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It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year, thanks to the official release of the new LOL Surprise #OOTD and the new Bling a Tree advent calendar.  They’re both full of cute surprises!

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There are a lot of different advent calendars out there and with so many of them you have to fill each door with a new and different surprise.  It’s Christmas shopping already difficult enough?!  Well LOL makes it easy because they’re snuck in some fun surprises behind each door of the Bling-a-Tree Advent Calendar!

What Is It:  It’s one of the most anticipated of the year!  This is the latest version of the famous #OOTD advent calendar (we’re up to series 3) that comes with more than 25 different surprises like fashions, outfits, accessories, sunglasses, dresses, and so much more.  This one also comes with a brand new exclusive LOL Surprise doll, Tricksta BB!  What’s better than that!?

How Much Is It:  $29.99

Release Date:  August 24th

Pre-Order AvailabilityYes today, so get your pre order here!

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LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2024 Bling-a-Tree

What Is It:  The just released LOL Surprise Bling-a-Tree Advent Calendar is going to be the must-have choice for your kids this upcoming holiday season.  This one is totally different than calendars in the past because this one is actually 3D and totally interactive.  It’s actually more of an activity kit because there are plenty of things to do for 25 straight days in a row this December.

What’s Inside:  This is basically a pop-up advent calendar that comes with a really chic Christmas tree that you can decorate with some of the most blinged-out tree ornaments ever.  As you countdown the 25 days until Christmas, behind each door is a surprise ornament you can use to help decorate.  In fact, there are actually more than 25 different surprises to discover, including some blinged-out fun surprises!  Once decorated (or even during the process) you can use this “set” as the perfect backdrop for the ultimate holiday photo shoot (or Christmas card) with all of your LOL dolls.  There’s even some puzzles and secrets to decode too, so the fun never ends!

How Much Is It:  $27.99

Release Date:  October 13th

Pre-Order AvailabilityYes today, so get your pre order here!

Where to Buy: LOL Surprise Bling-a-Tree Advent Calendar – Buy It Here

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