These New Treasure X Aliens are Totally Slimetastic!

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Combining aliens with slime and a surprise collectible toy officially makes this our favorite of the year.

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We couldn’t be more excited about the release of the new Treasure X Aliens and we’re calling it right now that these will be selling out everything this season.

What Is It:  Treasure X Aliens are slime-filled toy aliens that have eaten a prized Treasure Hunter and you have to basically cut him/her out of the aliens slime belly using tools that are provided.

Inside the slime you’ll find your Treasure Hunter, special weapons, a unique real space gem, and more.  There are 18 different different ones to collect and each are filled with unique surprises your kids are sure to love.  Once the slime is removed, you can keep it, place it in the alien head and squeeze it until is comes oozing out of its eyes, mouth and more.  Super fun/kinda gross.  They’ll love it.

How Much Is It:  $14.99

Release Date:  July 1st

Pre-Order AvailabilityYes, Today!

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Treasure X Aliens Single Pack Review 2024

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