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These Pixies Crystal Flyers are the Latest From Hatchimals and We’re in Love

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Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers 2023 - Where to Buy, Pre Order, Price & Release Date

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O.M.G.  We are 100% here for all the new Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers we can collect.  We actually want to catch them in a butterfly net and care for them like they’re our own.  Just us?  Here’s all the details on one of the most anticipated toys of the year and just exactly what these cute pixies can do!

What Is It:  The flying (yes, flying) toys are the latest release from the folks who brought you Hatchimals in previous years.  In fact, these technically are Hatchimals.  They’re called “Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers” and thanks to the magic of technology, each of these can fly all around your home, land on your hand, and keep on flying!

Everyone got a must-see sneak peek at the 2023 New York Toy Fair and it was one of the fast faves.  Currently there are two different Pixies to choose from; purple or pink.  They both come in a giant see-through crystal egg so you’ll know exactly which one you’re getting.  Finally, it’s not a surprise toy!

Each of the Pixies Crystal Flyers charge via a traditional USB cord and, don’t worry, it comes with one so you won’t have to go through your drawer of random cords to see which will work.  And here’s where the real fun begins.  You’ll turn them on and they’ll start to spin and “dance” through the air all on their own!  They have a sensor on the bottom of them so when you put out out your hand they’ll fly down to it and when you move your hand up they’ll fly higher and higher!  If you remember the Owleez from last Christmas, it has similar technology.

Now don’t worry about her dress that spins like a fan, if it bumps into anything (including your hand) it’ll automatically shut off, which is a great safety feature.  Personally we can’t wait for all the viral videos of these flying into the fireplace, out into the woods, and so many other random places.

How Much Is It:  $29.99

Release Date:  August 19th

Pre-Order AvailabilityYes, get your pre order here!

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