OMG! Hatchimals Pixies are Our Latest Magical Obsession

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The new Hatchimals Pixies are the cutest and most magical Hatchimals yet.

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Get ready for the cutest new line from Hatchimals this season called Hatchimals Pixies.

What Is It:  These are small little glittery and magical eggs than when you warm them up with your hands and press on the purple heart on the outside of the egg, once that heart turns pink (due to all the love you’re giving it) the Pixies are officially ready to hatch.

Right now in Series 1 there are 4 different cute little Pixies to collect.  Inside each egg will come one exclusive new Pixie, three different accessories for them, one super cute little bed, and one new outfit for them to wear.

If you’re looking to collect all four their names are: Glittering Garden, Polar Paradise, Crystal Canyon, and Wishing Star Waterfall.

How Much Is It: $9.99

Release Date: May 1st

Pre Order AvailabilityYes, Today!

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Hatchimals Pixies Review 2024

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