buy It Here

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A 50-piece sticker set of all kinds of Baby Yoda’s?  Um, yes please!  These work well to be placed on water bottles, laptops, back of phones, your Hydro Flask, and so many more things!  Learn more here.


The Tumbler Pick

The Stainless Steel Insulated Water Tumbler – Buy It Here

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You can never have enough tumblers, right?  This one says” Protect, Attack, Snack” and comes in two different sizes; 20-ounces and 30-ounces.  Learn more here.


The Comfy Tee Pick

The Baby Yoda “Precious Cargo” Pocket Tee – Buy It Here

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One of the most popular t-shirts so far this year!  It comes in sizes for men, women, and kids.  Plus, choose from a ton of different color options like navy blue, light blue, pink, white, black, heather grey, and so much more!  Learn more here.


The Phone Pick

The Baby Yoda PopSocket – Buy It Here

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It’s the perfect grip for their phone or tablet!  Plus, it’ll help them keep their devices safer by decreasing the number of times they drop it while taking endless selfies.  Learn more here.


The LEGO Pick

The Star Wars The Mandalorian LEGO Set – Buy It Here

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There are 540 pieces of total Mandalorian LEGO fun!  This set even comes with 4 different LEGO mini-figures to set off on their new adventure!  Learn more here.


The Collectors Pick

The Mandalorian Funko Pop Figurine – Buy It Here

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Perfect for the collector, this figurine will look great on their nightstand, desk at work, or proudly displayed in just about any room in the house. Learn more here.

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