Press Your Luck With the New Lucky Fortune Charm Bracelets from WowWee

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There are over 100 Lucky Fortune “blind bag” bracelets to collect (and trade) and we’re obsessing right now!

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If you’re wording what every girl is going to start collecting this year it’s clearly the brand new Series 1 Lucky Fortune Cookie Bracelets from the WowWee toy company.  Not only are they a total surprise, but they’re super cute to wear, trade with your fave gal pals, and provide some extra good fortune into your daily life.

What Is It:  These collectible WowWee Lucky Fortune charm bracelets are already all the rage this year, especially with girls.  They’re actually amazingly fashionable bracelets that you’ll discover once you open up that cute fortune cookie that they come in.

Yes, they’re a complete surprise and we’re here for it!  In Series 1 there are 100 different bracelets you can get and some are rare and totally unique.  There are are actually 4 different rare levels you’ll encounter.  Some are lucky, very luck, very very luck, and then there’s the ultimate ultra lucky.  The ultra lucky ones are a real gold-dipped four-leaf clover.  If you get this one, never give it up!

What's Inside Lucky Fortune Cookie 2024 - 2024

Inside the fortune cookie also comes a real paper fortune just like the one you’d get in your favorite Chinese food restaurant.  It’ll provide you your fortune along with 6 lucky numbers.  The messages are super cute and will say things like: “Don’t ever sell yourself short” or “Do more of what makes you happy” and so many more inspiring and fun messages.

Once your kids are done with the fortune cookie portion they can actually use it as a keychain or hang it from some of their favorite places.  They’ll wear their luck and their bracelets on their wrists and even trade them with their true BFFs.  The bracelets focus on fun categories like friendship, love, success, happiness, adventure and more.  Collect them all!

How Much Is It:  $11.99 for a pack of 4 or $4.99 for 1

Release Date:  July 1st

Pre-Order Availability: Yes, pre order here today!

Where to Buy: The WowWee Lucky Fortune Bracelet – Buy It Here

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